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What Is ‘Fortnite’?: A Look At The Video Game That Has Become A Phenomenon

ByScarlett Watson

Dec 11, 2023
What Is 'Fortnite'?: A Look At The Video Game That Has Become A Phenomenon

Fortnite,” a gaming sensation, has transcended traditional boundaries to become a cultural phenomenon. This multiplayer video game, developed by Epic Games, blends vibrant graphics with intense gameplay, captivating millions worldwide. 

From its innovative Battle Royale mode to iconic in-game events, explore how Fortnite has redefined interactive entertainment and garnered a massive global following.

What Is The Video Game Called Fortnite And Where Did It Come From?

Fortnite refers to an online video game released in 2017 by Epic Games. It offers a battle royale mode developed based on the growing popularity of last-player-standing multiplayer survival games. Fortnite’s bright, cartoonish take on the battle royale formula, coupled with its free-to-play model, has seen it explode into one of the most widely played video games in recent history.

Fortnite started solely as a cooperative survival game focused on players constructing fortified bases and defending against waves of computer-controlled monsters. After witnessing the success of other battle royale games like PUBG and seeing players attempt to create their competitive modes with Fortnite’s building tools, 

Epic Games officially launched a 100-player PvP battle royale variant of Fortnite in September 2017. This new free standalone mode, with its more toned-down visuals compared to the base game, allowed players to compete against each other on a large map to scavenge weapons and be the last one standing. 

The vibrant art style and accessibility brought battle royale gaming to wider casual gaming audiences. Frequent content updates like limited-time events, character skins, emotes, and new gameplay elements have seen Fortnite continue growing exponentially for over 5 years since, becoming nothing short of a global gaming phenomenon.

What Sets Fortnite Apart From Other Warfare Royale Video Games?

While Fortnite did not invent the battle royale genre, several key innovations set it apart from other similar multiplayer survival games:

Building Mechanics

Unlike any other mainstream battle royale at the time, Fortnite empowered players to rapidly harvest materials from their environment to construct walls, floors, roofs, and stairs as improvised defenses or access points during battles. This building mechanic added unique gameplay depth and creativity.

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Frequent Content Updates

Epic Games pioneered a games as a service model, releasing patches containing new playable characters, skins, emotes, weapons, items, and map locations every 1-2 weeks rather than annual sequels. This frequent introduction of cosmetic collectibles and gameplay variety fueled ongoing engagement.


Fortnite’s allure extends beyond its gameplay; vibrant colors and cartoonish characters diminish the violence, making it accessible to younger audiences. The game’s genius lies in being free-to-play, with optional cosmetic purchases, ensuring a seamless adoption process. 

Whether you’re exploring the virtual battlefield or searching for Car Factory Tycoon Codes, Fortnite offers an immersive experience for all.

Mass Cross-Platform Support

Epic Games made Fortnite widely available not just across PlayStation, Xbox, and PCs, but also on iOS and Android devices with synchronized progression and multiplayer matchmaking spanning platforms. This unified player base numbers in the hundreds of millions.

How Did The Concept Of Battle Royale Evolve In Fortnite?

The guiding ethos behind Fortnite’s take on battle royale gaming focuses on fun, fast-paced action accessible for players possessing any skill level rather than hardcore simulations. Various evolving gameplay additions have reimagined conventions:

Glider Redeploy

Enabling steep falls without penalty by deploying glider wings makes verticality less risky while traversing the map or building skyward bases.

Respawn Vans

Teams can collect squadmate ID badges from where they get eliminated across the map and activate vans to have them parachute back into battle, making cooperation more viable.

Overshield & Siphon

Bonus health upon elimination rewards aggressive take-downs versus passive survival. Health/shield-granting “siphon” kill rewards then get removed to reel in overly reckless game styles. This ongoing balance pass exemplifies Epic’s development priorities.

Zero Build

A temperate island without harvestable materials provides traditional battle royale dynamics for those favoring gunplay over construction.

Live Events

One-time in-game events like meteor strikes, rocket launches, and battles against giant monsters punctuate seasons with unique memorability between players immersed simultaneously.

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What Impact Has Fortnite Had On Esports?

While competitive gaming has existed for decades, Fortnite has impacted its continuing mainstream popularization through initiatives like:

  • Tournaments: Epic Games provides tournament organization tools and contributes millions in prize money to incent active pro circuits aspirational for skilled amateurs. Over 3,000 players have won money so far.
  • In-Game Viewing: Spectating matches live from the client allows experiencing events firsthand from participants’ perspectives rather than as disconnected Twitch streams. This immersion generates more gaming traction.
  • Collegiate Leagues: Backing university leagues supporting thousands in scholarship prizes legitimizes esports on campuses as a career path combining academics with gaming prowess. Over 500 colleges boast Fortnite clubs at this point.
  • Celebrity Culture: Pro players and popular streamers like Ninja, Tfue, and Mongraal have become celebrities endorsed by brands like Red Bull and Nike, further spotlighting gaming as a viable profession both in tournaments and as online entertainers.
  • Accessibility: While late-stage pro play demands masterful expertise, Fortnite’s pop culture ubiquity draws viewers well beyond just core gamers. From esports finals airing on ESPN to virtual concerts inside the game, Fortnite expands gaming visibility more broadly.

What Challenges Has Fortnite Faced Over The Years?

Despite astronomical success, Fortnite has weathered its share of controversies, including:

Platform Removals

Fortnite’s circumvention of Apple and Google’s payment systems triggered a ban from iOS and Android, leaving millions unable to access the game. The fallout included the emergence of the Fortnite Loading Error, as users sought alternative ways to enjoy the popular title outside the confines of the major app stores.

Predatory Monetization

Selling desirable skins only randomly through loot boxes rather than direct purchases feels manipulative towards younger audiences susceptible to predatory microtransactions rather than good value exchange.

Culture Wars

Politicians and news outlets blamed Fortnite for creating addictive disorders in children. While hyperbolic, discussions around reasonable screen time self-regulation have merit around such engrossing entertainment temptations.

Impostor Syndrome

As gaming has become Fortnite’s identity regardless of eclipsing its origins as a cooperative survival game, questions about leaning into historical strength or chasing gaming trends underlie community perceptions and doubts.

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Ongoing iterations demonstrate Epic’s commitment to upholding quality and popularity though. By doubling down on what makes Fortnite novel including building mechanics and frequent content updates while innovating structured competitive circuits and accessibility options, 

Fortnite retains formidable staying power beyond fleeting success as battle royale’s undisputed champion claimant.

Is Fortnite Really That Popular Worldwide?

Yes. Reports estimate hundreds of millions of players, facilitated by free access across all major platforms. Fortnite stands alongside Minecraft as one of the most widely played video games.

How Much Money Do Top Fortnite Players Make?

The very best pro players can make millions per year through tournament winnings, brand sponsorships, merchandise sales, and streaming viewer donations. However consistent skills development remains vital for staying competitive.

What Makes The Game Fortnite So Addictive?

Frequent content updates, aspirational cosmetics, enjoyable core mechanics, limited-time events, seasonal battle pass checklists, and playing socially with friends make Fortnite engaging long-term for fans versus only as a passing trend.

Is Fortnite Safe For Kids?

Customizable parental controls allow guardians to restrict purchasing abilities or playable hours. While cartoonish, violence could remain concerning for some families. Active discussions around gaming balance prove constructive.


Through colorful visuals, accessible gameplay, and frequent content updates, Fortnite has captured lightning in a bottle since first popularizing the battle royale genre for wide mainstream audiences spanning all generations. 

Even facing occasional growing pains and controversy, Fortnite retains formidable staying power half a decade later as both a global social phenomenon among friends and a booming export catapulting pro players into celebrity status backed by coveted sponsorships.

While implausible overnight success stories remain rare, Epic Games provides an inspirational case study for developers worldwide in nurturing beloved franchises. Fortnite continues forging gaming’s future, one fortified tower and victory royale at a time.

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