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What is the best time to book student accommodation Oxford? 


Dec 2, 2023
Student Accommodation Oxford

Oxford is known for having a vibrant student community as it is one of the best study destinations in the world. The city of Oxford is known for its renowned universities and affordable living. The university over here contributes to a thriving population of students. you will find out some of the best rooms under the student housing option which will cater to your needs and preferences. The best part about the accommodations is that they are located in prime areas and close to different universities. 

Whether you are searching for a studio apartment, suite, en-suite room as well or shared student accommodation across Oxford, they range from a wide range of luxury to budget-friendly prices. If you start your search online, then you will come across some of the best accommodation options. 

Best time to book student accommodation across Oxford 

Most of the students look for shared housing in Oxford from October, however, there will be student accommodation Oxford available across the year. First-year students generally start looking in January for all the halls of residence. The amount you pay will completely depend on the kind of student accommodation you select. You will find a shared house in Oxford can cost you around £136 per week. If you book halls of residence, then you need to pay around £209 per week. It can cost more depending on what kind of room you choose. 

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The best student accommodation in Oxford, United Kingdom

Selecting the best accommodation is needed while staying abroad. You can consider a few factors. Before you decide, you have to factor in some of the important pointers like location, rent, bills, and amenities comprising student housing in Oxford. You can look at the types of student accommodation available and select one which will suit you for living and studying atmosphere. 

Student housing

If you want to find student rooms in Oxford, student housing caters mainly to offer you a wide range of private or shared rooms. the rooms are fully furnished with different amenities and utility bills.

Private student apartment

It is common amongst second or third-year students who look for a private life. Professionals currently manage the apartments, providing students with a comfortable living experience. The student apartment in Oxford generally features newly built structures, full furnishings, various amenities, and inclusive bills like Electricity, water, Gas, Internet etc. The private student accommodation comprises laundry, on-site maintenance, a study room, Microwave, housekeeping, a study desk with a chair, bed, wardrobe, kitchenette, Parking, and a lot more. 

University Halls

These are basically on-campus accommodation and it differs from private student accommodation in Oxford. A student who wants to stay on campus selects to stay in University halls as it is great to transition into college life. 

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The best 5 areas for students to live across Oxford 

Botley, Oxford

It is one of the most beautiful villages that is perfect for any student where you can find affordable housing. The West Way Square Oxford is one of the best student accommodations in this area which starts from around £270/week. This area has a wide range of churches, shops, and markets that is a decent place to reside. 

Clement’s St. Oxford

This small district across Oxford has a multicultural as well as mixed population. This area has a wide range of open spaces to have some leisure time away from the classes. Here you can find many great options. 

Osney Lane, Oxford

Osney Lane is one of the best streets where you can find the best student housing. It is not a busy street but a safe area where you can find the best amenities as well as great public transportation links. 

Cowley Road

Cowley Road is one of the best fun areas as it is the main shopping area of East Oxford. It has an economically and ethnically diverse population as it hosts many student populations, institution staff, and more. it is a good student area where you can find the best accommodations. 

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Headington is a small eastern suburb across the city where you can find the largest residential areas centered upon the London road. here you will find some of the best institutions, shops, cafes, pubs, and many other exciting places in the vicinity.

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