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The DNA Test Advantage: Unveiling Your Ancestry and Health


Nov 23, 2023

A fundamental connection exists that is passed down from generation to generation. When a person looks at historical photographs of relatives who look like them, they can relate and feel this connection. A frequent question is whether some illnesses or ailments appear to run in your family for unknown causes. It might be intimidating to find the answers to queries like these regarding your medical status and ancestry. On the other hand, precise and practical identification of your heritage and health may be obtained by advanced DNA testing.

Come along as we discuss some of the potentially life-altering discoveries made available by ChoiceDNA‘s cutting-edge genetic testing. Learn how having a DNA test offers you the knowledge you need to take control of your life’s decisions.

Examine Your History Using DNA Ancestry Testing

It might be difficult to follow your family tree back using extensive genealogy documents. However, DNA ancestry testing provides a quick way to find out where you are from and the origin of your existence. ChoiceDNA looks at particular genetic markers that have been passed down through maternal or paternal descent for generations, mostly unaltered. With our cutting-edge Y-DNA or mitochondrial DNA test, you can see farther into the past than you imagined.

 Contribution of Both Parents

DNA ancestry testing can examine samples from both parents to provide a more comprehensive picture, even though Y-DNA records the paternal line and mitochondrial DNA tracks the maternal line. Our autosomal DNA test searches the entire genotype for over thousands of genetic markers that were inherited from both parents, helping you piece together the ancestral jigsaw.

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Locate Your Origins on the Globe

ChoiceDNA’s DNA ancestry testing offers specific insights on a family’s ethnic background from all around the world, in addition to helping you trace your heritage. Our proprietary technology analyzes your genetic variations against hundreds of data points to calculate the proportion of your descending ancestry. Get a genealogy map that shows the likely places of your ancestors’ birthplaces over the years. 

Explore Your Health Risks Through Genetic Testing

Apart from ethnicity percentages by region, ChoiceDNA offers insights into your DNA sequence that may be used to prevent illness and promote well-being. Risk factors can be identified through genetic testing long before a disease manifests. Hereditary health risks that can be detected through DNA testing are:

  • Epilepsy
  • Heart Diseases 
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Cancer
  • Sickle Cell Anemia 
  • Color blindness
  • Hunter syndrome 

Services Provided by ChoiceDNA

Our comprehensive genetic screening package offers customized analysis according to your distinct DNA.

Cost-Effective Home DNA Test Kits 

DNA test kits for at-home sample collection that is straightforward, safe, and only requires a cheek swab. No need to go to a location. Then, for quick processing, submit your sample to their certified lab. 

Non-invasive Paternity Testing

Non invasive prenatal paternity Test (NIPP) testing is to get fetal DNA from the pregnant mother through a blood sample analysis. Avoiding the dangers of invasive amniotic fluid to verify the paternal origin of the child. These safe and non-invasive tests offer early peace of mind.

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You can have a deeper understanding of your entire self the more you know about your DNA. Allow ChoiceDNA to serve as your guide to the amazing revelations that emerge from genetic testing alone. Our cutting-edge DNA analysis uses techniques to reveal your history, present, and future to help rewrite your biological story every day.

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