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What is the Next Step After Buying An Engagement Ring


Dec 13, 2023

If you are guessing that proposal is the next step after buying a beautiful diamond engagement ring, then you are somewhat wrong! If you ask experts, they will suggest to first get your precious ring appraised, before going down on your knees. Jewelry appraisal is the most essential step after you buy the glittering piece.

Let’s answer all your queries related to the diamond ring appraisal.

Getting Your Engagement Ring Appraised

First, let’s understand what is a jewelry appraisal document. A certified appraisal document is provided by an expert appraiser. An appraiser mentions every detail about the jewelry piece, such as diamond quality, setting, metal type, any gemstone etc. Based on various factors, a valuer will finally give the accurate market value to you. This makes jewelry appraisal services crucial so that you are not undervalued.

Prestige Valuations offer jewelry appraisal services along with watch appraisal services online.

What is the Need of Diamond Ring Appraisal

Just imagine a scenario, you bought a stunning diamond ring to surprise your special someone. But before you could pop up the question, you realize that you have lost the ring. Or say, something untoward happens to your precious ring, burglary or fire. In any such case, if you have a recent jewelry appraisal certificate or document, you can get a similar ring or its equal value back. It is useful for getting your coveted piece insured.

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This suggestion is not just for an engagement ring, its for any type of jewelry, including heirloom and vintage pieces.

How To Get The Engagement Ring Appraised

The process of getting your engagement ring appraised is easy, you just need to approach an experienced and certified appraiser company. You can use their online platform to get your ring valued from the comfort of your home. Or you can visit their outlet and get the appraisal done personally.

What all documents will be required for the appraisal process?

You will need the purchase receipt to establish your ownership and any other documents you have. If you are getting the valuation done online, you will need good quality photographs of your ring. You just need to upload the purchase receipt, along with these high resolution pictures.

When should I get my Engagement Ring Appraised

It is recommended, you get your coveted diamond ring appraised immediately after you buy it. Once you have the certified document in hand, you will have the much required peace of mind. One thing you must remember that the value of jewelry pieces keep changing with time. So, it is the best habit to get your jewelry pieces appraised every couple of years. This will be useful if you have insurance, when claiming, you would not be underpaid.

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Now you know that appraisal is the first step after you buy an engagement ring. But what is the next step after this? Let’s check out!

Get An Insurance Coverage For Your Engagement Ring

The next step after getting your precious piece appraised is getting it insured. You can get a special jewelry insurance which offers better coverage. Some companies provide a similar replacement as the piece while others provide a cash value, in case the piece is stolen or lost.

You can also get it added to your home owners insurance policy by purchasing it as a rider or extension.

Step 1 is Required for Step 2

Yes, when you buy an insurance cover for your engagement ring, you will need to submit an appraisal certificate to the insurance company. So, this makes step 1 a must for step 2.

Know The Policy

Before you finally buy the insurance policy, it is recommended that you ask questions to know all the details of the cover. You need to check whether the policy will cover in case of fire and any natural disaster. Also, check whether it will cover if the ring gets stolen or lost. Is damage coverage included? Will the value of the ring be fully or partially covered? Know the process of filing the claim.

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Will the jewelry appraisal value be paid by check? Will they replace the diamond ring with a same or similar ring from the same store, you bought it?

What is the Last Step

You can easily guess the last step that you must take after buying the engagement ring. Obviously, go and propose her. Good luck!

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