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Rockspace Extender No Internet Access? Let’s Help You With It!


Dec 7, 2023

So, are you facing issues while accessing internet on your Rockspace WiFi extender? Need not to worry! We can understand your situation. And, that is the reason why we have come up with this post. Here, we have jotted down the best fixes that will surely help you overcome the Rockspace extender no internet access issue in a flash. Let’s get started!

[Fixed] Rockspace Extender No Internet Access

Some of the topmost fixes to troubleshoot the issue are outlined underneath. Just go through them once. And, once you understand the fixes, apply them accordingly to have access to your Rockspace extender’s internet. Keep reading!

Power Cycle Your Rockspace Extender

Try to power cycle or restart the extender and see if it helps you in fixing the issue. Sometimes, a minor technical glitch in your device can cause internet-related issues. So, without much delay, take the plunge to restart your extender right away.

Here are the instructions to restart or power cycle the Rockspace device:

  • First things first, unplug your WiFi range extender and turn it off. Make sure that your extender is disconnected from your host router and other client devices in your home.
  • Wait for 5 minutes at least.
  • Plug in your range extender back and turn it on.
  • After plugging in the device back, the LEDs on it will start blinking. Wait for them to get stable.
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In this way, you can restart the extender. Now, see if Rockspace extender no internet access issue is fixed or not. On the off chance, the issue continues to trouble you, without thinking much, try the next fix in line.

Don’t loose hope! We assure you that by the time you reach the end of this post, you will have the fix in hand for Rockspace extender no internet access issue.

Connect Your Rockspace Extender and Router

If you haven’t connected your Rockspace extender and router yet, do it right now. You can connect your devices in two ways:

Either using a wireless source

Or, using an Ethernet cable

No matter what source you use for connecting your devices, bear in mind, both of them should be placed in close proximity.

For connecting your Rockspace extender and router using a wireless source, press the WPS button on your extender and then on your router. In blink of an eye, your devices will be connected in a wireless manner.

For connecting your devices using a wired source, take an Ethernet cable and connect its one end into your Rockspace device and other end into your host router.

Change the Rockspace Extender’s Location

Sometimes, poor location of the extender can impact the internet connectivity. To make the most out of your internet connection, try changing the extender’s present location.

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Where to place the Rockspace extender?

Your Rockspace WiFi range extender should be placed somewhere on a higher location in your home. Apart from this, you must ensure that your extender isn’t placed inside your show window or behind your computer. Bear in mind, if the extender is hidden or placed on a congested surface, then you will get issues while making the most out of your Rockspace extender’s internet connection. Hence, place it openly on a higher surface.

In accordance to the guidelines given above, we really hope that you are now able to place your Rockspace extender correctly.

Reset and Reconfigure Your Rockspace Extender

On the off chance, none of the fixes listed above proved helpful to you, then chances are your range extender isn’t configured in a proper way. Need not to worry! Reset your Rockspace extender by pressing and holding the reset hole present on the Rockspace extender for 10 seconds, and releasing it after that.

After resetting the extender, wait for some time for your device to boot up in a proper manner. Once it has booted up, perform Rockspace WiFi extender setup via Re.Rockspace.local from scratch.

Once your range extender is configured in a successful manner, you will get a high-speed internet to access on your every client device.

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In a Nutshell

Rockspace WiFi range extender is a great networking device to consider in today’s modern era to get access over high-speed internet in every corner of your house. Now, we are going to end up this blog. We really hope that the fixes we have provided here would have helped you troubleshoot Rockspace extender no internet access from the comfort of your home.

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