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How to Enable Dlink Router Bridge Mode?


Nov 29, 2023
In this article, you will learn about how you can enable the Dlink router bridge mode. W

Dlink WiFi routers provide us a fastest internet service, but it also provides us some extra-ordinary features. Bridge mode is one of the amazing features of the Dlink router. Bridge mode of the Dlink router works like an extender of the WiFi signals. In this article, you will learn about how you can enable the Dlink router bridge mode. We will also share some information about this feature of the router that also includes troubleshooting problems, you can face while accessing the bridge mode.

How to Reach Bridge Mode Settings?

To enable the bridge mode of the router, you have to log in to the interface of the router. Down here are some paragraphs which help you to reach the interface.

1. Connect with Router’s Network

The first step to access the interface is connecting your computer to the router using the Ethernet cable to access the internet. If you are using a laptop, then it gives you wireless WiFi option as well as network cable option to connect with the Dlink router. Now, start the computer and open any internet browser.

2. Enter Login URL or IP Address

After opening the browser, locate the address bar and search the login URL dlinkrouter.local or you also can use the IP address to reach the login page of the interface. On this page, you have to enter the default user details like username and password.

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3. Type in the User Details

Just write username and password in the field blanks. If you didn’t change the user details then you can use the default user manual to fill the details. But you should assign a new password to the admin user for security reasons. After entering the details, just click Next and you will reach inside the interface of the router.

4. Explore Interface

Here you can manage or change the settings or networks and update your router’s firmware. Also, you can enable the bridge mode with ease.

5. Disable DHCP Feature

Before enabling the feature of the router, you have to disable the DHCP server feature of the Dlink router. To disable it, just locate and click on the Network settings. In the list, you will find the DHCP feature. Disabling this feature will restart the router.

6. Make a Bridge with Cable

While the router is rebooting, connect the main host router to second router that you want to configure for your bridge mode using the Ethernet cable. After the host router reboot, just locate the bridge mode in the Settings given on the top of the dashboard of the interface.

7. Enable Bridge Mode

After entering into the Bridge mode settings, simply enable the bridge mode. Then click on the Scan button given under the bridge mode field section. After the scan, you will see the list of available wireless SSID networks it detected. Select the network you want to bridge with and save the settings.
Now, you successfully enabled the bridge mode of the Dlink WiFi router. Now, let’s have look on some troubleshooting tips that you should apply while doing the process.

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Troubleshooting Tips

Down here are some tips you should follow to enable the bridge mode successfully.
1. The first thing you have to check is that your computer is connected to the router’s network and use the internet.
2. Do use the updated web browser to log in to the interface of the router. You should also clear the cookies or cache form the browser and disable the ad-blocker of the browser while logging in.
3. Enter the login URL or IP address in to the address bar and user details such as username and password correctly.

The End Words

Bridge mode is a feature that is used to extend the WiFi network in your apartment or office. In bridge mode two or more routers are connected together. Here in this article, you have learned how you can enable the bridge mode using the dlinkrouter.local via your computer. We have also shared some troubleshooting tips that help you to login and enable the bridge mode without any error occurrence. We hope you are enjoying the extended network in your home and exploring the internet.

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