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Looking to Buy a Custom Gaming PC? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide


Nov 30, 2023

Stepping into the realm of custom gaming PCs can be an overwhelming experience for first timers who have never owned one before. The possibilities are literally endless, and you’ll almost certainly find yourself daunted by the number of choices that are now available to you. This guide is your beacon in the storm of options! Here’s what you need to know before you buy a custom gaming PC:

Let Your Needs Guide You

Before embarking on your custom PC journey, take a moment to assess your gaming habits. What kind of games do you typically play? Are you into visually stunning, graphically-demanding titles or more casual gaming? Understanding your preferences helps determine the hardware specifications your system will require.

Additionally, it’ll help to know what else you plan on doing with your PC once you get it. Are you looking to get into video editing or content creation? Do you want to be able to play games while streaming? This will give you an idea of what components you’ll need and keep you from buying an underpowered PC.

Components Are Key

The heart of any gaming PC lies in its components. The processor, graphics card, memory, storage, and motherboard are the building blocks.

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This is often the area where a lot of first-timers get lost in the weeds, but here are the components that you should prioritize:

  • A powerful processor with multiple cores and high clock speeds is preferable for high-end gaming.

  • A capable graphics card or GPU is arguably the most crucial component for gaming. Look for a dedicated gaming GPU from a reputable manufacturer that fits your budget and can handle the games you want to play at your desired settings and resolution.

  • Gaming usually demands a minimum of 16GB of RAM. Make sure that it’s compatible with your motherboard and has sufficient speed (which is measured in MHz) for better performance.

  • The motherboard should support your chosen CPU and offer necessary features for your gaming needs. Check for factors like chipset compatibility, expansion slots (for future upgrades), and input/output options.

  • As for storage, you can opt for Solid State Drives (SSDs) which provide faster load times, Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) which come in larger capacities, or a mix of both.

Choosing components that are compatible with each other when buying a custom gaming PC can be a pain, but CLX fixes that with their online Ultimate Configurator tool. You simply choose from a provided list of components and the tool will automatically let you know if the parts you’ve chosen will go together or not. 

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Budgeting Wisely

Ah, the wallet-friendly side of things! Setting a budget is vital. While it’s tempting to go all out, balancing performance and cost is essential. Prioritize components based on their importance to your gaming experience. Splurging on unnecessary features is like buying a high-powered sports car but only using it for grocery runs–it simply isn’t practical!

Research and Reviews

Knowledge is power, and in the world of custom PCs, information is your best friend. Research different components, brands, and user reviews. Websites, forums, and YouTube channels dedicated to PC hardware reviews can be gold mines of information. Learning from others’ experiences helps you make informed decisions.

Warranty and Customer Support

A custom gaming PC is a significant investment. Ensure the components and system come with a warranty. A reputable manufacturer or builder should offer good customer support in case you encounter any issues. It’s like having a safety net—just in case.

You’ll be glad to know that CLX offers free lifetime technical support, free lifetime warranty on labor, and a 1-year warranty on parts for every rig bought from them by default. To widen your safety net, you also have the option of extending your parts warranty for up to 3 years at an additional cost.

Purchasing a custom gaming PC is like crafting a masterpiece. In this journey, it’s not about finding the most expensive or the trendiest components; it’s about finding the right ones for you. Take your time, do your research, and enjoy the process of creating your gaming rig. With the right knowledge and a sprinkle of creativity, you’ll soon be immersed in the world of gaming like never before.

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