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Gender Diversity In FPS Games Like Call Of Duty

ByScarlett Watson

Dec 8, 2023
Gender Diversity In FPS Games Like Call Of Duty

First-character shooter (FPS) games like Name of Duty have historically been male-dominated, both in phrases of the player base and individual illustration. however, recent years have seen growing requirements for more gender range and inclusivity in these titles.

The State Of Gender Diversity In FPS Games

The majority of playable protagonist characters in flagship FPS franchises are male. Female Women characters, whilst present, are often in supporting roles or as non-playable characters. As an example, in the call of responsibility collection, women include only about 18% of playable characters throughout all video games.

The player base for FPS games also skews predominantly male. Industry surveys suggest women make up only around 15-30% of FPS gamers. Some theorize this stems from FPS games catering more to traditionally masculine themes and playstyles.

There are signs of change though. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 featured unlockable female playable characters of COD for the first time. The more recent Modern Warfare (2019) and Vanguard installments have started integrating female soldiers into campaign stories and multiplayer modes.

Why Gender Diversity Matters In FPS Games

Here are some of the benefits greater gender diversity could bring to FPS titles:

  • Broadens appeal and representation: Including playable female characters and more gender-inclusive themes can help FPS games resonate with a wider, more diverse audience. This expands the player base beyond just males.
  • Enhances immersion and realism: Since women serve in the armed forces in real life, their presence also brings more authenticity and realism in games mimicking real-world conflicts.
  • Provides more player choice:  Giving players choice in character gender allows them to better immerse themselves in the game’s story and connect with the characters they play.
  • Helps combat toxicity:  Promoting inclusivity can foster a more welcoming community. Reduced toxicity benefits the gaming experience of all players.

How FPS Games Can Improve Gender Diversity

Here are some suggestions FPS developers could implement to help diversify and support female gamers:

  • Add more playable female protagonist characters:  Make female protagonists a normal, non-token occurrence in campaigns, co-op, and multiplayer.
  • Customization: Allow extensive character customization so players can create and personalize their avatars as desired.
  • Inclusive game design: Consider women when designing gameplay mechanics, progression systems, and difficulty curves. Make games welcoming to players of all skill levels.
  • Marketing: Use marketing and community outreach tailored to female gamers. Have women pro gamers promote games to the female demographic.
  • Moderation: Employ robust moderation and anti-harassment tools to curb sexist behaviour. Ban toxic offenders who degrade women.
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Progress Still Needs To Be Made

While major FPS franchises are gradually improving, there is still much room for growth regarding gender diversity and inclusion. Some helpful steps the industry can take include:

  • Consulting more female gamers and developers during the design process.
  • Writing more progressive, less stereotypical female characters.
  • Making gameplay, progression, and content appealing to women gamers.
  • Running women-oriented esports events and tournaments.

With continuous effort and commitment to diversity, FPS developers can make their games and communities more welcoming to female players. The entire player base stands to benefit from more inclusive game design and reduced toxicity.

Browsing Experience In FPS Games

The browsing experience in FPS games refers to how players navigate menus, customization options, inventory systems, and other non-combat features. A smooth, user-friendly browsing experience is crucial for keeping players engaged with the game outside of the main gameplay.

How Do Male Characters Dominate In Battle Games Like Call Of Duty?

“Name of Duty: Black Ops 2 is thought for its numerous and compelling forged characters. the game features a multi-faceted narrative with characters like Alex Mason, Frank Woods, and Raul Menendez, every playing a fundamental role inside the storyline.

These characters are well-advanced, with difficult backstories and motivations, making them relatable and tasty for players. the game’s use of more than one interval additionally provides intensity to the characters, as players witness their evolution over decades.

The rich character development in Call of Duty Black Ops 2 contributes to the overall immersive experience and emotional investment players have in the game’s gripping narrative.

Key Browsing Features In FPS Games

Here are some common browsing experiences players encounter when playing FPS games:

  • Main menus and UI: This includes navigation menus, server browsers, lobby systems, and configuration options. These need to be intuitive and responsive.
  • Loadout customization: Players expect extensive loadout options for abilities, weapons, attachments, perks, etc. Easy comparison tools help efficiently customize loadouts.
  • Progression and unlocks: FPS games offer hundreds of items to unlock through gameplay. progression. The browsing system for viewing progress and new unlocks should be clear.
  • Cosmetic customization: From skins to accessories, cosmetic customization is popular in FPS games. The cosmetic browsing system should make finding preferred looks easy.
  • Inventory management: RPG-inspired FPS games often have extensive loot and inventory systems. Players want to easily compare gear stats and manage limited inventory space.
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How FPS Games Can Improve Browsing Experience

Here are some ways FPS developers can optimize browsing systems for players:

  • Streamline navigation with easy-to-use menu interfaces. Reduce clicks to access key features.
  • Offer flexible filtering, search, and sorting to help browse the huge selection of items.
  • Use visual comparisons, icons, and at-a-glance stats so players can easily spot differences when browsing gear.
  • Add preview and test features so players can trial load-outs, abilities, and cosmetics before unlocking them.
  • Implement clean item notifications, marking, and management tools to identify new unlocks and keep inventory organized.
  • Allow saving and sharing of customized load-outs and cosmetic profiles so players can easily switch between curated sets.

Overall, fast, clean menu navigation coupled with robust browsing tools enhances players’ experience and allows them to better engage with content outside of main matches. This can improve overall enjoyment and retention.

Privacy Concerns With FPS Games

As with all online games, privacy is also a concern with FPS games. Here are some potential privacy risks FPS players should be aware of:

Data Collection Practices

  • Many FPS games now require creating accounts and profiles. Players are often required to provide personal info like emails and birth dates during registration.
  • In-game actions can be logged and tracked. Some FPS developers mine player data to analyze behaviour for matchmaking and marketing purposes.
  • Clan features and friend networks give developers access to players’ social graphs and connections.
  • FPS games often utilize player-tracking anti-cheat software that runs intrusively at the system level on players’ devices.

Targeted In-Game Marketing

  • FPS games employ microtransactions and in-game stores. Player browsing behaviour and unlock progress may be analyzed to target and incentivize certain purchases.
  • Advertisements for purchasable items like character skins or loot boxes can be tailored based on player profiles, playtime, and spending habits.
  • Marketing emails are common. Players may receive notifications trying to bring them back to the game to engage with new updates, seasons, or promotions.
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Esports And Competitive Privacy Concerns

  • Esports tournaments may require extensive background checks, hardware monitoring, and device access to prevent cheating. Players sacrifice privacy for eligibility.
  • Drug tests are sometimes administered. Sensitive medical info could be mishandled or improperly stored by tournament organizers.
  • During tournaments, player cams and microphones constantly broadcast video and audio backstage and in waiting areas with little privacy.

Players should examine privacy policies and be selective in sharing additional unnecessary personal information. While data collection cannot be entirely avoided, players can limit their digital footprints.

Do Female Gamers Play FPS Games?

Yes, female gamers do play FPS games, though they remain a minority. Industry surveys estimate women make up 15-30% of FPS game player bases. Titles with more customization and inclusive content tend to attract more female players.

Are There Professional Female FPS Esports Players?

Yes, there are a handful of professional female players competing in top-tier FPS esports tournaments, though they have not reached the same level of prominence as male players yet. Notable female pros include CS: GO player Juliano and Valorant player Beltermelone.

How Can FPS Games Appeal More To Female Gamers?

FPS games can appeal more to female gamers through inclusive character customization, minimizing sexist tropes, limiting misogynistic behaviour, and designing game mechanics that cater to a broad spectrum of skill levels and playstyles.

Do Female Soldiers Feature In FPS Game Campaigns?

A few recent FPS instalments have started integrating female soldier characters into their single-player campaigns and story modes. Examples include Battlefield 5’s ‘War Stories’ solo campaign and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). However, playable female protagonists are still relatively rare.

Are There Any FPS Games With A Female Lead Protagonist?

Some notable FPS games featuring a female lead protagonist include Metroid Prime, Perfect Dark, Portal, Mirror’s Edge, and Tomb Raider. These demonstrate that the genre can successfully accommodate strong, capable female leads beyond just supporting roles.


the increasing inclusion of gender diversity in FPS games like Call of Duty represents a positive shift towards a more inclusive gaming environment, acknowledging the importance of representation in the traditionally male-dominated genre.

By Scarlett Watson

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