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How to Upgrade Dishwasher Accessories for Better Performance


Dec 13, 2023
dishwasher accessories

Doing the dishes is a chore that most people prefer to avoid. While a dishwasher makes this task easier, over time performance can degrade if you don’t maintain it properly. Replacing dishwasher accessories like racks, spray arms, and filters can get your dishwasher working like new again.

Upgrading these affordable parts makes a noticeable difference and extends the life of your appliance. This guide will walk through the key dishwasher accessories you should consider replacing and how to install them correctly. Follow these tips for sparkling clean dishes every time!

Replace Worn or Rusted Racks

Dishwasher racks endure a lot of wear and tear over years of washing. Look for racks that are corroded, misshapen, or have broken wheels or rollers. These signs indicate it’s time for new racks.

Replacing racks is an easy upgrade that prevents damage to dishes. New racks glide smoothly, maximizing water coverage. Choose universal racks designed to fit most standard dishwashers. Sturdy materials like stainless steel and nylon provide durability.

Make sure to measure your existing racks before ordering replacements. Watch for seasonal sales to find racks discounted up to 25%.

Upgrade Spray Arms for Better Water Distribution

A dishwasher is a home appliance used for cleaning dishes, utensils, and other kitchenware items. It works by spraying hot water and detergent over the items placed inside it to remove any remaining food particles, oils, and grease on them.

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Some key points about dishwashers:

  • They save considerable time and effort compared to hand washing dishes. Just load the dirty items, add detergent, run the dishwasher, and items come out clean.
  • Most models have different wash cycles for lighter or heavier soiled items, as well as options like heated drying and sanitize settings to kill germs.
  • Features like adjustable racks, removable silverware baskets, folding tines, and condiment shelves provide flexibility in loading a variety of dishes and cookware.
  • Most models hook up to hot water and drainage lines under the kitchen sink for automated water fill, draining, and drying. Portable countertop models also available.
  • Using a rinse aid dispenser and dishwasher detergent formulated for dishwashers is recommended for optimal cleaning performance.

So in summary, a dishwasher is an essential kitchen appliance that automates the tedious task of washing all sorts of dirty dishes, making cleanup much easier.

Spray arms distribute water to clean dishes. But mineral deposits and bits of food can clog the holes over time. This leads to uneven water distribution and poor cleaning results.

Fortunately, replacing spray arms is an inexpensive upgrade. New spray arms optimize the spray radius and pattern. Carefully examine existing arms and order replacements if the holes appear blocked.

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Make sure replacement spray arms match the fittings for your dishwasher model. Mark left and right arms before removing the old ones to simplify installation.

Install New Filters for Improved Performance

Dishwasher filters prevent food particles from circulating and clogging internal components. But grease, debris and limescale cause filters to lose effectiveness over time.

Replacing filters every 6-12 months removes these contaminants restoring your dishwasher’s performance. Clogged filters can cut water flow substantially, reducing cleaning power up to 40% according to appliance experts. New filters ensure full water flow and pressure.

Look for universal filters that match major brands. Installation is fast – no tools required. Slide off the old filter and position the new one until you hear it click into place. 

Add a Drain Hose Filter For Extra Protection

Add an affordable inline filter to catch stray food particles the dishwasher filter misses. Attaching it to the drain hose prevents particles from clogging household plumbing.

These compact filters come in stainless steel or transparent plastic housing. Both provide years of reliable food filtration. Position the filter on the drain hose per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Adding this filter safeguards sink drains against clogs. Quickly remove and clean out the filter to restore full drainage flow. If you still face the issue call Melbourne dishwasher repairs for easy fixes

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Improve Drying Results with Heater and Fan Kits

To avoid water spots on glassware, upgrade to a drying fan or heater element. These heat moisture inside the tub speeding drying. Pick universal heating elements that work with leading dishwasher brands. Use included hardware for easy attachment to the dishwasher kickplate.

Consider for even better performance. Drying fans direct air to circulate inside the tub for faster evaporation. Carefully measure existing heating elements before ordering and use included instructions to replace old parts.

Final Tips for Success

1 – Watch online installation videos before attempting DIY dishwasher accessory upgrades. Gather the recommended tools and parts ahead of time.

2 – When replacing dishwasher components, work slowly and take photos during disassembly. This aids correct reinstallation of any parts removed.

3 – Confirm replacement racks, arms and accessories are compatible with your specific appliance make and model before purchasing.

4 – Periodically check dishwasher filters and inline drain filters removing debris, food particles and gunk to maintain peak drainage flow and cleaning power.

With simple upgrades to racks, spray arms, filters and heating elements, restore dishwasher performance for sparkling clean dishes every time! Investing in new replacement parts reduces costs compared to buying a brand new dishwasher.

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