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9 Beginners Tips For The Lord Of The Rings: Return To Moria


Nov 29, 2023

You now have everything you need to play The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria!

Getting started with Return to Moria makes it clear right away that this is not a game that wants to hold your hand. More than anything else, Return to Moria wants to drag you through the mud on your back.

You have to stay alive to win this game. If you want to stay alive, you’ll have to improve your base, make stronger tools, and explore Moria’s dark, deep caves. You will not be afraid of death as you do this. You’ll do more than just live with this guide by your side, thank goodness!

Negative Status Effects And What They Do

One of the first things you’ll learn is how your happy dwarf will react to being hungry, tired, and in the dark.

You can see how hungry you are on the meter below your life bar. You will become hungry if you let this bar sit empty for too long. So you will slowly get hurt while you are starving. Even though it’s always better to cook your food, you can eat cold food in a pinch. It will definitely keep you from getting hungry. You will get tired if you don’t get enough sleep. This will make your energy less useful, which will make it harder for you to stay alive.

Last but not least, you will have to deal with the cold and the darkness. You will feel Down and start to take damage quickly if you spend too much time in the dark. Also, you will become Bone Cold if you are away from a heat source for too long. Of course, both of these problems can be fixed by making sure the area is well lit with lights.

Build Strong And Last Long

When you set up a base, you’ll find that not many places are truly perfect. As you travel through Moria, you’ll find that many places already have certain things you need. This is very helpful, but you should really think about the base seriously. A lot of the time, everything is falling apart, even the walls. Don’t forget about that stuff.

You can construct walls, create entrances, and basically make things strong and durable. You should spend your time and money on that. There is a lot of stone in the game, and it only takes nine stones to build a wall out of stone. If you do this, you will be much better prepared to fight off your enemies when they try to raid your base.

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Build Itty-Bitty Bases

You should never go too far without building a base first! It goes without saying that you don’t want to fully equip dozens of huge bases while you explore, but not every base needs to be fully equipped. It takes 10 Wood Scraps, 6 Stones, and 6 Coal to build a camp hearth. Besides that, a Bedroll only costs 6 Cloth Scraps. For an extra 10 wooden scraps, add a meal table. Do you see what you have now? A cheap base camp where you can rest, heal, and get more food!

There are stones and pieces of wood all over Moria. You will always have enough, so there’s no reason not to build these little bases. Remember that you will go back to where you slept last if you die.

Going for a Stone Hearth instead of a Camp Hearth will let you add more to your base if you want to have more than just a Hearth, Bedroll, Meal Table, and Chest.

Don’t Neglect Building Storage Facilities

A lot of information will be given to you during your trip. To be honest, you won’t be able to fit it all. Also, things will get worse before they get better because you will be meeting more and more materials. That’s why you should build material pallets and chests at your main sites. Don’t worry—the things you store can be used while you build even though they aren’t in your collection.

If you go out into the wild, you can find a lot of building materials. When you leave your base, leave all of your Wood Scraps, Stone, and Cloth Strips behind. In the same way, you will find a lot of food as you explore, so leave your fixings behind too. You will be able to add more space to your storage eventually, but until then, you should be careful about what you bring with you.

Early-Game Upgrade Hierarchy

In the beginning of 8 Ball Pool, some materials are very valuable. The iron you have won’t be enough for you to just throw it around anywhere. Also, when you fix those figures, you will have more iron gear recipes than iron to use to make them. So, here is what we think about updating.

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You will need to spend your first three Iron Ingots on the Forge. Spend the single ingot to make Ori’s Key, which will let you open Ori’s Chest. That will give you three more ingots. Spend those iron bars on the Iron Shield now. After that, you should not forge anything for a while and build a Smithy instead.That way, you can fix your shield when it starts to get damaged.

Then you should make the Iron Sword, and finally the Steel Hammer. You can fix those figures and get more recipes with that hammer. From now on, just make the armor for which you have earned the recipes.

Fixing statues in the first area will give you the recipe for an Iron Axe, which is a great weapon, but the Iron Sword will get you through the first couple of places just fine. That’s why we wouldn’t make the axe until you had all of your armor.

How To Unlock Recipes

In Return to Morta, you can make in a few different ways. To begin, you’ll be able to make a number of things and designs without any extra tools. In this group are simple tools and things like torches and platforms. Since you’re a dwarf, making things is kind of your thing. This means that all you have to do to get these ideas is gather new things.

Most of the time, you will be weighed down, but if you are full of valuable things when you find a new material, just drop one of them and pick up the material. That way, you can at least get an idea of what you can make with it.

You will be able to build a Forge as well. This is the key to getting much nicer stuff. Fixing up the broken dwarf figures you’ll find all over Moria is how you get recipes for the Forge. When you fix a figure, it will give you a recipe (or sometimes a piece of a recipe). When you go to a new part of Moria, the steps you need to take to fix these figures will be different.

You can get some other things by hitting a certain trigger. For example, when you open Ori’s Treasure Chest, you get the code for Ori’s Key.

Let There Be Light

As you explore the depths of Moria, the darkness is always a danger. You can start making things right away, and the torch will be one of the first things you can make. All the materials you need are by your spawn. However, the torch works fine for the first half hour or so of the game, but it takes up your off-hand, which is a big problem.

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Since the other stuff you have on hand is so useful, you should get rid of that torch right away. You will be able to put torches along the walls and Standing Torches in the middle of your way, which is good news.If you get lost in Moria at night, this will help keep you from getting lost. As you move forward, put these torches down often.

From base to base, a straight line of lights will not only keep you safe, but it will also help you find your way back to safety if you get lost.

Roll With The Punches

Return to Moria is not at all like Souls, but there are some things about it that feel like they belong in that series. This is most clearly shown by the dodge roll. It might be a little awkward, but your roll is very strong and can’t be stopped.

You will want to roll all the time in the beginning of the game when you don’t have the shield. Even later in the game, when you have better ways to defend yourself, this roll will still help you beat some of the harder enemies.

Shields Are A Priority

In Return to Moria, fighting is pretty easy, but you’ll often be up against more than one enemy that can all lunge straight at you. It’s likely that they’ll also surround you. Without a doubt, this is a problem. When your enemies work together, there is a way to stop them. In Return to Moria, shields are very strong and will protect you from almost every direction.

They will not be able to hurt you if they hit your back while you are guarding. It’s also possible to raise the shield very quickly. By raising your shield, you can stop an attack. At the beginning of the game, the Iron Shield will also be able to completely block all damage. Plus, if you hit while guarding, you’ll do a shield bash that will knock out a lot of enemies.

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