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The Value of Parental Participation in Education


Dec 13, 2023

Enrolling a child in school is not all a parent has to do. The actual responsibility begins when the child starts studying in an International school in Kuala Lumpur. He would need parental assistance adjusting to the new environment, setting up a new routine, and much more. 

Though there is not much academic pressure when your child takes class 1 admission, you cannot leave your child alone as many things are new for him/her. 

Parents would have to participate actively in their child’s academic journey, keeping an eye on everything they do. The behavioral pattern they adapt to after they start going to school and the performance they deliver. Let us discuss the importance of parental participation in education to know how it can add value.

How Parental participation can add value to education

Better Attitude 

When your children are under your keen eye, their attitude will be in check. They would know that you are watching over all their actions. Moreover, you will also be actively available to correct them and show them the right attitude towards things and situations. 

Classroom & Societal Mannerism

Children are closer to their parents before they start school. They build a bond with their teachers when they start going to school. So initially, they will likely listen to their parents and do as they say. When parents involve themselves in their children’s school, they can teach them mannerisms and ask them to obey their teachers and behave as they suggest. This way, children would learn the manners to act appropriately in a classroom and with individuals around them. 

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Overall Personality

Parental participation also has a significant impact on the overall personality of a child. For example, children under the watchful eye of their parents and teachers become more responsible, confident, and skilled. On the other hand, if parental assistance is not there, they might develop irritability and frustration. 

Improved Academic Performance

When a child gets proper attention in school and at home, his academic performance will improve. Every international school in Kuala Lumpur keeps parents in a loop and gives them every detail about their wards’ academic skills and learning patterns. Parents can use this information to provide a supportive environment at home where children can give time to their studies and deliver the best academic performance. You are highly mistaken if you think the school or the educator would do everything and you do not have to participate. 

Teacher-Parent Relationship

Raising a well-mannered, intellectual, intelligent, and academically skilled child is only possible through the collective effort of teachers and parents. When you visit the school at every parent-teacher meeting and keep interacting with the teachers to learn how well your child is doing, your bond with the teacher will also improve. The positive impact of it will reflect in your child’s performance. 


The list of benefits of active parental participation is never-ending. If you also have school-going kids or your child is about to start his/her educational journey soon, you would have to prepare for it. Sort your schedule and plan to take out time to actively participate in your child’s educational journey.

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