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Wireless-N WiFi Repeater Firmware Update Failed? Let’s Fix!


Nov 30, 2023

“I tried updating Wireless-N WiFi repeater firmware many time, but couldn’t rack up success. I have explored number of sites so that I can get a relevant fix for the issue, but trust me, nothing proved helpful. Most if the site has suggested me to reset the repeater. And, if I do so, I have to set up the repeater again from scratch and I don’t want to do this because if I reset it, I will have to search for the Wireless-N WiFi repeater setup instructions. Only after getting success with it, I can perform the firmware update process. And, what if the firmware fails again? Too lengthy and annoying process! Really I don’t want to push myself into plethora of issue. Kindly suggest me something apart from resetting the repeater to troubleshoot the firmware update failed issue.”

Surely we will! First of all, we are really sorry to hear about the inconvenience caused to you. Now, take a deep breath and relax. Are you ok? If so, then have a quick nudge at the fixes provided here. We assure you that by the time you reach the end of the page, the firmware update failed issue you are experiencing with your WiFi repeater will be resolved already. Let’s start!

[Fixed] Wireless-N WiFi Repeater Firmware Update Failed

Here are the fixes to the issue in discussion:

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Check Your Internet Connection

If your internet connection is not stable, it might interrupt the process and lead to the failure issue while updating the firmware. To prevent this from happening again, make sure that your internet connection is fast and stable and do not fluctuate between the process of updating the firmware.

Lessen the Distance

Excessive distance between your WiFi repeater and host router can also be one of the biggest reasons behind getting the firmware update failed issue. Ensure to plug in your devices in reach of each other and connect them firmly using an Ethernet source.

Check the Power Supply

Make sure that your Wireless-N WiFi repeater is plug in to a working power socket and the electricity it is receiving is steady and do not fluctuate or go all of sudden through the entire firmware update process.

Update Your Internet Browser

Bear in mind, an outdated version of the internet browser might leads to the firmware update failure issue. To prevent this, we suggest you update the browser right away and clear the entire browsing history as well. Once you are done doing this, restart your device once.

Connect to Wireless-N WiFi Repeater

Now, after restarting your client device, you must try connecting to your WiFi repeater using a wired connection or wireless source. If you want to connect them wirelessly, there shouldn’t be the excessive distance between them. The reason is, too much distance causes WiFi signal interference. And, these interference may clash with your repeater’s WiFi signals, weakness the signal strength, which may not allow the firmware to update without hindrance. Simply ensure to maintain a safe distance between them.

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Download Correct Firmware Version

The firmware update failed issue is also caused if you are not checking the compatibility of your firmware. So, to get the issue fixed, ensure that you are downloading the correct firmware version as per the compatibility of your device.

Do Not Interrupt the Process

The firmware file might have got corrupted if the repeater’s reset button has press accidently or someone has turned off the repeater. There are also possibilities that you have disconnected your client device from the repeater or your repeater from the router. Kindly take care of such things and we assure you that you will never get encountered with the same issue anymore.

Look, we understanding how frustrating it can be to wait a longer time than usual in today’s busy world for the firmware update process. But, it is normal! Every user wait and you also have to wait. So, please do refresh the web page or hit the back button. Have patience! The process will do its best for you to get completed in least possible time.

Reboot the WiFi Repeater

If you are going nuts because of the same issue, then you must reboot/ restart your device. Why? Because Minor technical glitches in the repeater causes the firmware update failed issue. No worries! By restarting or rebooting the repeater/ extender, you will able to get rid of technical glitches and rack up success with firmware update process.

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To reboot the repeater, you need to unplug it from the wall socket and disconnect it from your router and client device (s). After 10-15 minutes, you can power up the repeater back and connect it to the router and other disconnected devices.

Your WiFi repeater has been restarted. Now, try executing the firmware update process. We hope that you get success this time.

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