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Is Your WiFi Router IP Not Working? How to Resolve Issue?


Nov 30, 2023

Making your way to the web user interface with the aid of web address is the by far the simplest way to set up a router. However, recently, the number of users who have been complaining they are experiencing issues via the same have increased in number. An you relate with the same? Yes? You ought to access www. This is so that you can install your networking device with ease.

Did you try to access the IP address but it did not help you out too? Well, in that case, you should let go of any more time before walking through the troubleshooting tips that have been presented in this post. They will surely help you out.

How to Resolve WiFi Router IP Not Working Issue?

  1. Only Use the IP Address of Your Router

Start troubleshooting the WiFi router IP address not working issue by checking if the one which you have entered is even correct or not. In case it is not, then it is recommended that you enter it again. See that you are using the IP address belonging to your networking device. In case you ended up putting that IP address to use which does not even belong to the router that you are using, then the mistake is from your end. Thus, only use the right IP.

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Once you have implemented this troubleshooting tip, check whether you can set up your device using the IP address. In case luck has not kissed your feet, then you may continue reading this article. The next solution might help you out.

  1. Check the Internet Connection

Another reason why you are experiencing the wireless router IP address not working issue is because your internet connection is weak. This could be because the Ethernet cable which is that has been assigned the task of maintain the flow of connection is not in a good condition. To resolve the issue, you need to repair the cable. Although this will for you, in case, it does not, you can buy a new cable.

Despite changing the Ethernet cable, if you are not able to access the IP address, then you should consider creating a connection between the devices which is wireless. This will require you to fill in the WiFi password or security key.

  1. Restart the Wireless Router

Are you still experiencing the same godforsaken issue? Well then, you are left with no other option than to restart your networking device. But, the main deal is, what is the process to give the networking device a fresh start? Well, it is quite easy, all you need to do is, play with the button named power a tad bit. In between, you ought to hold on for some time. To do it patiently, consider counting from one to fifty approximately.

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Once done, make sure that the LED light becomes green. By any chance, if it does not, then you need to power cycle your networking device from scratch.

  1. Clean the Internet Browser

Given this troubleshooting solution is being read by you, it is recommended that you clean your browser. When we say that, we mean that it should not be filled with cache, cookies, or browsing history for that matter. In case you are thinking how to clean your browser, you should do so by browsing the web. The reason why we are suggesting you this is because it is not important that every browser has the same way of getting cleaned.

Final Note

As mentioned above, users prefer using the IP address of the router more for the setup process as compared to the web address since it is a more reliable option in comparison. However, sometimes, they find themselves access it because of several reasons like glitches, improper power supply, weak Ethernet connection, incorrect IP, and much more. Given you are amongst those users, here is hope that we were able to help you out.

By any chance, if you are still not able to resolve the issue, then your last resort is to reset your networking device. You can reset your device by making your way to the information which is presented in the product manual of your networking device.

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