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How to Prepare for NEET From Zero Level


Dec 16, 2023
Prepare for NEET From Zero Level

(NEET) National Eligibility Test Entrance Exam, which is one of the top exams in India, if a medical student qualifies it, then he can open further opportunities for himself by getting admission in any of the top colleges of his choice. However, cracking this exam is not as easy as it is believed to be. But it is very important for you to prepare for NEET from zero level so that you can understand the exam well.

If it is related to clearing NEET then this article is for you only. I will explain this in detail, so make sure to read it carefully. After doing extensive research on this, I have collected some important information, which I will discuss in this post. Now let us start knowing about it in detail and also know about it in depth so that you will have knowledge about it.

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Here you will get some basics to start Prepare for NEET From Zero Level

Age criteria 

It is important that you check the age requirements before giving the NEET exam to know whether you are eligible for it or not. To be eligible for NEET a person must be 17 years of age. Those younger than this will have to wait a little longer. Upon reviewing this eligibility, if you qualify you should register for it immediately. So that you can start preparing for NEET exam as soon as possible.

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Educational qualification

Following the age requirements, it’s crucial to determine if you meet the educational requirements. To do this, you should possess distinct credentials in biology, chemistry, physics, and English. In order to demonstrate your eligibility for the general category after meeting the age requirements, you must have 50% of your marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Therefore, you should make sure you have 50% of your marks in these subjects before applying. Points were earned.

Subjects and Pattern

To crack the exam and prepare for NEET from scratch, you should also know about your subjects. So that it becomes easier for you to work hard on these subjects. After this step it is very important for you to know the pattern of the exam as this exam is based on three subjects Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In this exam you will get 3 hours 20 minutes to complete your exam. If after this the teacher snatches your paper, it will be your fault and not the teacher’s fault.

Good Study Material – NEET 2023 preparation

Whatever you do to be successful in the exam, you should think about the most important factor, which is your material. If you are preparing yourself with good material then chances increase that you are preparing for your exam in the right way. NCERT books are the best material for you as many toppers rely on these books for their preparation. 

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Pays most attention. Most of the questions coming in the exam come from NCERT books only, so if you are doing your preparation from NCERT books then you will put more effort into solve your questions and this is the best preparation for NEET.

Find the best coaching for NEET exam

To pass the exam you have to pay close attention to everything. To pass the exam, you will also need the best coaching available, which will provide you with the necessary direction. With the best coaching center in Yamuna Vihar, you can start your preparation on the right foot and get ready for highly competitive exams like NEET and JEE. Taking admission in Yamuna Vihar Academy at this early stage will increase your chances of performing well in the examination.


Finally, to crack NEET, it is very important to start its preparation well in advance and once you focus on your preparation, you should start your preparation afresh so that you approach this exam wisely. Take it. Can prepare. And for this you should think about joining the coaching institute in Yamuna Vihar because here the students are prepared for these highly competitive exams and it stands behind the students of these exams with its excellent track record. So book your seat at Horizon Academy now and start your preparation to make it easier for you to crack the exam.

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