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Tips and tricks to get 8+ bands on the IELTS speaking test


Dec 1, 2023

The British Council and IDP conducted the IELTS exam to ensure the eligibility of the candidates in the English language. This test is mainly for those who are planning to move abroad for higher education. Since the English language is compulsory if you want to study in a foreign country. Therefore, one should have good listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. 

Furthermore, each module has a different strategy to perform well on the test and get the desired score to get admission to the top-notch institutes. Well, it is observable that the majority of the students treated the speaking test as the most difficult one. The reason is there is a face-to-face interaction with the interviewer. So, due to a lack of confidence, most of the candidates fail to crack it even with proper preparation. For this, you should follow a systematic approach for wonderful performance on the exam day. 

Well, this post will guide you with all the tips and tricks to ace the IELTS speaking section. For more practice tips, you can join the IBT Institute which is known as the Best IELTS institute in Amritsar.

Most recommended tips and tricks to crack the IELTS speaking test:

  • Concentration on fluency

Candidates are examined on their speaking fluency in the IELTS speaking component. They must practice speaking every day to attain this. For more, they can pick a random topic and start talking about it. This exercise enables children to produce expressions while speaking. Gaining the confidence to talk on any topic included in the exam is also a benefit. According to one study, regular practice makes you a flawless human, thus you will become fluent as well.

  • Avoid fillers

Speaking clearly and without pause will boost your IELTS speaking score more than any other element. As a result, it is critical to avoid using fillers during your speech. When the test-taker loses track of the topic, they usually resort to fillers or platitudes. However, keep in mind that doing so may have a negative impact on the examiner. Instead, use connections to think and present your thoughts to the interviewer in a more concise manner. 

  • Develop your natural accent

If you try to hide your accent, the examiner will perceive it as false or unauthentic. You should not be concerned about your accent; yet, perfect pronunciation will not affect your IELTS result. If your language has a regional or mother-tone effect, work on it and strive for a neutral accent. However, you should never try to imitate an American or an Australian accent since it will backfire on you.

  • Practice regularly

For fluent speaking, you should adopt some practicing techniques daily. For this, you can choose a random topic and speak about it for at least 3-5 minutes. Moreover, this practice will let you know about your thinking ability to express your ideas in words. For this, you can interact with the native speaker to learn about their accent. In addition, you can practice in front of the mirror, if you are a shy person. This will allow you to work on your body movement while speaking. 

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  • Don’t memorize your answers

It has been observed that the majority of students employ the rote learning method to memorize the answers. However, this is not the best approach to expressing your thoughts on a specific topic. You will undoubtedly acquire many phrases, collocations, vocabulary, and so on through memory.  However, learning extended phrases is not recommended. This is because the examiner will readily recognize you and give you low grades.

  • Try tongue twisters

English, like any other language, necessitates the use of mouth and tongue positions in order to accurately enunciate the words. It is natural to experience difficulty at first if you are not a native speaker. To master pronunciation, you must practice hard to develop the proper mouth muscles. The greatest method to practice tongue twisters is to try new ones on a daily basis. This activity will be both enjoyable and educational. You can learn to make difficult sounds this way. 

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Wrapping Up

To wrap it up, the gist of the above content will guide you with tips and tricks to crack the IELTS speaking section with 8+ bands. 

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