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Canada Patches Makes It Easier For You To Buy Custom Patches


Dec 7, 2023

In this current era, there are various ways to add a custom touch to any accessory. But all those options can’t beat the charm of the patches.

These days, you will get to find various individuals who manufacture and sell these decorative pieces. But if you are seeking the top ones, then you cannot ignore Canadapatches.ca. They are the industry leaders as far as custom emblems are concerned. This is the only destination for your every emblem problem. And you won’t be able to question their quality. So, no matter what designs, sizes, or colors you desire, they will surely offer you a patch that exceeds your expectations.

This article will discuss everything related to this supplier and how you can place an order on their website. So keep reading.

About Canadapatches.ca

Canadapatches.ca is a popular online store that is based in, as the name implies, Canada. They are well-known for their premium quality emblems for both individuals and businesses all around the globe. 

They possess a team of expert patch makers who are experienced in designing and crafting customized Canada Patches of various types. All you require is to provide them with necessary instructions, and they will offer you a perfect decorative piece that will bring a smile to your face. What’s impressive is that their prices don’t even burden their customers’ pockets. 

Additionally, they have been booming in the Canadian patch industry for years and have composed various attractive designs for their customers. Over time, techniques are changed, machinery is updated, and advanced tools are used, but their quality standards have never gone down.

Their mission is to transform and evolve the patch-making industry. For this purpose, every entity in their company, from a worker to a tool or even the material, ensures that their customer will be satisfied and return for more. Now that you get to know enough about them, let’s have a look at what they have to offer.

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What They Have To Offer

Till now, you might have understood that this supplier goes up and down to make sure that their customers will get the best.

But this is not everything they have to offer. They ensure that their buyers will experience outstanding service, and for that, they offer various other benefits that we list below.

  • Satisfying Results (Customer satisfaction is their top priority. It is a customer-centric firm that makes sure to keep its clients happy and get a perfect product. This is why they have a huge number of repeat customers)
  • Expert Patch Makers (They possess a specialized team of people with artistic minds and experienced craftsmen. Those individuals are ready to convert your imaginations into vibrant and lively patches. They own people with expertise in every patch category so that every customer’s demand will be fulfilled)
  • Limitless Customization (Their inventory consists of various appealing designs, but they can cater to customized ideas as well. So, no matter what their buyers require, their team makes sure to produce the same results)
  • Quick Turnaround Time (As we know, the patch-making process takes time. But their streamlined production makes sure that the customers will get their products at their desired time. Thus, you will never face unwanted delay)
  • Free Revisions (They understand how valuable their customers are. Thus, they offer free revisions to them until the buyers are satisfied with the final results)
  • No Minimum Order Limit (Most people find it problematic when sellers set a particular limit on the order. This is why they understand this pain and offer no minimum or maximum order limit. So you can even order a single patch from them)
  • Affordable Prices (They provide their customers with exceptional quality at an affordable price. Thus, you can ask them to craft your favorite Motorcycle Patches even without burdening your pockets. The price can be cheap, but the quality won’t)
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Now that you might be impressed with their offerings, it’s time to inform you how to place an order on their website.

Get Your Emblems Now: Steps That Are Required To Place An Order On Their Website

The method of placing an order on the Canadapatches.ca website is as easy as making them understand the idea in your mind.

After getting on to the home page, you will see the options of “get a free quote” or “pick your desired patch”. Clicking on these options will land you on the page where you have to add all your order details. Let’s have a look at what they are below.

  • Select Patch Type (The first thing that you need to do is pick the type of emblem that you want. There are many options available on the website. You can choose the one you require)
  • Customize Your Order (In this one, you have to enter the measurements of your emblem, like height and width)
  • Delivery Time (Then you are required to pick the type of delivery. They offer two types: standard (20 to 30 days)  and express (10 to 14 days). Pick the one which is according to your need)
  • Embroidery Coverage (The next thing that you need to choose is the coverage of embroidery. You can pick from 50%, 75%, and 100%)
  • Select Required Quantity (It’s time to choose the quantity that you require. You can also add the custom number as well)
  • Select Backing Type (Now, you need to choose the kind of backing you want for your patch. There are various options given on the website as well to pick from)
  • Select Border Type (In this step, you are required to select the border you want. You can choose from satin, merrow, and laser cut)
  • Select Thread (the last customization element is the thread you want on your emblem. There are three options available for you on the website)
  • Add Account Details (In this section, you can enter any additional custom element or decoration you want to include on your patch)
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All in all, these are all the steps that are required to place an order on the Canadapatches.ca site. Now, press the submit quote option, and you are good to go.


Whether you are seeking a single emblem to hide your jacket’s hole or need several ones to enhance your garment, CanadaPatches.ca is there to fulfill your every need.

This is one of the most popular online stores for these decorative pieces in Canada, offering high-quality products to its customers. We have tried to cover every aspect of them above for your guidance. From the company information to the steps to place an order, they must surely impress you.

So, don’t delay any more; place your order now so you can get your custom patches on time. We bet you won’t regret it.

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