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Can DAS Storage Revolutionize Your Data Management?


Nov 29, 2023
das storage

DAS refers to data storage technology that is automatically connected to a PC or server. This server plays an important role in many organizations’ storage strategies due to its specific advantages.

The DAS is not part of a storage network such as solid state, hard drives, tape libraries, or optical drives. Direct attached storage is a digital storage system that is directly attached to a personal computer or server. However, the server is not connected to a network.

Types of DAS servers:

  • Internal DAS:

Internal DAS storage refers to a storage device that is directly connected to a server or PC using HBA technology. HBA is used for high-speed data transmission for short-distance connectivity.

  • External DAS:

External DAS storage is when an external storage device is connected directly to a server without a device.

High performance:

DAS has the potential of flexibility and capacity to handle many different types of workloads. A single chain consists of a combination of HDDs and SSDs with multiple speeds and capacities.

DAS servers allow 10,000 RPM drives and 7,200 RPM hard drives to back up 7,200 RPM HDDs. It offers SSDs with high performance/high performance SSDs for less intensive workloads.

Storage capacity:

The DAS servers provide the speed needed for many performance-intensive workloads, and SSDs provide the extreme throughput required for most I/O-intensive jobs along with high capacity.

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With the help of simplified maintenance and reduced spare parts, further reducing costs. Deploying a server that runs virtualized environments can also save you money on file/storage servers

Redundant, hot-swappable components, including two ESMs, two 80 platinum power supplies, and five fans, provide the high availability required for a high-density storage platform.

Easy to use:

With simple cable runs, new devices and servers come online instantly (OS dependent) with instant drive identification. Virtual machines can also share these expansion chassis at the same time.

DAS storage systems use hard-core components designed for 99.999 percent availability, along with hot-swap drives and hot-swap/redundant power supplies for maximum uptime.


DAS supports enterprise-class performance, reliability and security. Lenovo also offers a wide range of networking, storage, software and solutions. You receive comprehensive services that support business requirements throughout the IT lifecycle.

Key components of DAS security:

Protects computers and servers:

Direct application storage is secure compared to connected systems. Examples of computer and server security include password protection, continuous monitoring of server behavior, and securing old Internet connections.

Set strong passwords:

Password protection contains strong passwords in a safe place, e.g. B. a password management system. They should not be shared on paper or via email delivery. Simply that all password sharing must be encrypted.

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Password protection also includes users who authenticate with pre-authorized credentials. Information technology teams can seamlessly authorize credentials by blacklisting all approved users and other usernames and passwords.

Monitoring all server traffic:

Effective server management requires companies to regularly collect traffic data and find anomalies. Simply strange behavior could indicate a minor or major violation.

Any malicious traffic on a server can affect all directly attached storage systems.

Secure safe physical premises:

Direct storage is typically located within a company’s office or data center. They are vulnerable to vulnerable physical damage.

Protecting DAS requires credentials to enter data centers and offices.

Securing all networks:

Network security is a crucial element of DAS system security. When DAS is connected to computers or servers on the corporate network or the Internet, it is vulnerable to network threats.

These include misconfigurations, weak network protocols and IP address spoofing. DAS Server protects business networks, including technologies such as firewalls, properly configuring routers and switches, and HTTPS and other security protocols.

High performance:

DAS storage offers quick access on data because it is connected to a computer that requests and consumes data at the same time. Since DAS is not connected to the network, read/write is fast and requests are not affected by network congestion or connectivity issues.

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Easy setting:

That is easy to set up, configure and access. Because computers and servers are typically purchased with internal direct storage, direct storage is available for immediate use without configuration.

However, external DAS devices are typically “plug and play”, connected via a USB port and can be used once connected.


DAS is cost-effective compared to NAS and SAN, which require hardware and software to run and manage the storage system. With these types of drives, you only need to purchase hard drives and drive sizes.


Companies use direct storage systems to store proprietary information and customer data, and for legal and practical purposes this data must be protected. When you secure DAS systems, you need to protect the devices and connected computers and servers, the networks on which those machines operate, and the physical premises where DAS is stored.

By securing DAS storage environments, organizations must be systematic and proactive: determining which security practices are most critical based on their offices, data centers, technology, and personnel.

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