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What Do You Know About the Different Types of Custom Patches?


Dec 16, 2023
What Do You Know About the Different Types of Custom Patches?

Do you know anything about the different types of custom patches? No?

It’s not a big deal; we will update you!

Well, multiple types of custom patches are available in the market, and to your knowledge, these are wide-selling items globally. What? Want to know more about it?

That’s what we are here for! Each type gives a classy look to the attire, and knowing these, you will have an easy purchase, for sure.

So, if you are interested in exploring more, then have a look at this blog.

We have listed some amazing and trending types of patches for you. Also, we have answered which type is suitable for which purpose.

The Best Trending Types of Custom Patches and Their Suitability

Type 1: Embroidered Patches

The common name of the embroidery patch is ‘cloth badge’. It is done by using thread and fabric backing. It’s not a new craft but an old tradition done by hand.

However, custom embroidered in Ireland and other online services has taken the place of this old tradition by digitalizing this legacy.

Well, these make the best contrast designs you can ask for. They are durable plus affordable. Its turnaround time is very fast compared to others. Isn’t that amazing?

Best Recommended For:

Why don’t we take a look at what these emblems are recommended for?

  • It’s best for shorter deadlines.
  • Goes well as sports and work uniforms.
  • It’s great for giveaways.

Type 2: PVC Patches

PVC patches are super good and hold up well to anything thrown at them. This includes water, paintballs, mud etc. Their turnaround time is not as fast as embroidered patches.

Also, they are durable and very lightweight. They are usually sewn with edges that are made of seam grooves. It gives a 3D effect and a tactile feel. Awesome!

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Best Recommended For:

  • It’s best for outdoor use.
  • It provides novelty in designs.
  • It goes well with fire and military units.  

Type 3: Chenille Patches

Apart from the two categories, this is another one, which is old school but again in trend. Well, Chenille patches are made up of fancy and feather yarn. Because of the fuzzy threads, it doesn’t show much detail as clearly as other patches.

However, they look colorful, bold, and shiny. These are very soft to the touch and give a comfortable feel. Also, they are widely used in winter fabrics.

Best Recommended For:

  • It’s best for retro fashion.
  • It is good for college and high school gear.
  • It is quite suitable for glee clubs as well. 

Type 4: Woven Patches

Here comes another personal favorite category, ‘Woven Patches’. These are almost similar to embroidered patches. The only difference between them is the width. They have very refined and precise detailing on them. Also, they are made up of tightly woven threads.

Further, their turnaround is also fast, like that of embroidered patches. These work really with small lettering as they do not contain the texture of embroidery.

Best Recommended For:

  • It is also best for shorter deadlines.
  • It works well with sports and work uniforms.
  • It is great for giveaways. 

Type 5: Iron-On Patches

This is another hot-selling type of custom patch made up of heat adhesive backing. By peeling them off, they can easily get attached to your fabric after ironing through an iron.

Because of their easy handling procedure, buyers are interested in purchasing these. All around the world, they are in demand. If you want to sell an online service in Ireland, then just make a website called Iron On Patches in Ireland and start selling.

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Best Recommended For:

  • It is also best for shorter deadlines.
  • It works well with any type of uniform.
  • It is also great for giveaways. 

Type 6: Name Patches

As the name suggests, name patches have only names placed on a patch. They look super simple and elegant. These are universal and never go out of trend. Whether the profession’s name on a patch or an employee’s name, these go well with everything. Also, they do not have any kind of decoration on them like other patches. Further, its turnaround time is also fast.

Best Recommended For:

  • It is best for businesses with employees.
  • It works well with volunteers.
  • It is great for teams. 

Type 7: Printed Patches

A printed patch is an amazing and very economical type of custom patch. They are not seasonal and remain in demand always. Similar to other printing techniques, it also utilized the same procedure. Whether you want a little picture on a patch or a mind-blowing aesthetic, you get it printed very conveniently. It is easy on the pocket but still looks stylish. Its turnaround time is also fast.

Best Recommended For:

  • It gives photo-realistic designs.
  • Best for representing the cause.
  • It is great for presents too. 

Type 8: Bullion Patches

The last most popular choice is Bullion patches. It gives you a very valuable and executive type of appeal. Well, because of the usage of silver and gold filaments of metals in the patches, they give a great aesthetic sense and feel.

Best Recommended For:

  • It is best for VIPs.
  • Best for brand programs and charity balls.
  • It is great for club membership. 


How long does it take to make custom patches?

It depends on the type of custom patches you are making. For example, PVC patches require 15 to 20 days for its completion. Also, the production time of other types of patches is between 7 to 15 days.

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What are the types of fabric used in making patches?

Types of fabric used to make patches include cotton, acetate, polyester, silk, polyurethane, and wool. However, cotton is the most common type of fabric used in making patches.

What are the types of materials where I can easily stick my patches?

Patches can be easily stuck onto stuff like cotton, cotton blends, velour, wool, and denim. Also, for suggestions, follow all the instructions written on the patch packing.

How can I attach my patch temporarily?

It is very simple to attach the patch temporarily. What you have to do is use fabric glue or do ironing for faster attachment. These are the two most effective methods of patch attachment.

Can I wash Iron-On patches or not?

Yes, you can wash the Iron-On patches, but with a light spin cycle and cold water. Please avoid high spin cycles and hot water. This will increase the life of your patches.

A Wrap-Up!

Well, these were some trending and amazing custom patch types. Hopefully, you get an idea of these now because it is quite overwhelming for some people when they are not familiar with their types. Hence, through this blog, you will develop a strong understanding of the types of patches and how you can utilize each type as per your needs and preferences. This info will work great when you are buying these and want to get it done by someone else. Not only this, you can guide someone else too.

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