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How to Pack Fragile Kitchen Crockery For Moving Like A Pro


Dec 5, 2023
Moving Boxes

Moving is synonymous to chaos and amid chaos, fragile kitchen crockery mostly becomes the casualty. Who wants to hear the sound of breaking glass? We all dread it! Packing delicate crockery in moving boxes requires a blend of utmost care and precision.

Moving to a new house is an exciting venture but packing is quite stressful and daunting. Here we are mentioning easy techniques and tips to pack your fragile kitchen crockery like a professional packer. You can minimise the risk of any damage if you follow these tips and tricks, along with protective packaging materials.

When you plan a move, the most difficult task is packing the fragile kitchen items. They can break easily and hence these items need some extra protection so that they reach your new destination without any damage. Double wall Cardboard packaging boxes, with extra layer of cushioning materials can make sure your crockery reaches safely.

If proper care is taken, then you can ensure that your cherished items will reach your new home without any damage.

Sort Fragile Pieces

Before starting the packing process, first you need to take some time to access your crockery. Find out the fragile items that need extra care while packing. Sort them into categories, if required. This basic step will make your packing process super easy.

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Gathering Packaging Materials

What packaging materials you choose is important as it can make or break your moving efforts. You can buy sturdy cardboard packaging boxes at Globe Packaging at affordable prices. They also stock bubble wrap rolls, newspaper offcuts and loose fill for extra protection of your fragile kitchen crockery.

Layer with Bubble Wrap Rolls

It is must that you wrap each crockery piece individually. Layering with bubble wrap provides an additional cushioning. Also, use newspaper offcuts to fill the empty spaces, this will prevent any movement within the box.

Use Loose Fill for Snug Fit

Use loose fill to ensure snug fit inside the moving boxes for added security. Putting each item inside the cardboard boxes properly is an art. Do not overcrowd fragile items, this will minimise the risk of breakage during transit. 

lose fill

Properly Tape The Boxes

Securing the boxes with quality packing tape is an important step. Use extra tape to protect the vulnerable areas to make sure no breakage happens.

Dealing with Odd-Shaped Crockery Items

For oddly shaped crockery items, special considerations are necessary. Customised packaging or additional padding might be required for the safety of your things.

Using Fragile Stickers

Labelling is very important, especially when dealing with fragile kitchen crockery. Use fragile stickers to alert the movers and yourself about the delicate things within the boxes.

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Load Carefully

You need to place fragile boxes carefully, when loading the moving vehicle. Do not stack heavy boxes on top, this will reduce the risk of crushing delicate crockery.

Unpacking Guidelines

You need to have a lot of patience when unpacking. Carefully unwrap each crockery item, and inspect for any damage. Take as much time as possible for unpacking to save you from unpleasant surprises.

Moving Boxes

Disposal of Packaging Materials

It is important to dispose of packaging materials responsibly. You can recycle cardboard boxes and bubble wrap and repurpose them for future use. 

More Tips for a Smooth Move

  • You can consider hiring professional movers for a hassle free experience.
  • Plan ahead so that you get ample time for packing and organising.
  • When you start packing, create some space for packing. This dedicated area will help you streamline the packing process. You can keep all your packaging supplies in this area, within your reach.

Avoid These Mistakes

  • Proper labelling is must, especially the boxes carrying the fragile kitchen crockery.
  • Choose proper packaging materials, including cushioning materials.

 Just avoid these mistakes for a successful relocation.

With a preventive approach and protective packaging materials, you can make sure that your coveted crockery reaches your new home intact.

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Queries Answered

Can I use regular cardboard boxes for fragile crockery items?

 It is recommended to use sturdy double wall cardboard packaging boxes for good protection.

How to pack irregularly-shaped crockery items?

You will require extra padding to pack irregularly shaped items.

Which packaging materials can be used for cushioning?

To pack your fragile crockery items, you can use cushioning and padding materials, such as bubble wrap rolls, newspaper offcuts and loose fills.

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