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Unique Facts About Custom Auto Lock Boxes


Dec 1, 2023
Unique Facts About Custom Auto Lock Boxes

Custom auto lock boxes are one of the most common styles of packaging when it comes to moderate to heavy-weight products. The perfect style and the high-quality material of the boxes make them sturdy enough to keep the packed products safe. 

Besides the sturdiness, there are many unique factors that make the boxes worthy of your investment. Such as you can print the boxes on all four sides along with the lid to make your product different from the rest of the brands. 

Apart from this, auto lock bottom boxes can be used for the packaging of a wide range of products. In today’s discussion, our focus will be on the unique facts of auto-lock bottom packages that make them a perfect packaging style. 

Facts About Custom Auto Lock Boxes

The wide range of uses of auto-lock packaging is mainly due to their high-end protection. But as we know today, the use of packaging is not only confined to the protection of products but also to branding, presentation, and customer attraction. These all features are available in the auto lock bottom boxes, see how:

High-End Protection 

The perfect style of the boxes makes them an ideal choice for delicate items, but not only delicate products but products that are heavy and difficult to pack in ordinary box styles, due to the fear of tearing, can be packed in the auto-lock packaging. 

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Auto lock packaging boxes give marvelous protection to the products mainly due to their strong bottom panel and the high-quality material used in their manufacturing. There are three main types of material that are commonly used in the USA for auto-lock packaging kraft, cardboard, and corrugated. Among all the three corrugated is the most durable one and is widely used by logistic companies for their delivery boxes. 

Easy To Assemble 

The other fact that makes the boxes highly useful is that they are easy to assemble. You do not need to worry about the assembly of wholesale auto lock boxes. When you push the lids of the boxes they automatically tuck into each other forming a sturdy bottom. This associated convenience will not only save you the cost of glues and tapes but also help your packaging department save time. 

Secure Closure 

The closure of the auto-lock packaging is quite secure. So if you are sending your products long distances then you can use auto-lock style boxes with confidence as the products will not drop out of the box at the time of transit. Moreover, this box style is reusable so if the customers have used the products. They can easily re-pack their products and keep them secure. 

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Peerless Designs 

Today customers judge the quality by looking at the appearance. So to make the customers attracted to your product you must use catchy designs on the boxes.  Custom auto lock boxes have a large surface area that can be used to add different graphics and typography. 

When you get a professionally printed auto-lock box. You make your product attractive to the customers and hence make the customers invest in your brand. 


All brands want to earn maximum profit with minimum investment. If you want the same with your brand then again auto-lock style is the best option for your product packaging. First of all these boxes do not need the expenditure of tapes and glues. Moreover, the paper materials used in them are available in different options so that you can select any of the materials as per your budget. 

Environmentally Friendly 

Custom lock boxes are environmentally friendly and do not cause any harm to the climate. However, if you use laminations on the boxes. Then there are chances that the box sustainability may decrease but still most of the material is biodegradable. 

Furthermore, if you use the option of Aqueous coatings and varnishes along with water-based colors. Then your boxes will leave no to minimum residue in the surroundings. 

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Multiple Uses 

As snack packaging boxes, jewelry boxes, food boxes, and many more auto-lock styles can be used for a lot of products and for multiple purposes. This associated ease with the boxes allows a lot of brands to use this style the fear of product damage. Apart from this, the logos on the boxes give brands a chance to advertise themselves without spending a penny. 

Closing The Discussion 

Custom auto lock boxes are the best choice for the packaging of a lot of types of products. Whether you want perfect product protection or you are looking for an economical way to promote your brand. Auto-lock packaging is an ideal choice.

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