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Money Management Guide for International Students While Studying Abroad


Dec 15, 2023
Money Management Guide for International Students While Studying Abroad

Money management is a crucial skill that one should have whether you are a international students or a businessman. It involves all the key aspects related to money such as how to budget, save, invest, and money for your well-being. By learning money management tactics you become financially stable and achieve your financial goals. 

It can be quite challenging to adjust yourself financially, especially if you are living in a foreign country. Then you can adopt a quality of money management in your personality. For this, you need to do some basic planning for managing money effectively. Well, this article will provide you with tips and tricks for money management. 

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Follow the below tips to manage money effectively when studying abroad:

1. Open a local bank account

Being an international student, the first and foremost duty after reaching there is to set up a bank account in your local bank. For this, you can avail detailed information from your visa consultant to guide you on the leading bank accounts in your living area so that you can make appropriate decisions. Since services may vary from bank to bank, make sure you choose the one that offers you the maximum benefits. Also, the bank does not impose heavy charges for money transfers to international students. 

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2. Budget Yourself

Creating a practical budget plan by knowing your current financial status will be beneficial for your financial survival. While making a budget plan make sure to add important factors like your monthly rentals, grocery bills, transportation, data charges, study material expenses, expenditure of recreation and travel, etc. It is a wise idea to save money for unexpected situations or in case of emergencies. 

3. Act smartly 

It is undeniable that studying abroad means you must have enough funds to pay your tuition fees there. But is it possible to save money as an international student? Of course yes, if you act smartly when it comes to spending money in your daily routines. You can make your life easy by smart planning. For this, firstly understand what you need and what you want and the best method to do so is to make a priority list. By following the below strategies you can save money simply:

  • Go for sharing accommodation
  • Purchase second-hand books or study materials
  • Get passes for public transport
  • Apply for scholarships provided by institutes
  • Do inexpensive shopping

4. Work to support your lifestyle

As an international student, you are allowed to work for 20 hours per week and full-time during the term breaks. For this, you need to check that your study visa allows you to work while studying and find a job accordingly. This extra income can assist you in managing your expenses as well as provide you with workforce skills. Remember that you have to pay taxes on your earrings, so check the rules of the country in advance. 

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5. Make use of your student status

On arrival, give priority to getting a student card as soon as possible. This card will assist you in availing discounts on restaurants, shops, movie tickets, transportation, and so on. Many online websites provide discounts to international students on events and shopping. Just go and check them out. 

6. Learn to cook

This is one of the best tips to save your money spending on unhealthy food. Instead, buy fresh ingredients to cook at home. You can save 30%-505 of your food budget with this. If you have less time, then don’t worry. Try to cook in large portions and save it in the refrigerator. And have it later by reheating it as well as saving your time. 

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Wrapping Up

To wrap it up, we hope that the above post will help you a lot on how to manage money effectively while living abroad as an international students. By adopting these suggestions you can easily tackle the financial obstacles and make your survival stress-free.

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