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The Advantage Of Bubble Mailers In Shipping Industry


Dec 1, 2023
Bubble Mailers

The world of eCommerce and global trade is dynamic and in this vast and diverse world of global trade and eCommerce, it is the shipping and packaging industry which plays a very important role in ensuring that the items packed inside the packaging materials reach their destinations safely and securely in good condition. One of the best innovations till date which has a significant impact on the packaging and shipping industry is the bubble mailer.

Bubble mailers are designed in such a way that they are lightweight and protective packaging supplies. These packaging products have evolved a lot over time and today they have become one of the most preferred choices for both consumers and businesses. Not just in shipping and transiting the items safely to their destinations, rather they are also a great help to the environment. In this era of global boiling, when we are switching to a sustainable lifestyle, the packaging industries across the world have made a major change by introducing to us with packaging materials which are recyclable and reusable, thus, are highly beneficial for our ecosystem.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the benefits of a bubble mailer which we are unaware of. You can easily get these packaging materials at an affordable rate from your nearby stores and also from different eCommerce websites. Packaging Now is one such eCommerce website where you get all types of packaging materials, such as a cardboard box, postal box, envelope box, parcel wrap which are not just strong, sturdy and durable, but are also eco-friendly in nature.

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Let us now have a look at some of the benefits and other important aspects of a bubble mailer.

Bubble Mailers

The Origin

The bubble mailer originated as a concept when people were highly in need of a packaging solution which not just protected their items during transit but was also cost-effective from all angles. Conventional packaging supplies such as cardboard boxes are strong, robust and sturdy, but at the same time are heavy and expensive to ship and transit items. However, with modern technologies and innovations these boxes are now available in different shapes and sizes and are also lightweight in nature, still a bubble mailer is the most preferred option over a cardboard box. Bubble mailer is not just lightweight in design, its inner layer comes with a sheet of bubble wrap attached to it for extra protection. This means that you do not have to purchase extra packaging supplies to give extra protection to your items, thus saving a lot of money.

bubble mailers1

The Design

Considering the design of a bubble mailer, it consists of three layers: an outer layer made of polyethylene which is durable and moisture resistant. The middle layer is a sheet of bubble wrap attach-ed to it for giving extra cushioning and padding to the items, finally there is an inner layer which acts as an additional protection which prevents the bubble wrap from bursting. This design of the mailer shields the items from external elements, such as shock, vibration, water, dust, dirt, UV rays and rough handling of the package during transit. You can easily get these mailers from shops selling similar packaging materials, such as brown parcel paper and alike.

Brown Parcel Paper

The Benefits

  1. It is lightweight in construction. This characteristic of the bubble mailer reduces shipping costs and makes it a sustainable choice for the eCommerce business. In this way it contributes to lowering carbon footprints in the transportation of items.
  2. It is available in various sizes, thus, is suitable for shipping a wide range of items. Items such as jewellery, electronics, books, clothing and so on can be shipp-ed in a bubble mailer, thus, making it a versatile choice for business owners.
  3. The bubble wrap found in the interior of the mailers provides an extra protective cushion for the items packed inside the mailer thereby absorbing shock and vibration during transit.
  4. Bubble mailer is customisable in nature, hence, is us-ed by business owners for boosting their brands by adding brand logo and name on it.
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Bubble mailer is eco-friendly and a sustainable packaging option as it is made up of recyclab-le, reusable and biodegradable raw materials. In short, just like other eco-friendly packaging materials, such as newspaper offcuts and alike, a bubble mailer is also a reliable packaging material not just for users but for the environment as well.

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