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10 Things You Missed In Spider-Man 2


Nov 29, 2023

In Spider-Man 2, there are a lot of things that are hidden.

Spider-Man 2 is jam-packed with things to do. It’s not just a story with a lot of side quests. There is a lot of emotion in the game that every fan can see. Like any good superhero movie, it has a lot of nods to other movies, stories, and even characters from the Spider-Man comics.

Fans can find and talk about a lot of easter eggs that Insomniac has hidden around the game. These could be story hints for the second game or just funny memes. Some of these may have been seen before, but we’re sure that some of these secret details and easter eggs will surprise you. Here are a bunch of them that we found in Spider-Man 2.

Wakanda Forever

To honor the Black Panther movies and Chadwick Boseman, Miles can do the famous “Wakanda Forever” pose that became famous after being seen in the first Black Panther movie. In the Midtown District, Miles can find the Wakanda embassy. There is a suggestion there that will let him honor the Wakandans in front of the building.

By crossing his arms, Miles can do the famous “Wakanda Forever” pose, which is a nice nod to some fan-favorite movies and the Black Panther hero.

Maguire’s Daily Bugle

In the Maguire series of Spider-Man movies, the Daily Bugle was a big part of the story, and they used the Flatiron Building, a famous New York City building. The cool thing is that you can see the same building in Spider-Man 2.

During the side task Photo Help, there will be a flashback of Peter meeting his boss, J. Jonah Jameson. This will show the same Daily Bugle building that was in the Sam Raimi movies. Which is a nice little nod for fans who are paying attention.

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Sanctum Sanctorum

In Spider-Man 2, there are clear hints that other heroes already exist. For example, the Avengers are already in place, and Doctor Strange himself shows up in the New York Sanctum Sanctorum.

It can be found southeast of Washington Square Park on Greenwich. And it also appears in the Make Your Own Choices quest.

The Spider-Verse

A big nod to Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is likely the biggest Easter egg that has to do with the Spider-Verse movies. When you finish the mission to collect all the Spiderbots, you’ll find yourself in an alleyway making a delivery. There, a portal will open and show Delilah, a character that wasn’t in the Spider-Verse movie.

She says that with some multiverse nonsense, she can pull all the annoying Spider-Bots into the portal. She also talks about Miguel, who is actually Miguel O’Hara from Earth 982 and plays a big role in Across the Spider-Verse. This makes Peter and Miles confused, as it suggests that they haven’t met Miguel yet.


Since the game has already shown Miles Morales, it makes sense that other Spidey characters will appear in the future. One of them will probably play Silk in a future game, that much we know. At the end of Doodle Cricket, Albert Moon talks about his daughter Cindy if you listen.

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The girl named Silk has the same name as Cindy Moon. She was bitten by the same spider as Peter and was sent away for years to work on her new skills before coming back to New York. Maybe she will show up as a different game character.

Stan Lee

Stan Lee has a great appearance in the first Spider-Man game in Mick’s Diner, the same place where Peter and MJ talked. Unluckily, it was also one of Stan Lee’s last cameos. So a figure of him was put up outside of Mick’s Diner in Spider-Man: Miles Morales to honor him.

When you return to the diner, you’ll see that the figure is still there, shining like a champion. We should honor the man who made the famous characters we know and love with this.


The joke where the two Spider-Mans point at each other is something we’ve all seen. Now that we have two of them, Peter and Miles, you can use the meme in a funny way when the two of them are talking to each other.

You can run up to the other Spider-Man when you’re playing as either Peter or Miles and act out the joke. This will make Peter and Miles laugh at themselves. It’s a funny and cute moment.

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The Fantastic 4

Thanks to an Easter egg, The Fantastic Four are another group of heroes that seem to be established in Spider-Man 2. For those who don’t know, they also have a base called the Baxter Building. Southwest of Central Park, you can see the same house.

What’s even more exciting is that the famous 4 sign of the Fantastic Four can be seen on the roof. This could mean that we’ll see the heroes in a future game.

Phin’s Grave

Spider-Man: Miles Morales was a great spin-off that let Miles fully become his own person and set him up for Spider-Man 2. We also learn more about his past, such as how he met Phin, who used to be his best friend but is now a bad guy. The game also lets you visit Phin’s grave, so Insomniac hasn’t forgotten about her either.

This is a nice way to show continuity between the games and a sad memory of someone Miles has lost.


There are a lot of bad guys in Spider-Man 2. But one of them will be a bigger trouble down the road. Man named Cletus Kassidy, who comes from comic books, is the boss of the cult called “The Flame.” He joins forces with a child of the Venom symbiote and changes into Carnage, a bad guy in the Marvel books who fights Venom.

From how the game goes, it looks like we might see more of Cletus Kassidy in a later game.

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