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Who Killed Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum? Know His Reason for Death


Sep 18, 2023
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Who is Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum?

Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum is an American crime and a dear companion of unbelievable fighter Mike Tyson. Here, we’ll see into his initial life, his bond with Tyson, and the sensational occasion where he shot 50 Penny multiple times. We’ll additionally get into the conditions of his appalling passing and the examination that followed. Along these lines, we should begin!

Darryl Hommo’ Baum, an American crime and dear companion of fighter Mike Tyson, took birth on August twentieth, 1965, in Brooklyn, New York. He generally longed for turning into an effective finance manager. In any case, his life went in a new direction, driving him into a universe of wrongdoing and strong groups.

Not much is been aware of Darryl’s loved ones. Yet, he had two kin, Zakia and Tyrone, the last option looking for retaliation for his sibling’s passing.

Darryl imparted areas of strength for a to Mike Tyson, in any event, during their jail a very long time during the 1990s. After their delivery, Tyson stayed true to his commitment and extended to Darryl an employment opportunity as a feature of his security group.

In 2000, Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum shot rapper 50 Penny multiple times before his grandma’s home. Regardless of serious wounds, 50 Penny made due following quite a while of recuperation.

Sadly, Darryl was associated with a medication battle with an opponent posse. This prompted his end on June 10, 2010, shot toward the rear of the head. Suspects, including Damion Strong, Zareh Sarkissian, and Eric Moore, were captured and confronted equity.

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Besides, Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum’s life fills in as an unmistakable sign of the outcomes of a day to day existence loaded up with struggle and criminal operations.

Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum’s Contribution in the 50 Penny Shooting

Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum acquired reputation for shooting rapper 50 Penny, Curtis James Jackson III, on May 24, 2000. The occurrence happened before 50 Penny’s grandma’s home in South Jamaica, Sovereigns, New York.

Darryl, known as Mike Tyson’s companion and protector, discharged nine shots at 50 Penny and hit him on numerous occasions. The shooting passed on 50 Penny with serious wounds to his hands, legs, face, hips, arms, and chest.

Strikingly, 50 Penny endure the assault however expected five months to recuperate completely. The thought process behind the shooting was muddled. Yet, it was supposed to include resentment against 50 Penny or an opponent posse.

Further examination uncovered Darryl’s relationship with a street pharmacist named Damion Tough, who looked for retribution for his sibling’s demise. Damion Strong, alongside two others, was found answerable for Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum’s homicide on June 10, 2010.

The shooting episode left enduring effects on both 50 Penny and Darryl’s lives. It fills in as a sign of the results of savagery and feuds in the realm of diversion and road life.

The Reason for Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum’s Demise

Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum met a sad end on June 10, 2010, when somebody killed him in a savage occurrence. The reason for his demise was a gunfire twisted to the rear of his head. Somebody shot him during a medication war including a strong medication boss named Damion Tough, otherwise called “World.”

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Darryl was engaged with a debate with an opponent group, which prompted this lethal experience. It is vital to take note of that Darryl had a past including drugs. This probably added to the strains and clashes he looked in his life.

Because of these threats, Darryl turned into an objective, and Damion Solid, alongside his associates Zareh Sarkissian and Eric Moore, was liable for doing the shooting.

The shot injuries supported by Darryl were serious. This made extreme draining and eventually drove his passing. His lamentable end was an outcome of the vicious and perilous way of life he was related with. Furthermore, the occasions encompassing his passing were a piece of the more extensive crimes and medication related clashes nearby.

Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum’s passing fills in as a solemn sign of the staggering results of contribution in crimes and clashes inside the medication hidden world. It features the significance of tending to and settling questions through tranquil means as opposed to turning to viciousness, which can have broad and sad results for every one of those included.

The Homicide Examination and Suspects

After Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum’s passing, specialists led an exhaustive homicide examination to reveal reality. The rationale behind the killing was connected to Darryl’s relationship with a street pharmacist, Damion Strong’s sibling, Myron Solid.

Damion Strong, a strong medication top dog, held resentment against Darryl, prompting the deadly shooting. The examination embroiled Damion and his associates, Zareh Sarkissian and Eric Moore, in the homicide and other crimes.

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As proof mounted, the suspects were caught and taken into police care, carrying conclusion to the examination. This sad episode fills in as a sign of the staggering effect of pack related viciousness and the requirement for equity to safeguard networks from criminal organizations.

The case highlights the significance of policing to battle coordinated wrongdoing and guarantee wellbeing inside society.

Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum’s Inheritance

Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum’s inheritance is a perplexing blend of criminal inclusion and special interactions. He was known as Mike Tyson’s companion and protector. Be that as it may, it is additionally connected with savagery and medications. His shooting of 50 Penny brought reputation and ramifications for both.

His bond with Tyson exhibited unwaveringness and companionship. Additionally, his lawbreaker past might eclipse the positive perspectives. However, his inconvenient demise features the effect of viciousness. Darryl’s story fills in as a wake up call about decisions and the requirement for positive change.

On a Wrap

Darryl Baum‘s life is around acclaim, brutality, and devotion. As Mike Tyson’s companion and protector, he encountered ups and downs. His association in 50 Penny’s shooting brought reputation, while his kinship with Tyson exhibited devotion. Sadly, he was shot in a medication related occurrence, leaving a complicated inheritance.

His story alerts against hurtful decisions and stresses compassion and understanding. Darryl’s life fills in as a sign of the enduring results of our activities and the significance of looking for positive change and significant associations.

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