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10 Computer Accessories to Consider When Spending Hard Earned Money


Nov 30, 2023
computer accessories

Money is precious to many because it is earned after investing prime and ample time of your life. So, like every other thing, when purchasing computer accessories, is it worth spending the dough on this particular category, or can I manage it without it? Additionally, spending on the right computer accessories will help you stay organized and focused, enabling you to get more out of your computer setup.

This article will explain each of them and provide as much information as possible on the benefits of buying that equipment for your PC. Let’s get going;

Gaming Mouse

Why, specifically, a gaming mouse? In laptops, a dedicated touchpad is also used for pointing devices, and PCs are essentially useless with an ordinary mouse, so there will be one present. A gaming mouse will have a faster sensor, ergonomic design, better response time, and pinpoint accuracy. The majority of gaming mice have a high-sensitivity sensor and adjustable optical DPI settings.

These mice are not mainly designed for gaming, but they are designed to provide better performance overall. Why not take advantage of this in your other tasks, too? Do not think you are spending more money for something you will not require in the future, but you are investing in quality.

Cleaning Equipment

Over time, your display, things that have glassy or shiny surfaces, and other parts of the computer setup will encounter dust, resulting in smudges. Learning how to clean is an important aspect, and how will one know if they don’t have the right equipment? You will need a microfibre cloth and a surface cleaner specifically for plastic and metal. If your PC setup does not have glass included in any part of it, you will not need a glass cleaner. Otherwise, you will(you can also use moist paper instead).

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To remove stubborn smudges or streaks:

  • Use a tiny bit of your cloth to wipe the screen gently.
  • Pour or spray that part of the cloth with the surface cleaner(plastic or metal), depending on the part.
  • Avoid soaking the towel thoroughly; liquid should never leak onto your PC. 
  • Apply the cleaner to the towel rather than directly onto the display.
  • Now, gently rub off the smudge or spot. Keep doing it until it starts to wear off.
  • Always remember persistence is the key, not the brute force, as it can damage the part in question.
  • If the spot is not ultimately coming off but diminishing, it might take more than one try. Repeat the process until satisfied.

Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs are designed for gamers to support their head and back while playing comfortably. They can adjust the headrest, lumbar support, armrests, and back for maximum convenience and effectiveness.

The gaming chair has gone viral since Google and internet streaming services became widespread. These gamer chairs are the reason behind the timeless game streams that gamers engage in. Not only do gamers spend hours on a computer, just to remind you that!

USB Ports

A USB hub will be necessary if you wish to upgrade your gaming. Any gamer should own a USB hub, regardless of whether their PC lacks USB ports or needs to connect multiple devices. If your PC or laptop has only one USB port or even two, you can be stuck needing more ports when you decide to connect your phone, keyboard, headphones, microphones, or controllers. Remember, you will miss it dearly when you end up needing one and do not have it at that moment.

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Gaming Keyboard

As discussed earlier, the gaming mouse and keyboard serve the same purpose. While many different game controllers have dials and levers, the W, A, S, and D letter keys on a standard QWERTY keyboard are also widely used. Gaming keyboards typically have mechanical key switches that don’t require depressing force, allowing for quicker gameplay.

The most crucial factor is the speed of the critical switch. The duration the key requires to establish contact with the electrical circuit is known as the actuation distance. The length gets shorter the faster the key responds. Some keyboards have an actuation point as low as 0.4 mm, while a traditional mechanical switch has an actuation point of 2 mm.

Accessory Compartment

Organize your current desk’s accessories while incorporating some bamboo. Your phone, coffee mug, laptop or monitor, and other items are stored in a bamboo box. Pockets on this excellent stand hold your phone, cup, documents, stapler, clips, and more. It’s a dream come true for an organizer.

Portable Hard Disk Drives

Unlike the core hard drive, external and portable hard drives are located outside the computer’s enclosure. Using external and portable hard drives, you can increase your data storage capacity without opening your computer.

The main data storage component of a computer is a hard disk drive, whose capacity is expressed in gigabytes or terabytes. Within the hard drive, the data is kept on rotating discs layered on top of one another. Discs are sometimes called platters, which can record data on both sides, known as double-sided recording.

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Tablet Computer

A tablet computer is a form of a compact all-in-one computer with a large screen and built-in battery. As its name implies, it can be used on top of a table or carried around the house.

Tablet computers come with a multi-touch touchscreen display that is at least 18 inches in size, a battery that can run the computer for at least two hours on its own, and a desktop operating system with all the features of a desktop computer, like Windows 10. Typically marketed as family amusement units, they include pre-installed multi-user touch-enabled casual games and applications.


We learned that all gaming devices or computer accessories are not necessarily made only for gamers and should be used by an average computer user. It is not an extra or irresponsible spend but rather an investment in quality and longevity. Direct Macro is the place for you if you need any additional help, information, or computer accessories.

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