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Valorant: 8 Best Easter Eggs Hidden In The Maps


Nov 29, 2023

Have you found these Valorant Easter eggs?

Even though the goal of Valorant is to plant or defuse a spike, the game has a lot of secret story that most people don’t know about. What began as Project A has grown into maps with secret Easter eggs that hint at story and fun references to the real world since it came out in 2020.

Easter eggs are little things in video games, usually hidden features that often have something to do with the story, but they could also just be a joke from the creators. Valorant is no different. It’s easy to miss the Easter eggs that are hidden in the maps when you’re in the thick of fast-paced games like deathmatch and swiftplay.

Pearl: Hi Tide Comics

It takes place in a mirror version of Earth called Omega Earth. Hi Tide Comics is right next to Defender Spawn on Pearl. There is a lot of comics and products inside that are all about the brave heroes of Omega Earth.

On the main Alpha earth, people fear the Valorant Protocol agents, but in this mirror form, they are praised and praised. To show how heroic the Valorant Legion is on Omega earth, there are figurines, comic books for each agent, cardboard cutouts, and signs.

Pearl: Ode To Ronaldo

This Portuguese town has more secret gems if you stay on Pearl. Onze is a cute sports gear store on the side of Mid-Shops that connects Mid to B Main. The name, which comes from the Portuguese word for “eleven,” may refer to the number of players on a football team.

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A green football jersey that doesn’t stand out is on the show window with other football tokens. There is a number 7 on it that football fans may know. It refers to Cristiano Ronaldo, a Portuguese football legend who is considered one of the best Space Bar Clicker players of all time.

Lotus: Hidden Tactibears

One of Valorant’s fuzzy mascots is the tactibear, which can be found hidden all over Lotus. There are about thirty found ones spread out on this map. It’s likely an inside joke by the people who made it. You will need to use Jett, one of the five duelists, to fly to find these tactibears.

Start a special match and turn on cheats. This will make it easier to find these bears. In the menu, go to “Cheats” and turn on “infinite abilities.” This will let you use Jett’s Updraft as much as you want. To find the ones that are hidden on high levels, you need her Updraft. Some interesting places to put a tactibear are above the tower on C Main, on top of the skylight in B Main (shown above), and inside a stream on the back of C that leads to Attacker Spawn.

Fracture: Paul Delmann

Paul Delmann is a strange and shadowy worker at Kingdom Corporation who was first shown on a slide in the Kitchen of Icebox. We only know that Delmann worked with radianite and that’s about all we know about him.

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On Fracture, near the Attacker Side Bridge, you can find an orb that glows differently than the ult ones. When you connect with it, you’ll see either Delmann’s ID card or the Everett-Linde Facility while he’s wearing a hazmat suit. Besides what these Easter eggs tell us, not much is known about him.

Pearl: Statues Of Heroes

The Garden of Heroes is right behind the guards when they first appear on the map. There is a fountain in the middle of an open area with four large statues of agents: Sage, Phoenix, Omen, and Jett. A message says that the garden was built “to honor the heroes who saved the city and continue to protect the world from the threat of Alpha Earth.”

The Valorant agents of Alpha earth are seen as a danger on Omega earth. Even though Pearl was the first time Alpha earth invaded its mirror version. This landmark is another proof of how much Omega earth respects and admires Radiants. On Alpha earth, on the other hand, the tension between humans and Radiants leads to a terrible war.

Icebox: Snowmen On The Loose

When you were on Icebox, you may have seen the red signs on different walls that said “No Snowmen Allowed.” It seems a bit strange for a Radianite building, but in the back of B. There are two friendly, non-threatening snowmen. One is wearing cool sunglasses, and the other is wearing a fancy top hat.

The snowmen may have seemed like a fun little touch to the people who built the building. But it was clear that they were a bigger problem for the people who worked there. Someone is making snowmen, please stop! That’s what it says on the board in the kitchen.

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Pearl: Ruben Pontes’ Home

As you play Valorant, you’ll meet Ruben Pontes more than once. Ruben is an engineer from Portugal who used to live on Omega Earth. He came to Alpha Earth to work at the Everett-Linde Research Facility before it was destroyed on Fracture. Kingdom Corporation of Alpha Earth and Kingdom Industries of Omega Earth worked together to build the plant so that radianite could be used for energy.

Ruben’s house is on Pearl, close to B Site in Mid-Connector. There is a sign in front that says “R Pontes.” The strange thing is that there are police tapes on the door of Ruben’s house. Which means that the police are looking into him.

Pearl: Fugitives On The Run

Oran McEneff, an Alpha earth engineer, became good friends with Ruben Pontes while they worked together at the Everett-Linde Research Facility. In the days before the building was destroyed, Ruben helped Oran sneak into Omega Earth.

There are two wanted signs for Ruben and Oran near the Multiverse Museum on B. You can find them by the door of the building. Oran is said to be an alien from Alpha, and Ruben is a “dangerous person” wanted for “harboring a fugitive,” which is why his home is blocked off from the public with police tape.

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