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Top 10 Indian Restaurants in Harrisburg, PA


Nov 26, 2023

Welcome to Harrisburg foodies, The city of Pennsylvania offering the yummiest Indian food in the best restaurants in Harrisburg, pa. In this blog we will discuss about the Top 10 best Indian restaurants in Harrisburg, pa

Here is the criteria of our selection, for the best Indian restaurant, so you can know about how we have eliminated over 100s of restaurants and bring the top 10 Indian restaurants in Harrisburg pa for you.

Criteria for Selecting the Top 10 Restaurants

Menu Variety: India is one of the most passionate countries in terms of food lovers, the variety even in a single dish many people can’t imagine, so in the restaurants of Harrisburg also the variety of food should not be lesser, and we will select restaurants who covers almost every Indian dish in the menu

Taste of Food: well the taste always speaks louder than the menu, and we have to be more conscious when it comes to an Indian food, the spices, the flavours of love, and that unrecognisable smooth taste, that is not everyone’s cup of tea. 

Reviews and Opinions: Yes, we know reviews are not a very good benchmark to test nowadays, because there are many kinds of manipulation going there, still we are giving preference to reviews which are real and authentic.

Ambience and Atmosphere: In Today’s dine people are not seeking restaurants they are seeking an unforgettable experience. With the family, that emotion of eating together. Hence if you are looking for the best, we know why you want that best.

Value for Money: Finally, an important aspect to cover, everyone seeks better value than what he or she is paying for, hence we have listed restaurants which give you better value for money experience in Harrisburg.

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1. My Taste of India

 If you are seeking a true Indian restaurant which provides almost every and only Indian cuisine then My Taste of India is the go-to place for you. With over 1000 plus rating of 4.5 the highest rated restaurants by foodies of Harrisburg. The restaurants provide 100+ foods in the menu with a fine ambience and environment that makes it a complete Indian Restaurant in Harrisburg pa.

My Taste of India No.1 restaurant in harrisburg pa

 2. 99 Walnut Express

99 Walnut Express is a Nepali Indian restaurant near Harrisburg pa which will give you a variety of food options in the menu from the dishes of north to south the restaurant offers a complete Indian Kitchen at one place, rated by more than 100s of people as highly recommended, the restaurant may not offers you a great ambience but if you just want a great food experience, there is nothing better than 99 walnut express near Harrisburg, pa.

99 walnut No.2 restaurant in harrisburg pa

3. Bhojan Ghar

Bhojan Ghar is a restaurant with a Nepali Indian mix food menu, The ambience is like the Indian homes environment, the restaurant is special because of its Nepal and Indian food mix menu, where you can have some other dishes to taste also, rated 4.5 by more than 300 people shows the trustworthiness of restaurant. If you want to eat some mixed dishes in Harrisburg, you can go to Bhojan Ghar.

 4. Guras Spice House

 If you want to red your ears with the spiciest Indian foods and want the taste of real spices, Guras spice house is a must visit restaurant for you. The restaurant is famous for its Indian spicy taste rated by 100+ spice lovers with the rating of 4.5 plus. The ambience is also fine for families and business meetings. Hence Guras spice is the house of spices in Harrisburg. 

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guras spice house No.4 restaurant in harrisburg pa

5. Royal Chef’s Kitchen and Banquet

Ranked as one of the best royal Kitchen’s Royal Chef’s offers the royalty in the menu card with an 80+ variety of dishes, and the best ambience in Harrisburg, Pa is rated 4.5 by more than 200 Indian foodies. If you want to experience the most value for money ambience Royal chef’s is a go place for you in Harrisburg.

royal chef's kitchen No.5 restaurant in harrisburg pa

 6. Himalayan Fusion

Himalayan fusion is the fusion of Indian varieties, where you will get different fusion varieties always. If you are new to Harrisburg and want to try something different but with an Indian taste, Himalayan Fusion is the best restaurant for trying out something new. Rated by over 500 people as 4 plus rating, the serving style of the restaurant also like an Indian tradition shows their passion of making Indian ambience in every way.

Himalyan Fusion No. 6 restaurant in harrisburg pa

7. Nalan Indian Cuisine

Nalan is a simple restaurant, which may not impress you at first but when you experience it there is no looking back. The restaurant is simple and looks clean and gentle, good for business meetings and simple parties. Rated 4.5 plus by more than 600 foodies having a gentle USP good, better for older people.

Nalan Indian Cuisine No.7 restaurant in harrisburg pa

8. Everest Spice

Everest spice is an amazing aesthetic restaurant, the ambience and serveness is unmatchable, the restaurant will look special always whenever you enter, the design and inner looks also looks unique in every aspect. The given rating of 4 by more than 250 foodies and the menu offerings makes it different from ordinary Indian food restaurants.

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Everest spice No.8 restaurant in harrisburg pa

9. Bollywood Indian Fusion

Inspired by aesthetic perfection, and heroic spiciest fusions, Bollywood India Fusion keeps it place at top 10 by the trustworthiness of their fusion foodies lover. Rated 4.5 with 200+ ratings, Bollywood Indian Fusion is an inside aesthetic for aesthetic food lovers. The menu card competitive pricing makes them a value for money restaurant in Harrisburg pa.

Bollywood Indian Fusion No. 9 restaurant in harrisburg pa

 10. Eggholic

When it comes to food, India foodies takes pride on their street foods, and the people love to eat from these street hawkers, The variety is lesser at these street hawkers but the taste and the value for price is just amazing, inspired by that idea Eggholic is serving that authentic taste in a very less variety, makes them unique in Harrisburg. Their ratings are also fine as 4.8 with 100 plus ratings.

Eggholic No.10 restaurant in harrisburg pa

Which is the No.1 Restaurant in Harrisburg Pa

Still confused? let’s be straight forward if you are looking for a great ambience and atmosphere you should go to Royal Chef’s kitchen or Bollywood Indian Fusion, if you are looking for a mix of Nepali and Indian food you can choose from Bhojan Ghar or 99 walnut express, and if your priority is just food you can go to Nalan Indian Cuisine, and if you want to experience that street style food go with Eggholic, or you can try Everest spice if you love spicy food and if you are a big Fusionary foody Himalayan Fusion can be your go to restaurant. Still not getting or want a balanced dining experience than visit “My Taste of India~ The Best Indian Food Restaurant nearby in Harrisburg Pa.”

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