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Morale Patches: Make Your Own Custom Patches In 2024


Dec 6, 2023
morale patches

Let us face it – No matter how gorgeous your ensemble looks, adding morale patches can add a dash of spark to it, doesn’t it?

But, if we look on the other side, it won’t be practical to invest so much $$$ just to get our hands on these emblems. It does not make any sense. But, my, oh my! These patches! We cannot get enough of those, can we?

Most certainly not!

Hold on a second! You cannot spend your hard-earned money purchasing these add-ons, but what stops you from making them? Oh, why haven’t we thought about it?

Making your own morale patches won’t even cost you an arm and a leg, even in the long term. So, what do you think of it?

In order to get familiar with how you can make your own personal morale patches, read this blog. Below, we have covered each and every step that will be required to create these masterpieces.

So, channel your inner creative spirit and read on!

Steps To Make Your Own Custom Morale Patches

Choose The Material For Your Patch

Before you start anything, you have to choose the material that you want your Morale Patches to be. Suppose it can be anything from embroidered emblems to woven ones and from leather patches to PVC add-ons. It all depends on your choice. So, make sure to give this step some thought. Consider different designs and keep your mind open about it.

Moreover, while you are at it, it would be better if you take the patch size into consideration, too, because come on! The size that you choose has a strong effect on the material you are choosing. For example, a tiny embroidered patch cannot cover details as smoothly as a woven one. Have you got the point?

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Consider The Design

Now that you have chosen the type of material and the size, it is time to move on to the next step, i.e., considering the design you want for your morale patch. It is the most fun yet the trickiest part. Let us look into the design aspects that you can choose for your patch.

  • Shape: The shape of your patch can be whatever you like, be it a circle, rectangle, square, triangle, or any other asymmetrical shape. Decide whatever shape goes well with your design, and you are good to go.
  • 2D Or 3D: If you are looking for a flat design, then going for a 3D add-on will do you no good. We suggest you go for a 2D patch, as it provides a flat look. Meanwhile, 3D ones appear a bit more elevated compared to their counterparts. Moreover, 3D patches will have a more sculpted look than the others.
  • Colours: You can choose from a wide variety of shades for your morale patch. If you want more colour options, then going for a PVC patch will do the job rather than opting for any yarn-y emblem. However, PVC patches will only be a better choice if you want your morale add-on to be in a solid colour, as gradients cannot be done on them.

Select The Backing

After you have successfully decided on the material as well as the shape you want on your emblem, your patch is almost ready. Now, there is only one thing left. Hmm, what can it be? Think, think! That is right, selecting the backing of your patch. There are many options from which you can decide on your patch backing. Some of the widely used ones are mentioned below:

  • Sew-On: Sew-on patch backing is the most reliable option. The back of the patch is plain, having a sewing hem. Once you sew on your emblem, it is going to be there unless you remove the stitches yourself. Oh, how convenient! Thus, it is the most durable backing type.
  • Backing With Adhesive: If you plan on attaching your emblem to your outfit with adhesives, you must remember not to wash your outfit ever again. What? Yes, a patch with an adhesive backing will come off as soon as it contacts water. Even though this backing option is easier to apply than the formerly discussed one, it does not last as long as a sew-on patch.
  • Velcro Stick-On: Talking about morale patches, how can we not discuss the Velcro stick-on backing type? Not only are these backings easier to attach, but they last long, too. Moreover, it also gives the wearer the opportunity to attach or detach patches at their convenience. Thus making it the most used backing option, especially for PVC Patches. The good part? They are washable, too.
  • Iron-On Backing: This type of backing is also widely used because it is easier to apply. Even though these patches do not come off right after contacting water, the backing becomes loose after several washes. So, make sure not to expose your iron-on backed patch with water.
  • How are morale patches made?
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Morale patches made up of PVC are made by pouring dyed and soft PVC into a mould. You have to choose one base colour. After choosing the base colour, you are free to add layers of different hues on top of it. Keep in mind that PVC morale patches are only ideal for solid colour designs, and gradients cannot be done on them. So, if you plan to have a gradient design on your patch, opt for embroidered ones.

  • Where can I put on my morale patches?

If you have morale patches but do not know where to put them on, then why don’t you attach them to your uniforms? These emblems look absolutely dope on uniforms. However, if you do not want to violate uniform standards, then place these patches on your gear or bags. We assure you, they will look equally mind-blowing.

  • Are morale patches allowed?

Morale patches are not official. They are custom-made unofficially and traditionally by military personnel, firemen, law enforcement officers, and whoever pleases. Wearing these add-ons is absolutely fine.

  • What are morale patches?

Morale patches, at their core, are a fancy military insignia. Military pilots have been sewing them on their flight jackets for a long time. Not only are they highly used by pilots, but ground soldiers also wear these patches to showcase their style.

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Want To Make Some Morale Patches? Well, Start Right Now!

Feel free to make numerous morale patches for your ensembles without worrying about the $$$. By following the above-mentioned steps to make morale patches, we are sure you will become a pro at making them in no time. Not only these tiny embellishments are easier to make, but also, it will save you a lot of dibs too. We think it is a great idea, what do you think?

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