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How To Get More Likes on Instagram in 2024?


Nov 28, 2023
How To Get More Likes on Instagram in 2024?

It’s no secret that Instagram influencers can make a lot of money. But if you’ve ever spent time posting on the platform without having a plan, you also know that getting those coveted likes isn’t as easy as you’d like to think. It’s not enough to take a photo and post it with a concise caption. If you want to get more likes on Instagram, you need an Instagram strategy. If you’re wondering how to get more likes on Instagram, luckily you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to do to get more likes and engagement on your Instagram posts, Stories, videos, and IGTV.

Why worry about likes on Instagram?

Why do you want to get more likes when Instagram makes them private? First things first, even though Instagram wants to hide likes from your followers, users can still see how many likes they receive on their posts. Moreover, the number of likes always affects user engagement, which plays a key role in promoting your Instagram account. In summary, getting more likes on your Instagram posts is important for three main reasons:

  • Understand that your audience loves your content. No matter how informative your content is on Instagram, it doesn’t matter unless YOUR audience finds it useful. Over the past decade, ‘like’ has become a sign of approval. People like your posts if they like your content. The more likes your post gets, the more it’s a sign that you know your audience well.
  • Increase user interactions and reach. The number of likes not only increases engagement but also motivates users to promote your brand. If your followers find your account useful, they are more likely to promote your brand. This means positive word of mouth. Since 68% of people share content on social media to get a better idea of who they are and what they’re interested in, your content on Instagram is a great reason to promote your brand, which means greater reach and visibility. potential followers and additional measurement obligations.
  • Get collaboration opportunities with other brands. Whether you’re an influencer looking to make money on Instagram or a business owner looking to cross-promote, getting more likes is a proven way to show your account is popular and can help you achieve just that and drive better views and business results. to generate. Finally, most companies pay attention to engagement rates when it comes to collaborating with someone on Instagram.
  • Now that you know how important it is to get more likes on your Instagram posts, let’s learn 11 proven tips that will encourage users to click the button they feel like.
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Best Ways To Get More Likes on Instagram in 2024

#1. Use The Right Hashtags The Right Way

Hashtags are important on Instagram. This is a great way to increase huge Instagram followers and potential customers. If you run a location-based business, you can even use targeted local hashtags to reach nearby customers. Although the optimal number of hashtags to use often changes, Chalene Johnson recommends using 10 to 20 hashtags, including your brand’s hashtag. He usually doesn’t use hashtags in the post itself but adds them to the first comment on his posts.

We recommend adding a mix of relevant, but not too niche, hashtags. And while it’s important to follow popular trends and hashtags, don’t use them if they have nothing to do with what you’re posting or if they’re not relevant to your brand and niche. Using independent hashtags can help you reach more Instagram users with your content, but that doesn’t mean they’re your target audience.

We also recommend adding hashtags to your Instagram profile so users can find you in search results and increase brand awareness. Since your bio itself isn’t searchable, hashtags are a great way to show visitors what you do.

#2. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is one of the Instagram marketing trends whose use continues to increase. They give brands and influencers the opportunity to be more honest and authentic. This popular Instagram content doesn’t require video production. You can now also choose which stories you want to share for longer than the standard 24 hours. This is extremely useful if you want to continually answer the same questions as your followers highlight user-generated content, or share promotions. Danish comedian Sofie Hagen uses story highlights to great effect, including a frequently asked question, an introductory section, and more.

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#3. Post at The Right Time

Although Instagram generally does not post in chronological order, the algorithm prefers novelty. This means that if you want the right people to see your content, you need to know when it will be online. The best time to post varies depending on the brand. This allows you to check your analytics to see when you’ve posted content that generated a lot of interest.

However, we did some experiments to find the best time to post on Instagram and found that Wednesday at 11 am is generally the ideal time to post. You can start there and adjust your plans as you figure out what works for your unique audience.

#4. Add a Call to Action to Your Caption

Instagram marketing it’s about the dialogue between your company and your customers. If you publish, great. But if you invite your followers to join the conversation, it gets even better. The easiest way to do this is to ask questions and use calls to action. Once you connect with your readers, your engagement will increase.

There are many different ways to communicate with your readers, but asking about their preferences is a proven way to start a conversation. With an open question and some image ideas, Oreo invites its followers to join the discussion and discuss their preferences. Because people are self-centered, this tactic works well because they are willing to let the world know what they like/dislike, what they need, and what they want.

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To get more likes, you need to prioritize your followers and show your customers that you really care about them. That’s why your Instagram post should include a call to action that encourages users to join the conversation and feel connected to your brand, giving them a good reason to like your content.

 #5. Post User-Generated Content

Sharing content created by your followers/fans is a great way to increase engagement and conversions! As a follower, it’s exciting when a brand you love features you on their Instagram account. For a brand, however, user-generated content serves as social proof that shows other followers that your product/service is top-notch.

It also shows that you are connected to your community. A large portion of Fenty Beauty’s Instagram consists of reviews of makeup and looks created by fans of their products.

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