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22 Best Weapons For Attackers In Rainbow Six Siege


Nov 29, 2023

In Rainbow Six: Siege, it can be hard to attack on any level. Luckily, most attackers can get their hands on these amazing guns.

In Rainbow Six: Siege, the weapons are very different, especially the ones used by the attacker operators, who need to be able to switch between different types of weapons to beat the defenders. You can equip any kind of gun, like an SMG, an assault rifle, or even a light machine gun.

Each player should know about the different enemy guns and know which ones to use and which ones to stay away from. These are Rainbow Six’s best weapons: A lot of siege weapons have a fast rate of fire, a short reload time, and a big clip.

6P41 LMG

There is only one 6P41 available to Finka and Fuse. If you like LMGs, this is a great gun. As you might expect from an LMG, this gun can hold a lot of bullets. It does, however, a lot more damage per bullet than most guns.

However, the 6P41 LMG takes a long time to reload. This is a flaw that you shouldn’t ignore, but it’s not a huge issue because the magazine is already very big. The 6P41 is a very strong LMG for both Finka and Fuse because it does a lot of damage with each shot and has a big magazine.

417 Rifle

If you like guns, the 417 will quickly become your favorite. The 417 Rifle can be used on Sens, Twitch, and Lion, which means that a lot of players can find it useful in this FPS. Even though this tool isn’t great for close combat, it’s great at long range, which is usually more important.

The 417 is easy to shoot because it doesn’t have much recoil. Each shot also does a lot of damage, so you can use single bullets to kill enemies. If you’re playing as any of those characters, you should try the 417 Rifle. You won’t be sorry.

CSRX 300 Rifle

The CSRX 300 Rifle is different from most of Rainbow Six Siege‘s other weapons in that only Kali can use it. This makes it a fun trait that you can only get when you play as this operator. For some reason, the CSRX 300 doesn’t come with any connectors. However, it does come with a scope by default. There is a camera, and you can zoom in in different ways, such as 5x and 12x.

As you can see, the CSRX 300 has some problems. It slows you down, and if you shoot a lot of shots, you won’t have much extra ammunition. But the CSRX 300 is still very powerful because it can kill most users without any extra protection if your shot hits them.

BOSG.12.2 Shotgun

The BOSG.12.2 is a shotgun for Vigil and Dokkaebi that is very strong. It doesn’t work like most shotguns because it only fires one bullet instead of a spread. Because of this, it has a longer range and can continue to do a lot of damage from afar.

Not only does the BOSG.12.2 have a longer range, it also fires quickly and has a lot of ammunition. This shotgun’s small clip is the only thing that will go wrong with it. That’s not a big problem because you can fix it by carefully placing your shots and hiding to reload when you need to.

PARA 308 Rifle

Capitao is the only person who can use the PARA 308 Rifle. Even though operators don’t have access to it very often, it’s still a great tool that you should know about. Even though the Para 308 Rifle fires slowly, its many pros beat this one flaw.

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To begin, the PARA 308 comes with a lot of accessories that you can use to make it fit your needs. It does a lot of damage per shot and doesn’t move around much, which makes it perfect for people who are new to Rainbow Six Siege. In general, if you like playing as Capitao, you should learn how to use the PARA 308 Rifle.

G36C Assault Rifle

The only workers who can use the G36C are Iana and Ash. Because it is so precise, it works well for them. While the G36C isn’t the fastest gun when it comes to damage, its good fire rate more than makes up for its average base damage.

The G36C has a big edge over other guns because it has low recoil. For those who want accuracy and don’t want to deal with recoil, the G36C is a great choice. This gun is a very powerful tool for Ash players who like to run and shoot.

V308 Assault Rifle

There are a lot of great guns that Lion can use, and the V308 is one of them. The V308 does a lot of damage with each shot, and the clip is big, so you don’t have to reload it very often.

In case you need to restart, it has a fast reload speed, making it the best of all worlds. But you need to be patient with the V308 because it fires slowly. Even though this gun isn’t an LMG, when a clip has more than 50 rounds, you always want to reload, even after only firing two bullets. Don’t forget that you have a lot of games left.

L85A2 Assault Rifle

You can use the L85A2 assault weapon with a lot of different characters since Recruit, Sledge, and Thatcher can all get it. The L85A2 is known for more than just being popular; the gun itself has many uses. It is a great all-around AR-15, and Sledge clearly prefers it to his shotgun as a weapon.

For the most part, the L85A2 is known for having high base damage, but it also has low vertical recoil. You’ll have to put up with a slow fire rate and a lot of horizontal recoil, but the pros should fit the way you play.

F2 Assault Rifle

The F2 assault rifle is Twitch’s signature gun. Because it fires so quickly, it’s thought to be one of the strongest weapons. The F2 works really well at middle range, which is great for Twitch because she works well at that range.

A huge number of different devices can be put on the F2. Making sure you keep an eye on the recoil is the most important thing you can do with this gun after adding an ACOG sight. This or that Marksman Rifle isn’t better than the other on Twitch; it depends on how you like to play.


The MP7 can only be used by Zero as an attacker, but Bandit can also use it even though he is a defender. Many people know that the M7 does a lot of damage up close, but with the right attachments, it can also be used well at middle range.

The MP7’s biggest flaw is that it doesn’t have grips. This isn’t a problem because it fires quickly and does a lot of damage, which Zero can’t get with any of his other guns.

M4 Assault Rifle

The only operator who can use the M4 is Maverick. Even though it’s only available to this operator, Skibidi Toilet fans still love this gun a lot. The main reason for this is that it can be changed a lot with additions and does a lot of damage.

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It takes a lot of force to fire the M4 assault gun. Even so, it’s still better than anything else Maverick has with him. There are many great weapons out there, and the M4 is one of them.

M762 Assault Rifle

Zofia shoots with the M7 AR, which is by far her best choice. Some people say not to use the burst mode, but it might work well for you if it fits your needs. Most of the time, you should leave the firing setting set to full automatic.

It fires pretty quickly and does a lot of damage per shot. It works great with a Vertical Grip and can handle a 2x ACOG. Putting a silencer on this gun doesn’t really change how it works, but that’s a matter of taste. This gun doesn’t really need anything else besides a sight and a muzzle to look great.


You need as many shots as possible to make the most of the chance to sneak into a room full of people who are blinded by Ying’s flash device.

And the T-95 LMG has a lot of extra rounds in its clip, so it can shoot at long range. Because of its power, this gun can quickly kill one-armored fighters with just a few shots. It also doesn’t have much recoil. Though it’s not as fast as some other LMGs, Ying’s gun is the most powerful and special one she has.

AK-12 Rifle

Both Ace and Fuze have the AK-12 gun in their loadouts. It’s the best weapon for both of them, mostly because it fires quickly.

That being said, you should only try to use this gun if you have a lot of practice with Rainbow Six: Siege, because its high recoil makes it hard to control. Even though it has a lot of recoil, the AK-12 is one of the best weapons for attacking in Rainbow Six: Siege and one of the best weapons in the game overall.

C7E Rifle

Jackal has a few different guns in his loadout, but the C7E rifle is by far the best one for this user. That being said, this weapon has more pros than cons. It can fire quickly, reload quickly, and has surprisingly little recoil.

The main problem with the C7E gun is that it has a small magazine. However, the very short reload time makes up for this. If you play as Jackal, you should learn how to use the C7E assault gun because it’s so useful against the other team.


When compared to Nomad’s ARX, this gun is pretty normal. However, this AK’s magazine capacity makes it better. The damage it does is pretty bad, but it fires more slowly. There are times when we need more than one bullet to get a kill in Siege, and most of the time, we’ll need more than 30.

The AK-74 is a great choice for Nomad because it can hold more than 40 rounds. She wants to fight at medium range and kill someone who has just tripped over one of her Airjab traps. When it’s possible, we always tell Attackers to get two ACOG sights. This gives them a big advantage over Defenders who don’t have long-range scopes.


IQ and Amaru are the only characters who can use this LMG, and it works great for them most of the time because of how they play. This LMG is surprisingly strong considering how powerful it is. It has a large clip, loads quickly, and does more damage than most guns.

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While it does take a little longer than normal for the G8A1 to aim down sights, this isn’t as bad as some other Rainbow Six: Siege attacker weapons. This is the best gun for you if you don’t like to reload often and don’t want to worry about running out of bullets in battle.


That’s why the OTS-03 is one of the best attack guns in Rainbow Six: Siege: there aren’t many marksman rifles. This is Glaz’s only weapon, and it has a sight that uses heat tracking to show you where enemies are moving.

One shot from the OTS-03 does a lot of damage, but it only holds a small amount of ammunition, so you have to be careful when fighting up close. If you learn how to use Glaz’s arsenal properly, he can be very dangerous. This is one of his most powerful weapons.

M249 LMG

The M249 LMG can be used by Gridlock, Capitao, and Recruit, but only when an attack is being made. This LMG fires slowly, but each shot does a lot of damage, and compared to other defender guns, it doesn’t move up and down very much.

Another problem is that the M249 takes a long time to reload, but this isn’t a big deal because each clip has a lot of ammunition in it. One good thing about the M249 is that it’s not as hard to learn how to use an LMG as it is an assault rifle or an SMG.

ARX200 Rifle

Because Nomad and Iana can do a lot of different things and are strong, they need strong tools. The ARX200 assault rifle is the best choice for these two characters, and it comes with a lot of different additions so you can make it look however you want.

The ARX200 is very accurate when firing from the hip. It does a lot of damage with each shot and doesn’t move back and forth much. Not all is good about this weapon, though. The slow fire rate is its biggest flaw. This isn’t a big deal, though, because each shot does a lot of damage.

C8-SFW Rifle

In this first-person shooter, Buck is one of the best attacker operators because his skill is different from other characters’ because it depends on his weapon. Because the C8-SFW rifle can be changed into a shotgun, it can be used as both an attack rifle and a shotgun.

As far as we know, only Buck can use this tool. The C8-SFW fires quickly, reloads quickly, and does more damage than most guns. It does have a lot of recoil, though, and you can’t put grips on it. Even though it has these flaws, the C8-SFW is one of the best Rainbow Six: Siege attacker guns.

L1A1 CAMRS Marksman Rifle

You will be happy to know that Buck’s CAMRS Marksman Rifle is just as good, if not better than his C8-SFW AR. This gun’s single shots are not only fun, but they also do a great job of hurting things.

Brava is the only person who can use this tool now that Buck has joined the group. It comes with a good-sized magazine that lets you take quick spray-and-pray shots when you need to. A muzzle brake will help with the impact, but you can also add a silencer to blend in a little better.

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