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Purchase of Old Furniture


Dec 12, 2023
Used furniture buyers in Dubai

We offer the purchase of used furniture and appliances from estates as well as separately. We buy and transport furniture made of wood, and metal, but also chipboard and plywood. It always depends on the specific type of furniture. We offer the purchase of furniture in the city of Dubai

Purchase of old furniture

A lot of customers think that they can clean up by themselves, and at that moment they are proud of themselves. They donate a few things, keep some, give them away to friends and neighbors, and sell more valuable things.

And how is it going with the furniture?

Although it takes three days and they earn something, they are satisfied. And then they say that what’s left can be sold. They get on the internet and start bidding and they don’t care who they sell it to, a few people respond to the ad saying they are interested but don’t have transport, then others respond but they just want something and can only do it on Sunday when they are free.

So you say to yourself that at least that Sunday, Saturday you are not going anywhere responsibly so that you don’t oversleep on D-Day, and then on Saturday night, sometimes even in the morning before the pick-up, people call via SMS saying that they have changed their minds and are simply not interested anymore.

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This is another good example. If they are clear that they do not want the things offered, they usually do not speak at all.

In the end, the owners of the apartment are without any success – no one will buy it, nor is there any interest in leaving it for transport or a crown. We will advise you, that people would be interested, but they would prefer it if you brought it to them and moved it into the apartment, they would Thank you.

But this variant will not happen.

So again, people start surfing the net and looking for someone who would simply clear it out for them, and they come across the website of the company Clearing Plus and the purchase of old furniture, so just by the name, they think that they have come across someone who would be grateful for a piece of wood before they call, they hide it that no one is interested in the furniture they put on the ground.

So they think that some company will somehow make use of it and buy it back and they will still earn some crowns from it. But in the end, he doesn’t even want the cleaning plus or the free pick-up. So what about that?

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In case of a complete cleaning of the apartment with the removal of everything without your worries, do not hesitate to contact Used furniture buyers in Dubai.

What if the unnecessary furniture is our own?

It may happen that when we move, we find that our furniture will not fit in the new apartment, which happens, especially if you are moving to a smaller apartment. What now? If these are pieces of furniture that you will probably never need again, either because you plan to live in the new apartment for a long time or because you want to buy new furniture anyway, the best solution is to sell the old furniture or donate it for removal.

However, if you plan to move to a larger apartment again in the future and you have an emotional attachment to the original furniture, it is much better to store it for the time when you have no room for it, for example in the garage or in a storage cubicle, which can already be rented quite cheaply. Your belongings will be protected here and you can start using them again as soon as you get a place.

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