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13 Best Skyrim Mods For Improving Combat


Nov 29, 2023

These mods for Skyrim help make fighting more interesting.

There are a lot of mods for Skyrim, which is a big part of why people love it so much. Fans have made mods that change every aspect of the game. These mods are now so important to liking the game that most people think of them as essential to the Skyrim experience.

Many people think that Skyrim’s battle system is the best example of “mod mandating” because the vanilla version doesn’t work very well when it comes to mechanics. But if you use these mods, you can change enemies and battles so that they are more fun and difficult.

Wildcat: A Complete Combat Overhaul

Wildcat is one of the best combat update mods out there right now. It changes a lot of things about combat, from enemy AI and damage to faster-paced fights, injuries, staggers, stamina costs, and more. Not happy with something? Wildcat also has a huge number of settings you can change inside the game.

With this mod, every encounter is exciting, risky, and hard, so you’ll need to plan ahead and act accordingly. These rules apply to everyone, even if you’re running a Khajit stealth archer build for the 15th time or an archmage who casts a lot of Destruction spells.

Inpa Sekiro Combat: Sekiro Style Combat Mechanics

Sekiro’s combat system is known to be very fun, so it makes sense that someone would eventually change Skyrim’s default combat system with Sekiro’s. You and your enemies will each have a posture bar instead of stamina. This bar goes down every time you block or avoid an attack.

If your stance drops to zero, you can be attacked by anyone. You and your enemies can both be knocked back by hits and parries thanks to a method called “poise.” If you only want to look good, this mod also lets you block arrows and spells if you time it right.

Spellsiphon: A Sensible Rework On Spell Mechanics

Skyrim has a lot of spells to choose from, but the vanilla experience is fatally flawed because you have to flip through options in the middle of a fight to switch to a different spell. Not only does Spellsiphon fix this problem with a method that is simpler and better, but it also:

  • Makes weapons and spells work better together, focusing on combos and loops.
  • Rather than a long list of spells with defined uses, it focuses on mechanics that can be used in different ways.
  • Magicka regeneration is now based on skill; combos and synergies will renew magicka faster.
  • Changes were made to bound weapons to make them more useful in late game.
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Archery Gameplay Overhaul

One of the most popular ways to fight in Skyrim is as a stealth archer, which is a good mix of being easy to use and effective. But after a dozen hours, players usually get tired of the pretty basic shooting.

This is where the Archery Gameplay Overhaul mod comes in. It adds enchanted arrows, better movements, bleeding effects, and many other great changes to make archery better in the game.

Ultimate Combat

According to legend, Skyrim is home to many of Tamriel’s most dangerous enemies. From how the game is played, maybe not so much. To put it mildly, the enemy AI is obvious and not very creative. After a while, this can get annoying, especially when players start getting too powerful with high levels and good gear.

Supreme Combat wants to make Skyrim’s fights better by making them more realistic and hard. A stance system has been added to the game, and enemies now have better AI. You can also use more Power Attacks. With stagger resistance, timed blocks, and location-based damage boosts, Ultimate Combat awards us for using our minds instead of just slashing.

The Ultimate Dodge Mod Reanimated

It’s pretty clear what this mod’s goal is. It gives you a way to dodge in Skyrim, which makes fighting feel smoother and faster. For people who are very used to Skyrim’s default fighting, this is a nice change.

Even though the original Ultimate Dodge mod is pretty good, Reanimated’s changes to the motions make it even better. If you use it with Ultimate fighting, Skryim’s fighting will feel at least new and fresh, and if all else fails, it will make you want to play the whole game again.

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Animated Armoury

Skyrim has a lot of weapons, but after a while, it gets boring to use them all. Since most of these guns have the same set of moves, the only things that determine whether the player will use them in the future are their stats and how they look.

This problem is solved by Animated Armoury, which adds new weapons to Skyrim that have their own set of moves. It changes the game in a way that you can’t really feel at first, but it makes a huge difference in how fighting feels in the long run.

Mortal Enemies

There is one word that new players often add to their language: “caveats.” Skyrim’s fighting is full of things that can go wrong. When it comes to weapons, enemies are too accurate but usually too weak, broadswords feel too light, and so on.

This method is changed by Mortal Enemies, which makes enemies more like real ones. They won’t be able to move around freely while striking, and their attacks will miss more often. It sounds like a mod that makes the game easier, but it’s not really one. But if you’re afraid it will make things too easy, just mix it with some harder mods and you’ll be fine.

Skyrim Unleveled

The places in Skyrim that players can go are mostly leveled up with the player to make the game harder. That being said, people who want to play Skyrim in a slightly more… cruel way should download the Skyrim Unleveled mod.

This makes Skyrim a mess where different parts of the world are at different levels. This can make the beginning of the game very hard because players may not know how to deal with enemies that are way above their level. Not only that, but it can also make tricky parts easy.

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Blade and Blunt

Blade and Blunt is one of the most underrated mods on this list. It changes both the way you play battle and how enemies act. The fighting system has been changed in a lot of ways that make the game very fun to play.

The energy system is the thing that has changed the most with this mod. Everything from hitting to blocking has a bigger effect on stamina. This makes the game more tense because players have to watch their stamina with every swing of a weapon.

Akaviri Martial Art

A battle mod doesn’t always have to be well-balanced and hard to understand. Sometimes, the player should just be able to look really cool as they kill enemies with heavy weapons.

The Akaviri Martial Art mod aims to make this change look good and be fun. When a player uses a one-handed weapon, their character will slash and cut foes in a satisfying way that is both beautiful to look at and often fatal.

Combat Gameplay Overhaul

It’s so good that most people think you need to use it every time you play Backrooms Game. The Combat Gameplay Overhaul mod is by far the most famous combat mod for Skyrim. In line with its name, this mod makes a lot of changes to Skyrim’s gameplay that aren’t too much.

Because of this, Skyrim now has a new and fun way to fight that most people would love. You can tell that a lot of work went into this mod because it makes fights in the game a lot more fun.

Attack Behavior Revamp

Attack Behavior Revamp is the most complete mod that adds new moves and movements for fighting in the game. It’s hard to find another mod that makes such great changes as this one.

Now, players can use new movesets for each type of weapon and do more complicated combos and power attacks. Without a doubt, Attack Behavior Revamp is a great mod for Skyrim players who want a more exciting and fun way to fight.

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