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8 Best Blessings In Hellboy: Web Of Wyrd


Nov 29, 2023

These are the best things to bless yourself with in Hellboy: Web of Wyrd.

In Hellboy: Web of Wyrd, there are many different gifts that can be used. Each one helps you in different ways as you fight your way through the Wyrd. It’s very helpful to know which blessings work best so that you can make Hellboy feel as strong as he does in the books.

There are three gifts that the Norns of the Wyrd give. For their benefits, each Norn has a certain place. Four benefits can be unlocked by making progress and beating bosses. While one can be used right away. As you fight your way through the Wyrd, keep an eye out for the gifts that will help you the most.


When an enemy with the Blessing of Odiana dodges an attack, they take damage. As a boxer, this is an interesting blessing that makes you move around and dodge enemy hits while throwing your own punches.

Odiana’s gift is shown by a green necklace. Even though the blessing is one-of-a-kind, if you mess up the time, going for perfect blocks is better than dodging. Also, the gift doesn’t help if you press attack, especially if you can stun the enemy with wall slam combos. In order to use the gift, you’ll have to attack first, since enemies have to be hurt before they can dodge. Odiana’s blessing changes depending on the situation too much to be taken over by another blessing.


As a gift from the person who built the magical house that leads to the Wyrd. Denevuex’s blessing makes enemies who are affected take less damage when they attack. The result of this blessing won’t work if you successfully dodge or block, because your natural instinct is to avoid taking damage. It’s better than not having a blessing at all, but it’s still not as good as many other choices.

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The green geometric form is a sign of Denevuex’s blessing. When used on Hellboy’s fist, it works best because the blessing can be used during combos to restore damage when the combo is broken.


With the blessing from Skuld, the Norn who represents the future, you can either make enemies drop more Wyrd cash or give them a chance to drop health items instead. Both are good options, but the health pickups are the best way to stay alive while you fight your way through the Wyrd.

The extra health drops will help you more than cover the cost of a health repair item from the shop, giving you cash to spend elsewhere. As a sign of Skuld, a purple pair of scissors cutting a string is shown. All Norn gifts are good and should be accepted whenever they are offered.


When foes have the Blessing of Erebus, they take more damage from the environment. As Hellboy, the environment is one of your best tools, and the extra damage can help you make deadly combos. Wall slams are the best way to deal with bigger enemies because they do a lot of damage and stop them.

Erebus’ gift is shown by a red skull with a candle on top. The only problem with this gift is that you can’t hurt an enemy while it’s active unless you hit them with a wall. If used correctly, the greater damage to the environment can be dangerous, but it takes more thought than other blessings to work. Erebus’ gift can be used in a lot of good ways.

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The Blessing of Urdr, which comes from the Norn who represents the past, either makes you stronger or healthier. This gift makes Hellboy stronger right away, which is important for fighting the tough enemies deep in the Wyrd.

Extra Toughness is better because it takes damage before health and can be recovered by killing a few small enemies in the middle of a fight. Urdr’s sign is a purple string reel. The best way to make Hellboy a tank is to get several Blessings of Urdr.


Being blessed by Verdandi, the Norn who represents the present, is a great way to enjoy the moment. The blessing either gives Hellboy’s loaded weapon an extra shot or shortens the cooldown of the charm he is wearing. Both of these choices are great and will quickly make you stronger in battle.

As you get higher levels of this gift, it will give you faster weapon reloading instead of more ammunition. Verdandi’s sign is a purple loom with string running through it. There is no bad choice; you get to pick the one you want in Penalty Kick Online.

Faithless King

When you hit an enemy, the Faithless King’s blessing does the most damage quickly. It makes enemies that are hit by it take more damage with each hit. With more damage, you can quickly kill big monsters and move on to the next one. If you have this blessing on at least one of your weapon slots. It is one of the best and most important ones.

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The Faithless King’s blessing is shown by a yellow sword inside a crown. The gift works great with the Attack Charm, fists, or anything else that can use it in the middle of a combo.


The Blessing of Vodyanik is a terrible blessing for Hellboy. When enemies are hit by the gift, they are frozen in place until they take damage. When enemies are frozen, they stop the act they’re doing and start over. This lets you easily avoid damage from unblockable attacks.

A blue bell with ice on it is a sign of Vodyanik’s blessing. Because it can be used in many ways, this gift is better than the Faithless King’s. You can use the freeze effect to attack and make sure you hit hard enough to push your opponent into a wall. You can use it to defend yourself by stopping enemy hits. Or you can use it to buy time to get your Toughness back. You can use Vodyanik’s gift in a lot of different ways, and each one is fun and powerful.

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