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Horticulture Lighting Market Latest Forecast 2024-30 – Navigating Industry Demand, Development, Investment, and Growth


Dec 27, 2023
Horticulture Lighting Market

Analyzing the Potential of the Global Horticulture Lighting Market (2024-30): Market Share/Size, Dynamics, Industry Landscape

Global Horticulture Lighting Market Research Report by one of the leading firm named MarkNtel Advisors, has been well-curated and comprises of in-depth information regarding the industry. In this exhaustive study, we’ve extensively researched the market using a robust methodology. We aim to offer stakeholders precise insights into the industry by addressing all potential queries that investors or participants might have.

We’ve carefully compiled this report to encompass every critical detail, catering to both major & unpretentious elements of the Horticulture Lighting Market. Our focus extends to factors influencing market growth—spanning historical, current, and projected data, emerging trends, technological advancements, key insights, recent developments, potential constraints, and various other factors that could greatly shape the industry’s orbit in the foreseeable future.

Period Considered to Predict the Horticulture Lighting Market Share, Size, Or Other Statistics:

  • Base Year of the Analysis: 2023
  • Historical Period: 2019 – 2022
  • Forecast Period: 2024 – 2030

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What is the Horticulture Lighting Market Size, Share, and Dynamics?

The Global Horticulture Lighting Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 16.22% during the forecast period, i.e., 2024-30. The market is driven by the exponentially rising population throughout the world entwined with a rapid climate change, resulting in greater food demand and immense pressure on the agriculture industry. Such swift augmentation in need can only be satiated through additional modern ways like indoor farming that requires horticulture lighting. Additionally, the growing propensity for home-grown fruits and vegetables fuels the market during the forecast period.

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Factor Affecting the Horticulture Lighting Industry Growth?

Widespread Adoption of Horticulture Lighting in Numerous Agricultural Applications – The increased deployment of horticulture lighting in numerous agricultural applications, including urban farming, supplemental lighting, cultivation without daylight, and multilayer cultivation, provides the necessary impetus to the market for the projected timeframe. Further, the growing vertical farming applications and greenhouse projects enthrall the market. Additionally, the population boom for the past few years, instigating the farmers to go indoors and utilize every bit of resource to cater to the up-scaling needs, further propels the market through 2030.

Who are the Top Horticulture Lighting Companies in the Global Market?

This section endeavors to offer an in-depth comprehension of market dynamics, emphasizing the significant contributions of major companies and their strategies for achieving success & sustenance. Through this segment, clients can acquire beneficial insights into the competitive scenario and the driving forces behind the growth and evolution of the Horticulture Lighting Industry. Let us get familiar with these leading competitors:

  • Bridgelux Inc.
  • EYE Hortilux
  • Maxigrow Ltd
  • Hortilux Schreder
  • Osram Licht AG
  • Gavita International BV
  • Lumileds
  • Agrolux
  • PARsource
  • Heliospectra
  • Signify
  • Valoya
  • California Lightworks
  • LumiGrow
  • EYE Hortilux
  • Others

View Full Report [Include Description + TOC], – https://www.marknteladvisors.com/research-library/horticulture-lighting-market.html

Examining the Horticulture Lighting Market Via Segmentation Analysis

Given the bifurcation in the TOC the Horticulture Lighting Market is fragmented into several segments, sub-segments, sub-sub-segments, and further. The segmentations are highlighted below:

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  • Indoor Farming
  • Greenhouse
  • Vertical Farming


  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID)
    • LED
    • High-Pressure Sodium Lamp
  • Fluorescent
    • T5
    • CFL


  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Services


  • Vegetable
  • Fruits
  • Floriculture
  • Others (Medicinal plants, Aromatic, etc.)

Lighting Type

  • Top lighting
  • Inter lighting
  • Supplemental Lighting
  • Sole-Source Lighting
  • Photoperiodic Lighting

How is the Market Defined on the basis of the Geographical landscape?

On the geographical front, the Horticulture Lighting Market expands across:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Middle East & Africa
  • Asia-Pacific

If there are any particular details you need that are not currently included in the report , we will be happy to deliver them as part of our customization services.

Key Questions Addressed in the Horticulture Lighting Market Research Report:

  1. What are the emerging trends in the Horticulture Lighting Market?
  2. What are the growth challenges faced by businesses in the Horticulture Lighting Industry?
  3. How can companies capitalize on opportunities within the Horticulture Lighting Industry?
  4. What are the regulatory factors impacting the Horticulture Lighting Market?
  5. How has the Horticulture Lighting Market landscape been transforming over time?
  6. Who are the key Horticulture Lighting Companies in the Market?
  7. What is current Horticulture Lighting Market size and how much is estimated market growth for the next coming years?

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