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Why Can’t I Access Netgear Router Login IP?


Dec 7, 2023

Netgear router is a smart networking device that connects to your internet modem and boosts the existing WiFi range to far corners of your house. With the help of the router, you can enjoy streaming videos, movies, play online games, etc. without interruption. After completing the Netgear router setup process, you will be allowed to access the continuous internet range on your connected devices. But, tens of millions of users get issues while setting up the router. Why? Because they fail to access Netgear router login IP,

And, accessing the IP is more than important because it will redirect you to the router setup page where you can follow the on-screen instructions and configure the device with ease.

On the off chance, you are also one of them who are experiencing not working issue, then this post can be of great help to you. Here, we have provided some of the best fixes that will surely make the IP working. Let’s hit the nail on the head!

[Fixed] Netgear Router Login IP Not Working

Given below are the fixes that will help you log in to your router using the IP. Read the instructions first and then apply them carefully.

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Check for Typos in the Router’s IP

If there are typing errors in the IP of your Netgear router, it will not work for you. So, to make it work, you need to ensure that is entered correctly. Use the copy-paste technique and let the IP enter correctly.

How to use the technique? Double-click on the IP, select copy option, hover the mouse cursor over the browser address bar, right-click again, select the paste option. The IP will be pasted.

We hope that this was helpful? If not, apply the next fix to rack up success.

Update the Internet Browser

Another effective hack that you can apply to fix Netgear router login IP not working issue is to update the internet browser you are using. If the browser’s version is already up-to-date, kindly ensure that it is compatible with the IP. Some of the best compatible web browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. And, for Apple users, kindly use the Safari browser.

Connect to Netgear Router

If the login IP is still not working for you, then ensure that you are connected to your Netgear router. For instance, you are using a desktop for logging in to router using the IP, then it (the desktop) must be connected to your device (the router) using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly. How? Look, if you want to connect your devices in a wireless manner, then on your computer, search for your router’s SSID. Did you find it? If yes, connect with it using your WiFi router’s password. But, if you want to connect the devices using a wired source, put your hands on the Ethernet cable. Once you have it (the cable), insert its one end into your router and other end into your desktop.

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Restart Your Devices

What happened? None of the fixes listed above bring you luck? Yes? Don’t sweat over it. Just try restarting your devices. How? Apply the instructions outlined below:

  • First things first, disconnect your devices, computer and router.
  • Then, you need to power off your computer and then, unplug your router from its respective power outlet.
  • Wait for 6-7 minutes.
  • Now, you need to plug in back your router first and then power on your computer.
  • Reconnect them and try to log in to your router using the IP. Once you are logged in, access the router setup page and configure your Netgear device with ease.

To Wrap Up

Our article on can’t access Netgear router login IP ends here. We really hope that the fixes we have listed here will help you do the login process without hindrance. Yes? Fab! We are glad that our efforts did not go into vain. Still, we suggest you bookmark this page? Why? What if you face the same issue again? If you do, you will have the fixes handy to troubleshoot it in an instant, right? So, save this page and have permanent fixes at your finger tips.

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