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Vacation Home Rentals in Dubai – A Lucrative Industry on the Rise 


Dec 8, 2023
vacation home rentals

Is there a very lucrative opportunity arising in Dubai? You probably hear of Dubai as a region and city filled with architectural marvels. The many attractions in this city have led to a boom in the vacation home rentals market. Travelers and tourists flock here in more significant numbers every year. New visa policies that are friendly towards freelancers and digital nomads have made it a hot spot for people working remotely. 

In this blog, we will briefly define vacation rentals for people who like in-depth knowledge. Also, if you are wondering why vacation rentals are popular in Dubai, you will get to see some real stats and figures—followed by some of the best places for short-term rentals in Dubai. And in the end, how do you select the right holiday rental for yourself? 

So, without further ado, let us jump right in. 

What are vacation home rentals? 

For a dictionary definition of vacation home rentals, they are a home away from home. They are usually rented by people planning to stay in a particular area for holidays or vacations. It provides them the privacy and freedom they would typically find in their homes. It is unlike the standardized environment of a hotel.  

Having looked at the definition of vacation rentals, let us next look at the types one can buy in Dubai. 

Types of vacation rentals 

Depending on your budget, requirements, and preferences, rentals in Dubai can be apartments, villas, townhouses, and even farmhouses. 

Vacation rentals are popular in Dubai 

As we said before, it’s a booming industry and a very lucrative business option for investors and real estate companies alike. This industry is gaining momentum for the following reasons. 

Government policies 

Did we tell you Dubai does not have a property tax? We also mention that you do not have to pay tax on your rental income. Sound too good to be true? It is too good, but it is legit. The government also offers many benefits to expatriates who wish to invest or do business in the city. 

These potential investors tend to check the lay of the land. And for that, they stay in Dubai for extended periods. Vacation rentals are thus practical – a home away from home. It is also more cost-effective than staying in a hotel for an extended period. 

Let us put that in perspective. In research by Realiste, property prices appreciated by around 17% in the residential sector and saw a significant 25% increase in investment in 2023. 

Increasing number of travelers and tourists 

Dubai is one of the hottest destinations to visit, literally and figuratively. However, in the winter and up till spring, it is one of the best places to hang out in terms of entertainment, things to do, places to visit, and marvels to marvel. And it has seen an increasing number of tourists and travelers. 

In the first half of 2023, Dubai surpassed its record of pre-pandemic tourists and visitors. The city and region saw the thoroughfare and visitation of more than 8.5 million people compared to the 8.36 million in 2019. 

Digital nomads and freelancers  

With visa options for digital nomads and freelancers, Dubai has seen an influx of people who are living in the region long-term. These people would prefer a rental over a hotel room since it is financially a more logical choice. 

Having looked at why the holiday rental industry is booming in Dubai, let’s take a look at some popular places to purchase property for this purpose. 

Places to offer the best short-term rentals in Dubai 

Now, let us go over some of the best places to invest in properties to offer as holiday rentals in Dubai. 

Dubai Marina: This area is highlighted for its iconic districts and standout buildings, making it a prime investment spot. The scenic waterfront and lively atmosphere attract tourists and business travelers, providing a lucrative investment opportunity. 

Downtown Dubai: Known for landmarks like the Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai is a prestigious address that attracts tourists. Its luxury apartments and penthouses offer high rental yields. 

Palm Jumeirah: This exclusive beachfront location is ideal for high-end short-term rentals. The luxurious villas and apartments here offer spectacular views and attract affluent tourists. 

Business Bay: Located just south of Downtown Dubai, Business Bay offers a unique canal-side location. It’s popular among tourists for its proximity to major attractions and has shown a steady demand for apartments on short-term rentals

The Greens and Views: These areas offer a more serene environment and are popular among families and long-term visitors. They provide a balanced investment opportunity with a steady demand. 

Having discussed some areas that are good investment options, let us next look at the aspects you should consider when buying a property. 

What to consider before investing in holiday rentals? 

Selecting the right property is crucial when diving into the world of vacation home rentals in Dubai. Here are some essential tips to guide you in making the best choice. 

Location is key 

The location of your rental property can make or break its success. Areas should be attractive because of their scenic views and landmarks and easy access to major tourist attractions, shopping centers, and restaurants. Properties in such areas are more likely to have higher occupancy rates due to their appeal to a wide range of visitors. 

Facilities & Features

Amenities play a significant role in attracting guests. Properties with high-quality amenities can stand out in a competitive market. So, it’s best to Look for homes with features like swimming pools, gyms, high-speed internet, and modern home appliances. These facilities and features add comfort and convenience. This enhances the overall guest experience and increases the chances of repeat bookings. 

Take property type into consideration 

The type of property you choose should align with the needs and preferences of your target market. If you aim to attract families or large groups, spacious villas or apartments with multiple bedrooms and living areas are ideal. Smaller apartments or studio units in central locations can be more appealing for solo travelers or couples. Understanding the demographics of your potential guests will help you select the most suitable property type. 

Nearby public transport access

Properties with easy access to public transportation, like the Dubai Metro, are highly attractive to tourists. This convenience allows guests to explore the city, making your property more appealing easily. It can also be a deciding factor for guests when choosing between multiple rental options. 

Potential for future growth  

Consider the future development plans of the area. Investing in a property in a region with planned infrastructure or tourist attractions can lead to increased property value and rental demand in the future. Keeping an eye on Dubai’s development plans can give you an edge in the market.

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