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9 Questions Mortal Kombat 1 Never Answered


Nov 29, 2023

There are a lot of big changes in Mortal Kombat 1. There are big differences between the timelines that Fire God Liu Kang made and the ones we had before in terms of how the characters’ lives go.

You might have a lot of questions by the time you finish this part of the story because there have been so many changes. A lot of old characters came back and were part of the main plot that paid homage to Midway’s original timeline. What else can we look forward to now that NRS is in charge?

What Happened To The Other Universe?

Things were not clear at the end of Mortal Kombat 1 about what happened to Shang Tsung’s universe after the final fight because he was reduced to tiny bits of dirt. Did he die along with his timeline and all the people who lived there? In that case, does that mean that the Titans who died in Armageddon also lost their universes?

There doesn’t seem to be much clarity, and you may be beginning to wonder if there are other types of Titans that still exist and might show up in a sequel.

Will Daegon And Taven Make An Appearance?

Hybrid Gods It makes sense that Daegon and Taven would show up in a game with unique characters like Ashrah and Darrius, since they played big parts in the Mortal Kombat Universe’s story. The bad news is that they haven’t shown up in Fire God Liu Kang’s new reality yet.

The Black Dragon Clan was started by Daegon, and Taven went on a hero’s trip to fight and beat Blaze, but his story was changed, and he died instead. Since they were first introduced in Mortal Kombat Armageddon, you’ve never been able to play as them again.

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Will Blaze Ever Exist?

This multiverse event happened, and it was called Armageddon. Does that mean Blaze will never show up in this reality again? The being that ended all wars was supposed to beat him, and all of his power was supposed to be taken away by a worthy fighter.

With things the way they are now, it doesn’t look like he exists. Blaze was a very strong person, and many characters died when they tried to stop him in the main reality.

Will Hanzo Hasashi Lose His Family Again?

If you pay close attention to how Smoke’s story ends in Mortal Kombat 1, it’s easy to see that something is wrong with Scorpion’s background from the old timelines. For Bi-Han to be the founder of the Shirai Riyu, he will have to take over for his new master at some point.

The question is whether this ascension will repeat his past and cause him to lose his family again, or whether it will lead to the deaths of the teachers he loves. Since you don’t have much information, it’s hard to say for sure if he’s going to continue the Scorpion tradition or make shady deals with Quan-chi.

Where Were Sonya Blade And Kano In Liu Kang’s New Universe?

Because OIS wasn’t a part of the main story, you can pretty much explain why Sonya wasn’t on the main team this time, even though she had been in every other game. It wouldn’t be Cassie Cage without her.

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Therefore Kano isn’t very important since he wasn’t important until he killed Sonya’s partner. If NRS decides to keep her, that event will likely happen again in this new timeline as well. Things could go in a different direction now that Jax and Kenshi are in charge of the OIS.

Is The Shaolin Monks Campaign Also Another Universe?

Midway made it clear that the events of the Shaolin Monk’s campaign were not official, even though the campaign was interesting and fun. Even though the co-op mode was the best thing about the game, the story wasn’t bad either.

Since it’s possible that the universe is full of all kinds of tricks, it’s not crazy to think that what happened in Shaolin Monks might have happened in a different Universe. Even though Midway isn’t involved, let’s hope there is a sequel to Geometry Dash Subzero.

Will Shujinko Help Shao Khan Free Onaga?

We get to see a young, bright-eyed Shujinko live up to his reputation as a great fighter at the end of Kung Lao. So, we can be sure that he will have a big part in the new storyline.

In the past, before everything changed, he was tricked into setting Onaga free after he had gathered all the Kamidogus. Anyone who has played the Konquest mode in Mortal Kombat Deception knows how hard he worked to achieve this goal.

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Have Bi-Han And Kuai Liang’s Backstories Been Retconned?

It was an honor for both Bi-Han and Kuai Liang to become Grandmasters of the Lin Kuei. They were also brothers who were cryomancers before Liu Kang’s new timeline changed everything. Things are different now, so the new Scorpion can’t play his part. Because he started his own group to protect Earthrealm.

Not only did NRS change their past, but the events of Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero were also no longer necessary. Fans may still get to see Kuai Liang turn into Noob Saibot in the next game or DLC. Though, since his clan wants to use mechanical improvements.

Will Liu Kang’s Raiden Eventually Turn As Well?

It’s possible that Raiden is weaker in this new timeline. Because he is much more humble and calm than he was in the old one. In the ending movie, Raiden makes it clear that he knows how strong his Titan form became. Because of the anger that fed it. It sounds like this made him want to follow the same path.

Even though he is Earthrealm’s winner, it seems likely that he will play the same confused hero and villain in the next few games. Instead of seeing Fire God Liu Kang’s power turn against him. We might have to watch Raiden lose his honor all over again.

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