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Things To Know Before Starting Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis


Nov 29, 2023

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is a mobile game set in the world of Final Fantasy 7. It claims to remake the whole subseries of games.

After making claims about a remake of Final Fantasy 7 for the PS3, Square Enix finally did it in 2020. But that was just part one. Fans won’t know how long they have to wait until all of these parts are done up. Last Fantasy 7: Rebirth, the next part, will come out on February 29, 2024.

Fans can now play Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis on their phones while they wait for that to come out. Is there a new game? How does it fit into the Final Fantasy 7 world, which is growing all the time? How does it sound? We will answer all of these questions and more about this new free-to-play game.

The Promise

When Final Fantasy 7 Remake finally came out in 2020, it blew everyone away. After that, Square Enix announced Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis as the first game in a new line of remakes. This seems like a big promise. It is planned to make all of this subseries’ worlds into mobile games, such as Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, Before Crisis: Final Fantasy 7, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7, Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy 7, and Final Fantasy 7: The First Soldier. Adrenal Children was not a game but a movie, which is an interesting outlier. And Before Crisis was a movie that came before The Turks but was only aired in Japan.

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What You Can Play Right Now

What a great promise! Fans will be thrilled when the project is finished, just like they were with the system remakes. Sadly, there isn’t much launch material for the storylines. It’s possible to jump between the worlds of the first game, Crisis Core, and The First Soldier. That’s only half of what was planned, and the games that came out at start aren’t even the full stories. For instance, Final Fantasy 7 ends right after the group gets away from Midgar.

It’s Voiced, But In Japanese

In addition to the changes to the graphics, voice acting is one of the best new features. Some things are voiced, but most of the story conversation is in every game, or at least the text bubbles have sound effects to go with them.

If you like dubs over subs, you’ll be let down to learn that the voice acting is in Japanese. The options menu doesn’t have any language choices, and it’s not clear when or if English voices will be added. Fans can be thankful that the game was translated at all.

The Battle System

All of the Final Fantasy 7 games were fun, but each one was different in how it was played.Before Crisis was a turn-based RPG like the original game, while Dirge of Cerberus was a third-person action shooter with Vincent as the main character. At the moment, all three games in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis use the same way to fight. When a bar is full, players can touch a panel to use a skill, and characters will fight on their own. The way you fight is a lot like how you fight in Final Fantasy 13.

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Moving Around

In most tasks, you’ll just have to fight off three waves of enemies, or sometimes there will only be one boss. It will be possible to move around in some tasks. A touch-based analog stick can be used to control characters like Cloud in these tasks. They can also just tap on a spot, and the figure will move there on its own. Also, it’s important to note that these open world tasks will have random encounters, just like old-school RPGs.

Leveling Up Isn’t Everything

For the most part, in RPGs, characters get better by earning Experience Points (EXP), which raise stats like Defense or Health. People in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis can get stronger in a few different ways. One is by leveling up.

Like the Light Levels in Destiny, each character has a total power level. This number will go up as you level up your characters, give them Materia and gear, and use the skill tree. You should know that getting more levels through EXP won’t help much because everything is balanced.

Small Story Changes

If you remember Final Fantasy 7 Remake, the games in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis will not be exact copies of the originals. To better fit the mobile lifestyle, some parts of the story have been changed or left out. For instance, one of the most famous parts of the first game was having to dress Cloud up as a girl in Wall Market. That happens on its own, and Funny Shooter 2 is all about fights. It is also skipped over most of the sewer and train graveyard scenes after Cloud and the others are caught so that the tower bombing in Sector 7 can happen faster. Fans should know that there will be changes before they go in, even though those are just a few examples.

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Mobile Game Basics

Overall, this is a gacha game, which means that Square Enix wants people to spend money on it. The good thing about Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is that gamers don’t have to. You can play the story tasks for free, but you have to work for the side quests. It’s not a big deal because drinks that the game gives to players all the time can restore their energy. People will need to use Blue Crystals in the Draw method to get better weapons. You can also easily get these things in the game. Player should always know they don’t need to spend money because if they are patient, there is always a way around it.

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