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KTM RC 125: Is It Worth the Investment?


Dec 21, 2023
KTM RC 125

There are several 125 CC motorcycles available in India. But there are no true compact sports bikes with a 125 CC engine.

That changed when KTM, the Austrian motorcycle brand chose to introduce the 

Why would anyone want to buy a 125 CC compact sports bike?

Well, the bike is targeted towards people who are bored of riding 100 or 110 CC motorcycles for years. Besides, a 125 cc compact sports bike won’t demand from its riders advanced motorcycling skills.

Hence, brands in India choose to monetize this demand for 125 CC two-wheelers. KTM was no different. The clever Austrian bike brand chose to introduce the RC 125. It is a compact sportsbike and this post is all about it.

What about the premium pricing of the KTM RC 125 bike?

Well, the RC 125 from KTM indeed entails a steep price tag. To put things into perspective, the 2022 iteration of the bike retails at Rs. 2, 13,840. The 2023 iteration of the bike retails at Rs. 2, 15,683. Please note that the prices mentioned are both ex-showroom Delhi.

So, is the bike worth its price?

Yes, it is!

The reasons that justify the price of the RC 125 are mentioned in the sections below.

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Immaculate looks

There are quite a few compact sports bikes available in India under three lakhs. But not one of them comes with a 125 CC engine. Furthermore, none of them entails the design language of the RC 125.

The latest iteration of the bike comes with a design language that reminds one about the KTM RC8 supersport. The latest iteration of the RC 125 is more aerodynamic than its predecessor. The bike also boasts the lowest drag coefficient among the currently available compact sports bikes in India

The bike entails a bubble-type visor. The fairing and the fuel tank design of the motorcycle have been revised as well. The latest iteration of the motorcycle sports a single halogen-bulb-equipped headlamp unit.

The bike’s front turn indicators are mounted on its front fairing. KTM also tweaked the Trellis subframe of the bike. The subframe re-engineering has been carried out in a bid to increase the space and comfort factors of the pillion seat.

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A powerful, ready-to-race and track-tuned engine

The engine of the bike’s latest iteration is the same one that powered its predecessor. The engine is a 124 CC, BS6-compliant, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, single-cylinder unit. The power and torque mappings remain the same 14.75 bhp and 12 Nm respectively.

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The only thing that changed is the size of the air intake. The latest iteration of the bike comes with a large air intake. The large air intake now allows the 125 CC engine of the bike to offer more low-end torque.

The other thing that changed in the latest iteration of the bike is the radiator unit. The radiator unit now comes equipped with two heavy-duty fans for better heat dissipation.

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Tantalizing hardware

The RC 125 is offered in a single trim. But the trim is fully-loaded. For instance, the bike comes with tantalizing hardware that KTM is known for. For instance, an LCD instrument cluster, WP (APEX) series suspensions, dual disc brakes with dual-channel switchable ABS, etc. are OEM standard options!

Impressive handling

The overall straight-line stability of the RC 125 is impressive. The bike is perfect for short tours. It is perfect for regular city commutes as well. One can perform quick overtakes on the highways without thinking twice. Furthermore, manoeuvring through city traffic is easy as well thanks to the low dry weight of the bike. 

A comfortable ride, always

The overall ergonomics of the KTM RC 125 surely keep the rider in an aggressive stance. But one would not feel fatigued even when they have covered 150 KMS without taking a break. The reason is the bike’s adjustable handlebar and comfortable seats. The medium setting of the bike’s suspensions also helps to keep the rider comfortable for hours on end.

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The KTM RC 125 is an amazing motorcycle that has redefined the compact sports bike category in India. To learn more about the motorcycle, visit the nearest KTM dealership today.

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