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Why Netgear WiFi Router IP Address Not Accessible?


Dec 29, 2023
Netgear WiFi Router

Netgear router’s interface is a web utility, which picnob helps you to change the settings, networks, update the firmware and enable or disable features of the router. You can access this interface through computer, laptop or phone via login URL, IP address and app. But it is advisable that you should login using a wired connected internet device that is computer or laptop. So, to access the interface, you must use login URL and IP address. But sometimes, the Netgear IP login address or URL does not work. If you are facing this type of issue, then you can take help from this article. Here, we will share reasons why you are facing this problem and solutions to fix the mentioned error.

Reasons and Solutions-IP Address Not Working Issue

In this section, we will discuss the possible reasons of the above mentioned problem along with the fix of the issue.

Incorrect Hardware Setup

Hardware setup means, all the connection networks that are linking to the Netgear router. The main link that is compulsory which is router to modem connection. This connection is established using the Ethernet cable. If you have inserted this cable into the wrong ports of both the networking devices then it can cause the mentioned problem.

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  1. You can fix this above-written issue, by evlwendz checking the router to modem link. If you find the Ethernet cables is inserted in wrong ports then pull it out.
  2. And connect its one end to the router’s WAN or internet port and insert other end to the modem’s LAN port.

Logging in Out of Range

The router has a limited reach of WiFi signals, so if you are accessing the interface of the router from out of reach then you can’t log in to the web interface of the networking device.


  1. To solve this mentioned issue, you have to come closer to the Netgear WiFi router.
  2. Then try to log in to the router’s interface.

Weak Internet Service

Low internet signals can also be a reason why you unable to get to the interface of the router via login IP address. Weak signals can occur from the electronic devices and if you place your device near to concrete wall.


  1. If you are facing low internet connectivity in your internet device then you should check if there are electronic devices near to your router.
  2. If your WiFi router is close to any electromagnetic device then shift your router’s location and choose any other optimal spot in your house.
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Using Outdated Browser

Accessing the interface by outdated version of the internet browser and enabled ad-blocker can also cause you this ‘IP address not working’ issue.


  1. You should log in to the interface using an updated version of the browser.
  2. You can update the web browser by going into SETTINGS>ABOUT>UPDATES and clicking Update button.
  3. Also, disable Ad-blocker of the browser and Antivirus of the computer just while logging into the interface.

Reboot Netgear Router

One other solution to this mentioned ‘Netgear router default IP address not responding’ issue is rebooting the networking device. Reboot your WiFi router by unplugging the power cord of router from the wall socket and plug it again to restart the networking device.

Let’s Sum Up

Here we have to sum up this interesting article in which you have learned why Netgear router login IP address not working or responding. After sharing reasons of the problem, we have provided solutions that help you to troubleshoot the issue. By solving the IP address related problem, you can enable or disable features of the Netgear WiFi router.

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