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8 Best Legendary Aspects For Barbarian In Diablo 4


Nov 29, 2023

You chose the powerful Barbarian as your main class in Diablo 4? It’s always the smart thing to do. This Barbarian is very big, very strong, and hits like a truck. They are often the only thing that stands between enemies and smaller classes. If you add some good Legendary Aspects to that, you’ll be almost impossible to kill. A Barbarian can be equipped like a tank, but they can also do a lot of damage.

You can get extra benefits from the Legendary Aspects for your build. There are a lot of choices here, from giving you more damage to change your status. To make yourself stronger or give your skills more properties, choose the right parts for your build. The power that makes enemies automatically move toward you, called “whirlwind” Please say yes!

Aspect Of Disobedience

If you need to take damage, the Aspect of Disobedience is great. Your defense will get better when you use your striking skills. Every time you hurt an enemy, the defense will get 0.25 percent better. Any skill or tool can do the damage.

So if you are the tank for the team, you need this Legendary Aspect to stay alive. You can take a lot of damage because the affect can stack up to 25%. Quickly hit with two-handed weapons to build up your defense, then deal pain with one-handed weapons.

Aspect Of The Dire Whirlwind

If you like using the Whirlwind ability a lot, this feature could do a lot of damage because it raises the chance of a critical hit for every second of Whirlwind that is channeled. You can get it from Garan Hold, which is inside Fractured Peaks.

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You’ll have a better chance of dying the longer you stay in “Beyblade” form. When your critical chance goes up, you’ll do more critical hits, which will hurt more people. You can also stack the benefit up to 20% more. An important thing to keep in mind if you only want to use spin-to-win as an offensive tactic.

Relentless Berserker’s Aspect

This skill needs to be kept up all the time. The Relentless Berserker’s Aspect lets you stay in Berserker mode for longer. Barbarians can do more damage and move faster when they use the Berserking skill. The longer it’s on, the better you’ll do in Diablo 4.

When you damage an enemy with a core skill, this feature gives you a 22% chance to make Berserking last longer. Hit the bad guys more to make Berserking last longer. Simple things like this can have a big effect on your builds, and they’re a great way to stay in “rage” mode and keep doing a lot of damage.

Aspect Of Burning Rage

Have you ever been so mad that you burned everything around you? No? Glad you liked it! In Diablo 4, you can do that with the Aspect of Burning Rage. You don’t have to burn down your coffee table anymore because you can just set enemies on fire. Keep an eye out for legendary gear that has this feature.

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Like the name says, Aspect of Burning Rage sets foes on fire when you go berserk. You can do more fire damage every second, and berserker mode extenders will let you roast foes all over the place. It’s a simple feature that lets you do more AOE damage for free.

Edgemaster’s Aspect

This aspect can be used by any class, but it works best with skills that do a lot of damage. Based on the main resource, this aspect makes your damage go up. Your skill will do more damage the more of your main resource it has.

This and a skill that does a lot of damage, like the Barbarian’s Death Blow, will make you do a lot of damage. Try this as your first skill and watch as even the strongest power bars get destroyed. Ten to twenty percent more damage is done by this feature, which is a lot.

Aspect Of The Umbral

Like how the Barbarian’s Whirlwind skill lets you spin to win? Add the Aspect of the Umbral to make it even more amazing. This part makes it easy to get fury because it gives one fury every time an enemy is ruled by the crowd. That might not sound wonderful, but if you know how to help people, you’ll never stop spinning.

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Put it in the Expertise Technique slot and add the passive ability Hamstring to it. You now have a very powerful mix. Getting a two-handed sword will help you handle crowds better in Spacebar Clicker.

Aspect Of Berserk Ripping

Going back to the Berserker build, the Aspect of Berserk Ripping is just extra damage you can do when you’re angry. This trait increases the damage you do by 20% while Berserking as a Bleed effect. This lets you do extra damage while berserking on top of the extra damage you already do.

If you have a build that is a mix of berserk and bleed, the Aspect of Berserk Ripping is great because it helps both styles. Get this in the Mournfield Dungeon in the Dry Steppes area to start doing damage to enemies without them having to do anything.

Weapon Master’s Aspect

This Legendary trait is useful no matter what build you use it on. Two different benefits come from the Weapon Master’s Aspect. Both are great on their own, but they work even better together. The first impact boosts your skill at mastering weapons even more.

The other result gives you a chance to stun or get lucky hits. This gives it a lot of different uses, as it can directly boost your damage and help you handle large groups of people. Keep an eye out for this famous item because you’ll need to get it from one that already has it.

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