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Everything You Want to Know about Ceramic Coating for Tesla Model Y


Dec 17, 2023
ceramic coating for Tesla Model Y

Your search to know everything about ceramic coating for Tesla Model Y ends here. As Elon Musk said in 2022, the Model Y will be the top-selling car; in 2023, it has achieved it. Over 160 countries have over 450,000 Model Y cars sold within the last four years from 2020. Hence, if you are a proud owner of Tesla Model Y, you must safeguard it from many environmental and other damages. It will not only help to have your prideful possession with around 50,000 dollars to have sparkling looks and resale value. The cost of about a few hundred dollars for the ceramic coating is negligible to the Tesla Model Y car’s costs but provides many benefits. 

So, in this blog, you can check out everything about the ceramic coating for Tesla Model Y from the top car company to have all its benefits at affordable costs. 

Why is Model Y ceramic coating essential?

Undoubtedly, the Tesla Model Y is the popular car preferred by car-crazy Americans worldwide. Because of its fantastic features like its autopilot system and others, it is the leading car selling in over 160 countries. But like other Tesla models, it has thin paint, having only around 5 mils or 100 microns. Despite the paint having four layers of primer, base & clear coat, and finish, it is vulnerable to  UV rays, dirt, harsh weather, frequent washes, and others. Hence, to protect the Tesla Model Y and other cars, it is essential to have a ceramic coating that bonds at the molecular level to last up to five years. 

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How to prepare for ceramic coating for Tesla Model Y?

Being prepared for ceramic coating for the Tesla Model Y enables it to have all its benefits and value for hard-earned money. If the Model Y is new or old, inspecting the car’s paint for its thickness in microns is essential. Also, to check for damages like swirls, scratches, chips, and others to have touch-ups or paint corrections. Next is to have a complete decontamination wash to remove dirt and others for all the ceramic coating benefits. 

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How to maintain ceramic coating for Tesla Model Y cars?

Depending on many factors, the cost of ceramic coating for Tesla Model Y cars lasts two to ten years. One of them is maintenance, which includes the following:

  • Hand washing every two to three weeks is ideal to maintain ceramic coating 
  • Removing any bird poop or sap as soon as finding them on the Tesla Model Y is important
  • Parking Tesla cars away from direct sunlight will also maintain ceramic coating for a long time
  • Not using harsh chemicals and using pH-neutral shampoos without wax is best
  • Choosing the correct type of ceramic coating as per the need and budget is essential
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The above facts about ceramic coating for Tesla Model Y will help increase its long-lasting value for having sparkling, glossy cars.

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