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You have to buy a WhatsApp lottery winner ticket to win the game


Nov 24, 2023
KBC Company

Lotteries have not lost popularity among Indians for many years. Targeted contributions from state lotteries go to support sporting achievements. Nowadays, the opportunity to win is not only a chance for good luck but also an important source of funding for sports named WhatsApp lottery winner games in the country.

How and by whom is lottery activity in India controlled in general?

Let me remind you that the KBC head office Kolkata is the largest distributor of state lottery tickets. Most lotteries in our country are state-owned. All state lotteries are conducted under supervision. It controls the sale and distribution of tickets, payment of winnings to winners, as well as the payment of targeted contributions to the state. In fact, the main purpose of holding state lotteries by WhatsApp lottery winner game is to generate targeted contributions.

At the end of 2021, targeted deductions from the distribution of tickets under the KBC Company, and total deductions from lottery activities, including taxes, fees, and targeted deductions are carried out. Therefore, we can talk about a comparable contribution to supporting our sport and our significant and important sporting achievements.

How is the prize fund formed?

This is what distinguishes lotteries from gambling in our country. In lotteries, from 50 to 70% of sales proceeds go to form a prize fund, which must be drawn. All KBC head office lotteries operate on the basis of two principles: the randomness of the formation of a winning combination and the equal probability of each ticket. According to the law, if such a case does not occur, then the accumulated prize fund must be played out during the year. Thus, this, for example, provides us with the brightest lottery event as arranged by the KBC Company.

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And if we talk about the difference between a lottery and gambling, then in lotteries there are always winners. Let me remind you that the lottery is not a way to earn money, not a way to improve your material well-being, but exclusively joyful emotions and an opportunity to try your luck, and, of course, we must not forget, that it is a disposal of stress. So, for a fun and loving game, play with the KBC head office Mumbai and try your luck.

Do you buy Whatsapp lottery winner tickets yourself and try your luck?

For everyone, for family and friends, this has become a big tradition. We sit, watch and, of course, rejoice when someone wins. The Whatsapp lottery winner is a game of sharing. I’ll explain now. For example, 10 people got together and decided to play the lottery. It is clear that not everyone can win. Because what is formed in the prize fund is usually distributed not among everyone, but only among a small proportion of participants. Of course, you always need to understand that in the lottery there will be those who lose. There are winners and there are some who lose. Unfortunately, these are the rules of life.

What place does the KBC Company lottery occupy in the entertainment segment?

The lottery, just like our whole life, is going digital. Today, over 50% of lottery tickets are sold using a mobile application through a website or by calling a KBC helpline. We are in the entertainment segment and compete with other digital entertainment.

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For example, online books, online cinemas, and games. If we look at it from a business perspective, we are competing for a share of the consumer’s discretionary budget. The consumer votes with his money on what he wants to spend on some new series or buy a KBC Company lottery ticket and try his luck. Of course, we see a new audience.

Historically, lottery tickets were printed. And older members continue to buy printed tickets. Printed tickets today are one of the most common gifts for various holidays and are distributed at more than one hundred thousand points of sale. This is a fairly large distribution network. But the young audience prefers, of course, digital platforms.

How has the economic situation affected Whatsapp lottery winner ticket sales recently?

There is an opinion that when times are tough, people buy more lottery tickets. In fact, practice shows that people have fun when everything is stable and comfortable for them and when they lack vivid emotions. When there was turbulence, everyone was stressed, and no one understood what would happen next, we even changed the advertising campaign, got away from some aggressive advertising messages, and made it calm, and more relaxing. We even made a lot of content that told people how to overcome stress, and how to overcome anxiety so that they could return to normal life.

So there was no surge, rather the opposite?

Yes, we don’t see a surge. For example, Covid had a very strong impact. Because when retail outlets were closed, sales fell dramatically, a different audience came, not the one who bought printing tickets in the distribution system. We hoped for growth and rapid development this year, but the situation showed that we can assume as much as we like, life will set its priorities.

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There was not a single glitch – 500,000 winning payouts are consistently made every day. Everything went absolutely smoothly for the user. Therefore life goes on within KBC head office Kolkata.

Who is this user?

Our clients are some of the country’s solvent population over 18 years of age. Many people buy a lottery ticket at least once a year. Now, of course, we do not reach extreme numbers, but the tradition has been preserved, Indians love lotteries. We have our own keg lottery. The lottery played by the KBC head office is the most popular lottery among Indian users.

Do lotteries face cyber-attacks?

Of course, scammers are becoming more and more sophisticated. You need to understand that users of various digital services and participants in state lotteries or KBC head office Kolkata are also becoming more and more experienced. I would say there is a balance in this.

All companies, and, undoubtedly, KBC head office put the fight against cyber threats in the first place. Large resources are allocated for this in order to ensure the safety of participants in state lotteries and the security of their personal data.

All data of Indian users has always been stored on trusted servers. There has never been any data transfer, the level of security is the most important thing for us. We at KBC Company spend a colossal amount of resources on this.

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