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What Are Common Kindergarten Interview Questions For Parents And Children?


Dec 6, 2023

Kindergarten admissions can no doubt be a stressful period for children and parents alike. From choosing from the best international schools in Riyadh fees structure and the child’s readiness to preparing for the admission interview and getting the child ready for admission, the process tends to be a bit overwhelming. 

With some preparation from your end, the process will become easier for you. 

Here Are A Few Common Kindergarten Questions For Parents

1. Can you tell us something about yourself and your family? 

2. How would you describe your child? (in one word or generally) 

3. Do you and your spouse both work? If yes, who is the primary parent for the child as in who devotes maximum time – tell us more about the roles that each of you shares concerning your child.

4. How do you manage your professional and personal life? What is your schedule like? 

5. Do you live in a nuclear family or a joint family? How many people live at home?

6. Where do you both work? Tell us a little about your career journey. 

7. Please tell us about your professional/educational qualifications. 

8. What are your expectations from your child’s kindergarten school? 

9. Why did you choose our school?

10. Have you applied to other kindergarten schools as well? If yes, which ones? 

11. How much time do you spend with your child during the day?

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12. What is your child’s typical schedule for the day? 

13. Is there anything you would explicitly want us to know about your child? 

14. Does your child have any allergies? 

15. How do you handle the situation when your child throws tantrums or misbehaves? 

16. What language do you communicate in at home? What is your child proficient in? What is your mother tongue? 

17. Has your child been interacting with other kids their age? How do they behave around others? 

18. Is your child potty/toilet trained? 

19. Is your kid up-to-date with all the vaccinations? Any illness we need to be aware of?

20. How has your experience been as a parent? 

21. Do you have any questions for us? 

When asked these questions, you should be honest and clear about your views – this makes the school clear about your expectations, leaving no scope for ambiguity.  

Why Do Kindergarten Schools Conduct Admission Interviews?

The reason for kindergarten interviews is for the school staff to gauge your child’s developmental milestones. They evaluate the responses you and your child provided based on certain parameters to decide if your child is a good fit and if there are any scenarios of special needs education.  

Kindergarten admission have come a long way from what they were back in the day. They are no longer short and straightforward introductory meetings. There is some level of expectation from the schools with respect to your child’s progress. They expect children to be able to have some basic knowledge about shapes and colors and answer questions asked of them during the evaluation.

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Here Are Some Common Kindergarten Interview Questions For Your Child

1. What is your name?

2. What is your mother and father’s name? 

3. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

4. Do you have a pet at home? 

5. What animal do you love the most?

6. Can you show me your favorite animal? 

7. Where do you stay?

8. When do you celebrate your birthday?

9. What color do you like the most?

10. What color is the sky/tree/apple/this wall/this toy?

11. Can you please tell me what shape this is?

12. What animal/ bird is this?

13. Which is your favorite bedtime story?

14. What do you like to eat the most?

15. Can you recite a poem for us? Anyone that you like?

16. What do you want to grow up and become?

17. Do you watch cartoons? Which is your favorite one?

18. Do you play games? 

19. What is your favorite game? 

20. Who do you play with? 

21. Can you draw something for me?

22. Pick up the smallest/ biggest toy from this basket.

23. How many fingers do you have?

24. What number is this?

25. How many wheels does a car have?

26. What letter is this?

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27. What is your favorite toy?

28. Can you tell me what the lady is doing in this picture?

29. How old are you?

30. Can you shake my hand? Can you give me a high-five?

Additional Tips To Best Prepare Your Child For School.

  • Research more about the school and interview process
  • Interact with other parents applying to the same school to have play dates. 
  • Revise the basics with your child – numbers, colors, shapes, alphabets etc.
  • Have mock interviews at home in a fun and playful manner  
  • Evaluate your child’s speech, mannerisms and communication skills and focus on the weak points
  • Improve your child’s skills by involving them in simple chores like clearing their toys and keeping their plates inside after eating.
  • Inculcate basic mannerisms like saying thank you, please, pardon-me 
  • Teach them cleanliness so they know how to tidy up. They should get up and throw the wrapper in the dustbin if offered chocolate during the interview.
  • Do not overwhelm yourself or the child – let them follow their own pace and practice well.

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