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Singapore senior high schools that provide the International Baccalaureate programme


Nov 23, 2023
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Singapore is one of the richest nations in the world with an enviable standard of living. What makes that remarkable is that Singapore is an Asian country with a colonial past. 

Not blessed with much by way of natural resources, this very small island nation transformed itself from another struggling Asian nation with a diverse population to a leading global centre of trade and commerce.

The main reason why Singapore has been able to become a first-world nation in a few decades is the hard work, industriousness and intelligence of its people. Its excellent education system has played a major role in shaping the character and work ethos of its people. 

Singapore has a very large number of expats from all corners of the world making a very significant contribution to its economy. Their presence has led to the emergence of a lot of International Baccalaureate schools in the country catering to the educational needs of the children of expats living in Singapore. 

Let us look at some senior high schools offering the IB programme in Singapore.

1. Global Indian International School, Singapore

Global Indian International School Singapore is one of the best-known International Baccalaureate schools in the region. The school has two sprawling cutting-edge campuses providing its students with a range of world-class amenities and facilities. 


GIIS Singapore offers its students the best possible ambience and ethos to grow and develop into well-rounded individuals. This K to grade 12 school offers access to some of the best curricula in the world including Global Montessori Plus, CBSE, Cambridge CLSP, Cambridge IGCSE, International Baccalaureate Primary Years, and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

The school has an excellent track record with regard to academics. Besides, its students get placed in the best colleges and universities worldwide. It is not surprising, therefore, that GIIS Singapore is one of the most popular international schools in the island nation.

2. Westbourne College, Singapore

Westbourne College Singapore is an upcoming IB school in Singapore, which is part of an emerging global group of outstanding international baccalaureate schools. It also offers its students the IGCSE programme. 

The school boasts a team of teachers and staff comprising the best of people from the most renowned schools in Singapore, UK and Sydney, Australia. Westbourne College is tailor-made for preparing students in the 16 to 19 years age group for the demanding International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. 

This is borne out by the fact that its sister institution has the highest proportion of students achieving more than 44 points. Westbourne College UK is one of the most consistently well-performing independent schools in that country. 

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Any student in Singapore who desires to ace the IB Diploma Programme would do well to consider obtaining admission to Westbourne College Singapore.

3. XCL World Academy, Singapore

XCL World Academy, Singapore is amongst the most sought-after K to grade 12 international schools in the island nation. It boasts a modern appointed campus offering every conceivable amenity and facility, you would expect in a modern 21 century school providing holistic education. 

Its teachers are outstanding in their ability to mentor each child in a manner that brings the best out of them. The school ensures that every child is exposed to a stimulating academic environment as well as a range of extracurricular activities.

At the high school level, XCL World Academy offers its students the IB Diploma programme which is great for obtaining admission to the best colleges and universities in the world. The International Baccalaureate Diploma pass rate is as high as 97%, which is a testimony to the school’s high standards.

4. Stamford American International School

Founded in 2009, Stamford American International School is an excellent international school offering both the IB and American curricula to its students. A K to grade 12 school par excellence, it offers world-class education to students in the 2 months to 18 years age group. 

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This co-educational school par excellence offers a sprawling cutting-edge campus replete with all necessary facilities and amenities. With as many as 3000 students, the school is one of the most sought-after among the expat communities living in Singapore. 

This IB world school may be large but has the ethos and values of a small school, which ensures that every student feels like a part of a family. The school has an excellent academic track record with its students getting placed in colleges and universities around the world.


Singapore is quite well endowed with high schools offering the much sought-after International Baccalaureate programme. This makes it possible for the very large number of expat students studying in these schools to receive schooling that aligns with their plans with regard to higher education and employment. 

The schools described above are amongst the very highly sought-after IB programme Singapore schools in the island nation.

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