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9 Of The Best Stranger Missions In Red Dead Redemption 2


Nov 29, 2023

As side quests, Red Dead Redemption 2 has more tasks with strangers. Find the best ones here.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur will sometimes run into people who will ask him for a favor while he is exploring the huge area. The player decides if Arthur helps the stranger in need. But there are a lot of them that are well worth it because they can earn Arthur a new friend. Which is very helpful given how many enemies he makes in the game.

This is important to know: players will still be able to finish these strange tasks even after the game ends, in case they missed them the first time. Even so, Arthur should still look for these cool and strange Red Dead Redemption 2 side tasks whenever he has a moment to spare from the main story.

A Bright Bouncing Boy

Even though a lot of people thought Marko Dragic was crazy. No one could have imagined what this brilliant scientist was hiding in his lab. After Arthur does a few quick things for Marko, he will bring him back to his lab to see his own robot.

When first put together, the robot falls apart after just a few steps. But if the player comes back a day later, they will find Marko lying in a pool of his own blood and the robot nowhere to be found. The robot really got away and is now up in the Grizzlies. Where Arthur can find it sitting on a rock face and saying “papa” over and over again. This mission, which is based on science fiction, is very memorable and is funny, scary, and sad all at the same time.

Oh, Brother

It’s between Proetus and Acrisius, two rude twin brothers who both really like Helen and want to get together with her. They both decide to show how manly they are in the silliest ways possible, like putting tiny bottles on their heads and having Arthur shoot them off with perfect accuracy.

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After the first part of the task, they ask Arthur to beat them both up. In the end, they decide to hide in barrels and jump over a waterfall. It’s a wonder that these two are still alive after all their crazy behavior, but their names come from the mythical Greek brothers who fought while they were still in the womb, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they would act this way.

The American Inferno, Burnt Out

As soon as players reach the conclusion and can roam the Wild West as John Marston. They will be able to meet Evelyn Miller, a disappointed author who is having a terrible time writing. Evelyn will finally lock himself in his cabin after spending some quality time with him. John will leave some food by his front door to make sure he’s eating.

However, when they went back to the house after a day, they found Evelyn lying dead on the floor. It turns out that he had become too focused on writing. He did, however, leave behind a pricey pocket watch and some other items that can be sold for a lot of money after John leaves and sets the cabin on fire.

The Iniquities Of History

At first, it looks like Jeremiah Compson’s bank took all of his money and things without a good reason. He tells Arthur this while sleeping on a bench near the Rhodes train station. But things get a little more difficult when Arthur breaks into Jeremiah’s house and finds a secret basement that can be reached by finding a trap door.

Here, it’s shown that Jeremiah was really a slave catcher who lost all his money when the slaves were freed. It’s not often that killing someone will actually make Arthur look good, but Jeremiah really did deserve this.

He’s British, Of Course

When the main story is pretty serious, it’s nice to have a lighthearted and funny stranger mission to break things up. And this mission gets funnier as it goes on. As Arthur travels just north of Dewberry Creek, he will meet a circus artist who is upset and says that all of his animals got away when his caravan hit a rock.

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The man first asks Arthur to find his “tiger,” which turns out to be a Labrador. His “zebra,” on the other hand, is just a mule with stripes drawn on it. At this point, it’s easy to think that the “lion” is just going to be a big dog, but strangely enough. It turns out to be the real thing. Not only is this task one of the funniest in the game. But Arthur also gets a gem that can be sold for an amazing $250.

The Widow Of Willard’s Rest

This stranger mission isn’t meant to be over the top funny or have crazy characters. Instead, it’s very emotional and even goes into Arthur’s past a bit. Players will spend a few days shooting and fishing with Charlotte. Who is still upset about the death of her husband, to help her get back on her feet.

Charlotte will feel a lot better about herself and wear better clothes after a few days. If the player returns to her cabin in the ending as John, she will even invite him to stay with her as a thank-you for all the work Arthur did to help the poor woman.

The Noblest Of Men, And A Woman

This stranger task is available as soon as a player enters Valentine. It’s a good idea to do it because it requires a lot of travel. Which can help players get used to the map. Arthur is trying very hard to get famous shooter Jim Calloway to talk so that he can write a book about him when he meets the spunky and charming Theodore. But Calloway is too drunk to say anything important.

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Instead, Theodore tries his luck by asking Arthur to find four powerful gunslingers who fought Calloway in the past, which led to some very exciting fights. Once they are all caught, Calloway will dare Arthur to one last duel as a last chance to show how good he is as a gunslinger.

Geology for Beginners

Rockstar often hides strange and futuristic Easter eggs in its games. In Red Dead Redemption 2, Francis Sinclair’s background makes it seem like he can move through time. Arthur has to go back to Francis’ cabin after finding 10 rock paintings that seem to show strange future events and symbols. When he gets there, the quick-talking wise man is not there.

Instead, you can find a woman holding a baby whose name and birthmark are the same as the guy who gave you the quest. The player will still get a lot of money for their hard work, as Francis promised. But what makes this questline stand out is how strange and creepy it is. Fans have come up with a lot of secret theories about it.

The Veteran

When Arthur first talks to Hamish, the soldier who only has one leg. He asks the main character to get his horse. So that Hamish can get his prosthetic leg back from the side of the horse. From the beginning, the task is pretty funny, but it turns out to be very touching when Arthur spends four in-game days fishing and hunting with the old man until a huge boar kills him.

As Hamish thinks about the time he spent with his new friend, Arthur. He offers to give Arthur his own horse, Buell. To make things even more sad, Arthur will get some honor when he rides Buell for the first time after Hamish dies. This task is one of the saddest in the whole Basket Random game.

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