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Oral Surgeons Help in Improving Your Jaw and Facial Structure


Nov 27, 2023
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Wisdom tooth gives rise to immense pain, and an oral surgeon carries out the surgery to remove the wisdom tooth. An oral surgeon in Los Angeles, CA, will help you learn how surgery will improve the shape of your mouth. It’s time to find the best oral surgeons Los Angeles, and you will learn how the surgeon will enhance your look. The surgeon will restore your original appearance, which gives you the confidence to go ahead and achieve success. They will carry out different procedures to repair the damage, and you will feel confident to smile. Hence, you will gain attention, and gradually, you will notice improvements in your way of life.

Different Types of Oral Surgeries

A surgeon will explain to you the types of oral surgeries. Different surgical procedures a surgeon may carry out are:

Dental Implants

A dental implant is the best way to replace your tooth. It produces long-lasting results, and the braces are made of high-grade titanium or zirconia. Hence, it’s completely safe to opt for the dental implant procedure. It will help a surgeon replace the missing tooth, restoring your original smile.

Jaw Surgery

Jay surgery is carried out to rectify the shape of your jaw. It also eliminates any skeletal malformation, and you will find it easy to smile. First, a surgeon will carry out a thorough examination of your tooth and jaw structure.

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Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction is another joint surgery, and a surgeon also extracts damaged or decayed teeth. It’s the best treatment for tooth decay or gum disease, and it improves your way of life. Also, your surgeon may carry out tooth extraction after dentures, and it will give you the confidence to interact with other people.

Repairing Cleft Lip and Palate

A cleft lip affects your appearance, and a surgeon may carry out cleft lip surgery to repair the shape. Sometimes, a baby may be born with a cleft lip, and a corrective surgery will improve the shape of your baby’s lip and palate. It’s time to explore a better facial structure, and you must contact an oral or maxillofacial surgeon.

Sleep Apnea Surgery

Sleep apnea surgery will help you sleep comfortably. The surgeon is familiar with more innovative technologies that help in carrying out the surgery efficiently. First, you must discuss the problems, and the surgeon will explain to you the benefits. Oral appliance therapy and CPAP machines can be helpful in treating sleep apnea. However, your doctor may suggest surgery if you have severe sleep apnea.

Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal surgery is the best treatment for moderate to severe periodontitis. 

Gum specialists sometimes recommend gum treatments. However, surgery provides a permanent cure. A surgeon will make small incisions along the gum line, and the surgeon will remove the damaged tissue. The surgeon arranges donor tissues, and usually, the surgeon will use the tissue from the upper portion of your mouth.

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Once you learn about different types of surgeries, you will feel confident to receive the treatment. The surgeon will make it easy to lead a better life, and your smile is the key to success.

Detailed Procedure

First, the oral surgeon will thoroughly check your mouth to understand the actual cause of the problem. First, the expert may recommend some tests to know the reasons for the complications. It will help the surgeon to understand what type of surgery you need. A specialist will ask about the symptoms and the current medicines you are taking. Nowadays, dental X-rays and 3D scans are standard tests, and the dentist will get clear images.

Next, the oral or maxillofacial surgeon uses proper anesthetic agents that will help you stay away from the pain. It helps them make correct diagnoses, and they can get a clear overview of the maxillofacial structure. Now, the surgeon can carry out the procedure quickly, and the expert will use stitches to close the wound. Hence, there will be no chance of food or fluid getting trapped inside the wound, and it also protects the other teeth from getting infected.  

Post-Surgery Care

After the surgery, you may notice some bleeding, and your doctor will prescribe medicines that will give you relief. Usually, surgeons recommend doing limited use of the jaw and teeth, as it may worsen the bleeding. Also, there may be mild swelling, and it’s important to take the medicines properly to get relief from pain and inflammation. However, if you face other serious complications, you must contact your surgeon without delay.

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Ice packs are effective in healing pain and inflammation, and some doctors recommend using ice packs. Also, it’s good to rinse your mouth with water instead of brushing to avoid any injury. According to experts, it’s good to avoid exercise for a few days to avoid unwanted bleeding and injury.

Time to Find the Top Clinic in Los Angeles

Manifold clinics in Los Angeles provide suitable treatments and make sure you find the best oral surgeon in Los Angeles. It will give you the best experience, and you will learn how surgery will improve your facial structure. Gradually, you will gain attention, and you will find it easy to do better things in life. Finally, it’s time to schedule your appointment, and you can meet the top oral surgeon in Los Angeles, CA. 

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