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Every Patrol Zone Currently In Destiny 2, Ranked


Nov 29, 2023

In Destiny 2, where should you spend the most time in patrol zones?

Open-world locations in Bungie’s first-person online game Destiny 2 may not be what they used to be after Season of Arrivals. But that doesn’t mean the current content is bad in any way.

Every time the game gets an update, it adds a new world to explore. This makes the game more relaxing for people who play by themselves. Each patrol zone, from lost sectors to world events, adds new enemies, secrets, and bosses for players to find. If they know where to look, these quests can sometimes lead to victories or even rare items.

The European Dead Zone (EDZ)

In the past few years, the EDZ has been through a lot. This is mostly because of the end of The Red War. Which made it less useful by leaving only two rebuilt strikes and a spot for Xur. A lot of the old prizes, like emblems and weapons, are no longer available. With the release of the Beyond Light DLC, Destiny 2 added The Cosmodrome. A new Earth security zone that looks a lot like Beyond Light.

The EDZ doesn’t have much going for it compared to this newer site. Because it doesn’t have any unique content or aim. The EDZ is only important to veterans who want to experience the good old days with Devrim Kay. It doesn’t have much else to offer.


Like The EDZ, Nessus isn’t as valuable as it used to be. Because its content and storylines will no longer be relevant after 2020. However, its unique environment gives it a small edge over the Earth-set patrol zone. Bright red and scary, Nessus is full of strange geometry and interesting buildings that were built by the Vex when they tried to turn the planet into a Machine World.

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Nessus is also home to the popular vendor Failsafe, an AI that isn’t working right and keeps switching between two different characters. Even though she hasn’t been seen much since the game came out, Failsafe is still a fun part of the few strikes she still shows up in, turning what could have been a boring place into a break from the stress of modern life.

The Moon

The first signs of Destiny 2’s main enemy, The Darkness, were seen on The Moon during the Shadowkeep update. As Guardians defeated “nightmare” versions of their defeated enemies, they learned how strong this enemy really was.

Aside from the story, The Moon has a lot of old-fashioned technology that shows a future like Starfield, with abandoned NASA sites and creepy outposts. It’s not something that every player will like. Especially since the scenery is so gray, but it’s a step in the right direction. The Alters of Sorrow activity and the collectibles that Guardians still look for make it fun to play again and again.

The Cosmodrome

With Beyond Light, The Cosmodrome was permanently added to Destiny 2 and took the place of The Red War storyline as the new player experience. It started out as a mission-only area with the 2019 New Light update and will become a full-fledged patrol zone in 2020.

Even though it looks a lot like The EDZ and doesn’t offer much for experienced players, The Cosmodrome is a great place for new Destiny 2 players to start because it lets them learn how to fight the series’ famous Hive and Fallen factions while exploring post-apocalyptic ruins and Earth’s last living things. In addition to being important early in the game, the derelict shipyard is also a desirable place for players of all level. Because it is where many steps are taken to get a famous returning exotic.

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Jupiter’s frozen moon, which is the setting of 2020’s Beyond Light DLC, had a lot to live up to. Since it came out right after Bungie took down a lot of material from Destiny 2. In some ways, Europa struggled against the variety of some previous locations. It was mostly a frozen wasteland with the odd Vex structure or Braytech installation sticking out of it.

But the patrol zone is a great place to look for secrets because there are collectibles hidden everywhere and a powerful exotic waiting for people who want to know the truth about Destiny’s longest-serving ally. Europa is quickly losing its usefulness since it came out just a year before The Witch Queen expansion changed how players dealt with patrol zones. However, there is still a lot to do for those who still want to find Penguins, exo-bodies, or an absurd number of Fallen Brigs.

The Dreaming City

The Dreaming City is the second location from the Forsaken update. It is one of the few things left from one of Destiny 2’s most popular DLCs. And it feels like a pointless base-game patrol zone after sunsetting, just like The EDZ and Nessus.

The Dreaming City is one of Destiny 2’s best patrol zones, though. Because it has an interesting time loop in the middle that changes the destination every three weeks and will never end. On a set schedule, secrets, NPCs, and events move around. This gives players a reason to go back to this patrol zone. Even if the story value has been lost over time.

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The 2023 Lightfall update didn’t quite live up to its launch hype, but it did add one of the best patrol zones in Snow Rider 3D. Destiny 2’s patrol zones are mostly made up of crumbling ruins and alien buildings. Neomuna, on the other hand, is a nice change of pace. It’s a cyberpunk city full of Darkness’s invading forces.

Neomuna builds on the newer location and vendor systems that came out in 2022. Players who find their way through its events and lost sectors will be rewarded with secrets and loot. This patrol zone is much better than most of the others. But it’s not perfect; the busy city is strangely very empty. It’s not a big deal because Destiny 2 patrol zones don’t usually have a lot of friendly characters. So if fans can get past that, Neomuna’s skyscrapers and neon lights are amazing.

Savathun’s Throne World (Court Of Savathun)

It’s great that the Witch Queen herself has her own Throne World. When it came out in 2022, it changed destination vendors into a progression system that would let you enter new parts of the map over time. This gave you access to a lot of secret content that made the most of the Hive Lightbearer enemies that were added in The Witch Queen expansion.

The Throne World is one of the most beautiful places to visit. Its mix of swamps and white gothic buildings gives it a creepy feel that fits perfectly with the events and campaign. Out of all the patrol zones in Destiny 2, Savathun’s Throne World is the best. Because it builds on past wins to make a truly wonderful place for players to visit.

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