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My Netgear Extender is Not Pairing with Router. Please Help!


Dec 1, 2023

Netgear extender needs to be paired with a router to get the whole home internet coverage. But, there exists a percentage of users who are unable to pair their extenders with routers and hence cannot complete the Netgear extender setup. Just in case you are also among such users, we recommend you, take a walk through the write-up and learn what else can help you with the successful pairing of your networking gadgets.

Which Connection Source You are Using?

This is to inform you that the pairing process between both devices is most likely to be successful when you take care of the correct parameters with respect to the connection source used. What are those parameters? The points given below will make you understand:

  • Wired Source: If you are trying to pair your Netgear extender and the main router through an Ethernet cable, you have to be very sure that the cable is not damaged at any point. The usage of a damaged cable will only invite internet-related issues to your table. In addition, we would like you to check the ports utilized for the connection. It must be the LAN1 port of the main router. On the other hand, when it comes to the range extender, you should be utilizing the WAN (Internet) port.  The connection needs to be finger-tight, however.
  • Wireless Source: Just in case you are attempting to pair your range extender and the main router through a wireless source, then you should take special care of the distance separating them. Keeping its value too much can cause setup problems. The reason being, both devices won’t be able to communicate properly whereas if you decimate this distance, there is a high possibility that the signals emitted by both devices will clash. Thus, keep the distance optimal. This connection source is only applicable if your main router has the WPS configuration (button).
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What happened? Are you still unable to pair your Netgear extender with the router? In that case, you are supposed to walk through the hacks highlighted in the section given ahead.

Solved: Netgear Extender Not Pairing with Router

  1. Power Cycle the Network

Sometimes, unexpected network errors stop the Netgear range extender from getting paired with the main router. This happens when you keep your networking devices in the functioning state all the time. So, a great solution in this case is to power cycle the network. The process of power cycling the network is easy and has the ability to make you free of the issue.

But, make sure that you power down the router first and then the extender. Then, you are required to wait for 20 minutes. Lastly, you can power up the entire home network. But, make sure that you power up the devices in the same order as you switched them off.

Note: You can also try disconnecting a few devices from the WiFi network of your main router. It is because, at times, the extender fails to pair to the router when there’s room for it. Reducing the network traffic on the internet can help.

  • Use the Correct WiFi Password
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This point applies to the situation where the user opts to connect his/her devices through an Ethernet cable. In this process, a point comes after accessing the mywifiext portal where the person needs to input the WiFi password of the network he/she wishes to extend. To be specific, you need to input the WiFi password of the main gateway (here, the router).

You must be well aware of the fact that the WiFi password of every networking device is case-sensitive and so is with the host router you own. Therefore, you are suggested to take care of the password entry. There needs to be no typing mistakes. Otherwise, you will have to redo setup

The Final Thoughts

That’s all about what to do if your Netgear extender is not pairing with the router. We hope that after implementing the correct workarounds you will be able to join/pair both devices without any hassle.

But wait! There are chances that you will fail. For that matter, we suggest you keep an oil pin or a paper clip handy so that you can perform a factory default reset of the extender by pressing the Reset button.

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