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Minecraft: 8 Things To Do In Your First Week


Nov 29, 2023

There are a lot of things that Minecraft players should do after they punch their first tree.

You can be as creative as you want in Minecraft. Everything is open for the players, and they can do whatever they want. This level of freedom in a game is unmatched. Even though it came out 12 years ago, Minecraft is still a huge deal. It’s available on dozens of devices and is a mainstay of pop culture.

Even though the game gives you a lot of freedom, there are still some set goals that you can reach if you want to get to the end of the game and beat the Ender Dragon. If players prepare well and think about any of the steps below, these goals will be easy to reach.

Build A Nether Portal

If you want to move forward in your world, you need to build a nether doorway. People who don’t have one can only go to the overworld and will never be able to experience the terrible joy of the nether.

Players can use their imagination to make some pretty cool patterns, even though portals can make things stand out. A nether portal that looks like it was infected can be built into the side of a mountain or decorated with Netherrack blocks and plants. Either way, it will make any base look better.

Develop A Mining System Or Cave

Setting up a mining system will help players a lot if they want to dig up big areas or caverns and get their valuable ores out. It is recommended that players make their mines easy for other players to get to. This can be done by putting ladders or stairs down through the mine’s floor. Just be careful not to hit any lava while digging, as that could be dangerous.

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Over time, as players dig, they will come across deeper and wider gorges and empty spaces where they might find valuable diamonds. Strip mining is another great way to find valuable ores. And it will also give players a steady supply of gems.

Build An Enchanting Room

A beautiful table is very helpful for people who want to quickly rise to the top of Minecraft’s pecking order. They don’t make much of a difference to guns, tools, and armor when used alone. But when combined with bookshelves that give higher levels. They can turn a good player into an unstoppable force.

Collecting leather from cows can be a boring task, but the reward of being almost unbeatable after enchanting a lot of gear makes the work feel worth it. The player will keep coming back. Because it makes them feel good to make an area that looks nice to enchant in.

Locate The Nearest Stronghold

Strongholds aren’t always easy to find in the beginning. But being able to find the one that’s closest to your base will make things a lot easier later on.

Players who are brave enough to find one as soon as they have enough Eyes Of Ender can turn the whole area into a small hub or base that gives them plenty of time to get ready for the Ender Dragon fight.

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Start Farming Early

Early on, resources like sugar cane are very important because they can be used to make a lot of paper. Which can then be used to make books. By growing a lot of this as soon as possible, players will be able to make farms that are even bigger, make more bookshelves, and sell them for an emerald profit.

Another important thing about farming is that it provides food. For example, potatoes can be baked and used for a long time. For farming, there are a lot of different fruits and veggies in Eggy Car, so players can pick from a lot of different foods.

Make Use Of Villages

Living in or near a town at the beginning of a normal Minecraft game can be very helpful for people who want to keep playing for a long time. Beginning with the game, players will have access to a small town of villagers who can be given any job they want. This makes it easy to set up an economy system.

With dozens of huts and houses for the villagers to live in, players can make the towns even busier places to live. By adding a long, high wall and changing the way the villagers live, towns can look and feel more modern, which is great for people who want to add some life to their bases.

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Establish An Economic Villager System

Because a village settlement and its people are useful, players can set up a successful business plan with the villagers. This will let them get a wide range of resources and start making a steady flow of emeralds that they can use as money for other villager jobs.

The players should work on this method as soon as possible because it works so well. Each villager’s job has levels from “novice” to “master.” If a player trades with an armorer over time, the armorer will finally reach “master” status. Starting at this point, players can buy diamond armor or other very useful items based on the villagers’ job. This makes using villagers early on very important. Players won’t have to worry about throwing away diamonds on gear, tools, or weapons that will break soon.

Find A Nether Fortress

These places look like some of the scariest in the game at first glance. Nether Fortresses are rare and can be found in the Nether. They are important for players who want to move forward. Because they hold blaze powder, which can only be obtained by killing blazes.

There are also many chests with items for players in Nether Fortresses. As well as nether warts that grow next to stairs. Players might want to go to a fortress as soon as possible to get these useful items. Because they won’t want to go back once they’ve met the scary creatures that hide around every corner.

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